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It’s gonna feel like Christmas no matter who wins!

SYTYCD Recap: YES!!!!!!

The all stars bring their A+++++ games

SYTYCD Recap: FIXation on Ovations

America is TRYING to tell you something, Nigel

SYTYCD Recap: In the Cut

Catch-up and Top 12 recap

SYTYCD Recap: Hack Attack!

Is there a petition somewhere to ban Tyce from choreographing? SIGN IT

SYTYCD Recap: Death by Diversity

Forever I'll HURL

SYTYCD Recap: The Cruelest Cut

The first set of dancers is sent on their way.

SYTYCD Recap: Puttin on the Splitz

The top twenty bring their A game in the first competitive episode of the season!

SYTYCD Recap: Animators, Tappers, and Mia….Oh My!

Meet your top twenty!

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Wading Through the Bloat

And so we’ve reached the end of yet another season. I want to give you all an enormous thanks for hanging in there with me all season. I know it’s

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: In The Bag

I hope I’m not jinxing him by saying this, but srsly….Ricky is totally winning this season. I mean, I love Zack and all, but COME ON……if the top four show

So You Think You Can Dance: Catching Up

So…………….um………hi. Before I even start, I have to clear up a few rumors you might have heard….first of all, contrary to popular belief, I was NOT recently kidnapped and held

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Four to the Floor

Hello all! It’s McWeanis, covering for PottyMouth. I’m psyched to be here recapping the only show that has gotten me through this summer. You see, I finished the bar exam

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Sweet Sixteen

Hi again Trashmi! I am in a super excitable mood this week. So in my last recap I told y’all I was traveling with my kid and my niece, but