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November’s Best Comments


Ah. At last we have November. Thank you so much for your patience (and maturity TN Gal) so that I could do

Absolutely nothing yesterday.

November was a fun month and well worth the wait. In addition we will have every single meritorious comment from December on New Year’s Day.

Doing anything special or especially festive that you would like to share? Itchy probably has already celebrated and gone to bed long ago, and Aunt Dorsey will no doubt be settled in with her cats and a few good measures of Old Doorknob. I hope that the Superfly young’uns will either help Mom celebrate or leave her to her own devices.

NotwithoutMyTV, you ARE taking Mrs. NWMTV out for dinner and a fun filled evening, aren’t you? The comments will not be posted until well after the latest breakfast on Wednesday, so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing.

Why don’t Gypsy, Sarcasatire, Sheesh, and Classy Drunk get together for a few with PopePhilly and Vallegirl to celebrate? I’ll bet that even Plockness Monster could get a sitter for the occasion. Just let me know where and I will be there. HubbyCat said he saw enough balls being dropped when he watched me play softball, so he turns in early. It would be fun if RonnieK could join in, but he will be busy making sure the first posts of 2014 get to us in a timely manner. XXOO.

Happy New Year everyone and enjoy the November snark.

Labowner on Comment Showcase: “Chicken Lips on T&T History Fail: You guys have to take a bus to hell? Amateurs. I’ve got 2 first class airline tickets (2 seats because I like to stretch out and dammit I’ve earned it) and the stewardess will bring me all the Tinker Tea and Little Debbies I want!” What in your tinker tea addled mind makes you think your ride to hell is going to be anything but you stuck in a middle seat between two people you dislike the most?

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7 comments on “November’s Best Comments

  1. cattyfan says:

    Making cheese tartlets and hot & spicy cheese puffs to share with you. What are y’all drinking?

  2. Classy drunk says:

    Having champs of course! Cheers all!

  3. Classy drunk says:

    Ha! There’s a link on here to 37 child actors who grew up to be ugly! Who does that during the holidays *clicks link to laugh at ugly people*

  4. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Yummmmmm, cheese. I’ve gone all classy, so I was drinking Manhattans. Tying the cherry stem into a knot is beyond my skills, however so I’m gonna have to YouTube that. I’m sure there’s an instructional video on there somewhere.

    Happy New Year! I trust everyone came through amateur hour unscathed.

  5. StaceySuperfly says:

    Kicked back enjoying a Jalapeno Bloody Mary….must kill the Cherry Moonshine rot gut I got last night when my spawn boollied me into drinking last night! Cheers!

  6. snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

    Had a single Glenkitty, a fine single malt, and then to bed early. Missed the new year in every American time zone.

  7. sheesh says:

    Red Lobster with Rodel (mmmmmmm…cheddar biscuits) then home. We’re lame, but awesome at the same time.

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