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Mob Wives Recap: What Happens in Vegas Requires Rehab | TrashTalkTV

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Mob Wives Recap: What Happens in Vegas Requires Rehab

Hey, Trahsies! I hope you had as merry a Christmas as I did. After eating too much, drinking too much, and talking too much, I am totally ready to simply snark on some bitches. The problem is that I feel like Renee has a VERY real mental health issue and I have a hard time snarking on that. So, this recap may be filled with outrage on her behalf, but everyone else is fair game.

We start with last week’s drama, and Renee’s outrage over Natalie saying that Renee’s Rent-a-date smelled delicious. That one comment is not only the entire storyline for the episode, it is the excuse Renee uses for her behavior.

Renee is with her son, AJ, and his girlfriend. Did his girlfriend dye her hair? Or is this a different girlfriend?


They are meeting Renee’s Rent-a-date, and he is running late. Renee is very sure that Natalie’s behavior at their last get together has made Rent-a-date have second thoughts. She orders wine, and tells us that her issue was with pills, not alcohol.

I don’t know if you guys have ever met your own personal Kim Richards, but I know for a fact that you can’t trade out one addiction for another. That is exactly what Renee is doing here. Well, if you actually believe that pills were her only problem, then that is what she is doing. Most likely, the booze was a problem first and then she started mixing the two and thought that if she just got off pills, everything else would be fine. That never works!


Rent-a-date joins them and AJ is so over this entire scene. He looks so uncomfortable and embarrassed and his poor girlfriend is trying to be supportive while being hyper aware of the cameras. It is just so AWKWARD.

Rent-a-date talks about his connections in the rap industry and mortifies everyone watching the show on his behalf. Then, he tells them that he actually has a previous engagement (except, I don’t think he knows how to say those exact words), and needs to jet very soon. I wonder if this guy is working for just camera time and booze?

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9 comments on “Mob Wives Recap: What Happens in Vegas Requires Rehab

  1. jennbug says:

    I have been so excitedly waiting for this recap!! (I know that may not be a gramatically correct sentence but it is 8:30 am on New Year’s day!) Anyhoo, I agree completely with everything. Love Drita, hate Lee, Renee – smh. I have to say I hate Natalie more and more. That slow way she talks, even the way she smoked at the table in Vegas was irritating me.

  2. Aunt Dorsey says:

    I’d say rehab took to Renee about as well as it did to Miss Lohan. If she admitted to taking two Xanax, you know it was a handful. No rehab on the planet says that getting off pills means you can still drink, because you’ll just substitute booze for the addiction.

    Renee’s as mean as a junkyard dog on a tequila bender and my first instinct would have been to put on my sneakers and hoof it out of there. Of course, I would have whispered, “You smell delicious” as I quietly shut the door, but then I have an incipient death wish.

    Natalie just annoys me. She’s like a yapping chihuahua you want to flick on the ass with a flyswatter to make it shut up.

  3. labowner says:

    How is Vegas an okay destination for a “mob” person? Let’s hope Jenn G really wants to turn up the drama and has Karen and her dad be in Vegas at the same time.

  4. sheesh says:

    Renee is ALWAYS looking to be the center of attention.
    I think she would do better without menz for a bit and look deep into her Daddy issues.
    Poor kid.
    The best part for me was when they were all having a good time sans Renee.

  5. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    I think that Drita has resigned herself to Lee – she loves him and knows she won’t be able to leave. HOWEVER, with the show and the money, I think she’s working like a dog to make sure that her girls have a better life and won’t be exposed to anyone like Lee. It’s her way of saying “Don’t end up with a dirtbag like I did” without expressly calling their father a dirtbag to them.

    I feel bad for Renee and not just because she’s rapidly losing her grip on reality, but because her friends ditched her. I get the whole “Don’t want to deal with the mean drunk” thing (because I don’t want to deal with them either), but I don’t just say, “OK see ya” when the mean drunk is my friend and she’s leaving in that state – I make sure that she makes it home and into bed OK. I realize that she wasn’t really alone since the crew was there and all, but to just let her drunkenly/stonedily stagger her way back to the room all alone really sucks. You don’t have to talk to her about her problems, but you shouldn’t leave her by herself, either.

    And seriously guys – who the hell is this Natalie broad? I’ve had just about enough of her. Maybe since I’m not in “the life”, my understanding is way off…but “Mob Mortician” doesn’t seem very cool and kinda sounds like a “hired help” job so I’m wondering where she got the incredibly high horse she crawled her way onto.

  6. yeknom yeknom says:

    @plath! I thought the same thing about AJ’s girlfriend. Mr Yeknom was no help. Also, Renee just met this dude, why have him have dinner w/your kid so soon.

    I think Rent-a-date used the “I have other plans” as his out…you know, like Marcia & Greg Brady — “something suddenly came up”. He didn’t want to be flat out rude to Renee probably because he saw her level of cray-cray and is skerred.

    Now the Lee thing. I agree with you, Chicken Lips. I think she loves him and is staying with him out of some sense of obligation…and because she wants to give her girls something like the home life she grew up having (she’s said before that her parents are together and the opposite of Lee).
    I do think Drita deserves more than him, but she does seem to really love him. Which is why she is willing to put up with his BS, because she loves him for the person he is, asshole flaws and all. I also think that her (and Alicia’s) claim of being blindsided by their “double life” is BS too. True, they might’ve thought their husbands were faithful but the whole mob lifestyle? Mm-mm…they had some idea that they were into that & didn’t go into their relationship as blindly as they say. They knew the risks they were taking (jail-time, being left alone to raise their kids, being stripped of the lifestyle they were used to, etc) when they got w/these guys, they probably just thought it couldn’t happen to them.

    As much as I laugh at drunken buffoonery…watching Renee is just sad. There is something really wrong going on. I mean, she even had Ang worried about handling it on her own….and she’s BIG ANG! I think being rejected by this guy really messed her up…because aside from all the other issues, I think that’s what her decline is really about. It’s just easier for her to blame Natalie than to look inward.

    I’m still trying to decide how much I like this season. I love Drita & Big Ang. I like/love Renee when she isn’t scarily falling apart on my tv, and can even tolerate Alicia & her man-voice…..but Natalie? Ugh. Let’s just say if Renee did toss her off the balcony, I wouldn’t miss her much.

  7. PlathAddict PlathAddict says:

    I thought that played out differently. To me, it didn’t seem like they ditched her. It seemed like they were encouraging her to stay and hang out with them. And, even though she was trashed, I got the feeling that she wanted them to chase after her and coddle her with all kinds of enabling attention. She was like the one girl in a group of high schoolers who sees that everyone is having a good time without her, so she storms off to make the group pay attention to her. I think that is the reason she went down to the pool as well.
    I suspect she heard the other women come in. And hearing them laughing and having fun, she had to remind them that she was still there and she wasn’t having a good time.
    I really hope she gets some help because this is just not a good look.

  8. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    I thought they were encouraging her to go up and get some sleep and she wanted to stay, but they weren’t encouraging that. My point was also more toward the talking heads where they were saying “When Renee is like this, there’s just no talking to her so I’m not going to say anything” and that coupled with everyone letting completely trashed Renee stagger and weave off on her own is my point.

    I totally thought the pool thing was fake – I was talking more about when she first left the casino.

  9. yeknom yeknom says:

    I took it like Plath did too, Renee said she wanted to leave & go to bed & they let her. With how trashed she was & her frame of mind, I doubt Renee would have let any of them go with her, not without making a big drama-filled “I don’t need anybody looking after me” kind of scene. They also knew that she wasn’t really by herself when she left, production & the crew were there, so they probably felt it was okay for her to leave on her own.

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