NO-Vember Comments yet


Hello Trashmii and happy New Year’s Eve eve.

The Cat household is in slightly more than its usual state of chaos today, and the timing couldn’t be better. This morning as I was preparing my post of November’s great giggles I realized that I am a day off in my monthly comments.

If I were to post December’s comments tomorrow as usual in the morning, many terrific comments would be lost.

Well we cannot have that.

So I will post the November comments tomorrow instead of today. That way all of the December comments will be posted on New Year’s Day so that nobody will be neglected who deserved to be included in December’s best.

If that doesn’t make sense, well, think of what poor Hubbycat has to put up with on a daily basis. He frequently gives me a blank stare followed by a long, slow shake of the head.

So watch this space for November’s best on New Year’s Eve, and then on New Year’s Day for all of December’s best comments.

Byeeeee until tomorrow.