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Minicap: Sister Wives


Why, it’s the gift every teenage girl wants:  a snowglobe WITH A CHEESE SCULPTURE INSIDE!

Howdy, Trashmii!  Hope you are all having a great holiday season!  TLC has apparently decided to “celebrate” by airing yet another season of Sister Wives.  Imagine my surprise shock horror when I realized there was a new season starting last night!

I say “new season”, it picks up just a month after the last one.  You remember, the trip to Sedona?  Mariah’s insanely expensive college choice?  Wives not really getting along?

This ep showcased the MILs (well, 4 of them), Kody’s mother, and Mother’s Day in general.  We got to hear about the joys of polygamy from (most of) the MILs, witness Kody’s mad gift-buying skillz and inability to cook a waffle until it’s fully done (FYI, Kody – waffles SHOULD NOT BE LIMP.  You know, like Little Kody) and oh yes, more Mariah college drama.  Plus crying.  Can I just say, re: the MILs and their daughters crying, the apples haven’t fallen far from the trees.

Much more in the full recap, up soon!  See you then!

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3 comments on “Minicap: Sister Wives

  1. TN Gal says:

    Yay, dysFUNction family drama, just in time for the holiday, said no one ever. I am confused about something. If Kodilocks and wife number whatever’s mother are sister wives, does that make them step siblings, or something? Forgive the stupidity about the family tree, but my brain refuses to compute the ickiness.
    Can’t wait for the recap!

  2. NotWithoutMyTV NotWithoutMyTV says:

    It’s probably wasted effort trying to figure it out. This isn’t The Learning Channel anymore.

  3. TN Gal says:

    NWMTV, how can you say that??! TLC has taught us how to whore up a three year old, fight like inbred gypsies, bake like a boss, AND gave us forklift foot and sketti with ketchup and butter. Without TLC, how would we have ever known a bunch of illiterate hill jacks with hair jacked to Baby Jeebus would try to report all of us to the internet police for talking smack about their facially ungifted bratty demon spawn. That’s some learnin’ right there.

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