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The Millionaire Matchmaker: Fleeing Men and Double Dates | TrashTalkTV

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The Millionaire Matchmaker: Fleeing Men and Double Dates

Ahhh…the holidays.  A time of family, food, presents and love in the form of Bravo’s resident celebrity brownnoser, Jersey’s own demure viola, Patti Stanger.   Patti is a gift to us all – thank you, baby Jesus.  She generously gave to us last week the not at all scripted “first time EVER” coupling of two millionaires, Courtney Kerr, and the tri-colored Swedish meatball, Stephan Dahlkvist.  Jaws dropped, Patti gasped and gold-diggers wept.  A Christmas miracle, if you will. 

Today,  we meet up with Patti in her office as a past “client” Omar Soliman, and his wife, Stacy, stop by for some camera time.  Omar and his brother were featured on their episode with Omar memorably taking his date garbage hauling.   The girl ends up dumping (geddit?) Omar after that date, Patti tells us.  Quelle surprise!  Patti is assured by Stacy that Omar did not request this of her so he either learned his lesson or his episode was completely scripted.  A mystery for the ages.   He has a baby now and Patti takes all the credit for creating life in Stacy’s womb.  Another Christmas miracle!  Anyway, his reason for stopping by was to ask Patti to set up his buddy, Joe.  Joe’s local and Patti says she’ll see if he’s a right fit for the club.  Requirements:  Money, somewhat of a personality – good or bad – preferable bad, and a general fondness for famewhoring.   I wonder if Patti will pick him?  The suspense is killing me.


Mother Theresa and the Virgin Mary of Bravo

Back at the office, Justin sits down with Marisa and David.  David is super stressed ghost writing Patti’s blog.  He reads an entry from, ahem, one of his followers.   Follower has a problem and needs advice on what to do since their boyfriend is too quick on the trigger, ifyouknowwhatimean.  All three emit disgusted noises from their mouth holes.  Patti enters, takes a seat and reads the entry out loud and says they have to tease and move.   

Marisa’s potential Millionaire is an Italian guy named Frank Sirino, personal injury lawyer.  David sasses that he’s an ambulance chaser so Marisa valley girls David and tells him at least he’s chasing, so whatEVER.  They all laugh and pretend what a witty quip that was. 



 Marisa’s in there somewhere



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7 comments on “The Millionaire Matchmaker: Fleeing Men and Double Dates

  1. JRMACEY says:

    MM is pure garbage and Patti should be off the air. Trashy show cancelled. Some of her pawns and prizes are Narcissists, while others are sycophants … either way, to her, everyone is an object to be used to acquire more wealth.

    Insulting, demeaning, belittling, and so on and on, of others is a classic symptom of NPD. Normal people don’t act like that and normal people wouldn’t do that in exchange for money.

    IMO there is a “Pot-Kettle” thing going on here, as Patti is also Narcissistic — a Narcissist calling others Narcissistic. Patti has every single trait of NPD — Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    IMO, her and her show are pure trash.

  2. rachelkashmir says:

    The thing that amuses me the most is how Patti and the Bravo Editing Monkeys are still trying to fob this show off as being real and authentic, like Patti’s clients aren’t grifting slimebags who are trying to promote their ‘businesses’ and the women aren’t wannabe gold diggers, and Patti isn’t the most materialistic woman EVER. Oh well. Won’t stop me from hate watching.

  3. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Thank you for recapping another exciting episode of “The Patti Stanker Procurement Agency” — I can’t stomach that vapid bitch and her bloated ego. If her love life over the past 30 years is any indication of her “success” at making love matches, I think most of her clientele would be better off going to Christian Mingle… At least the no nooky rules are probably the same.

  4. Miss Annie says:

    Patti and her crew could do with some acting lessons. Hate watchers, unite!

  5. Miss Annie says:

    Patti is the worst, yet I just can’t quit this trainwreck.

  6. JRMACEY says:

    She has only been in this new relationship for a short period of time, which will eventually come to a screeching halt when they are done using each other. She’ll blame him, he’ll blame her. She’ll be secretive about what happened, rumors will fly, adding to Patti’s never-ending drama-fests.

    Narcissists make the worst girl/boyfriends and even worse spouses. With that said, she is like one of those know-it-all types who gives parenting advice when they never even raised a child.

    She doesn’t have clients, she has victims. Once she has their money she doesn’t care if it works out or not. If it works out she takes all the credit and engages in self-glorification. So narcissistic.

  7. Aunt Dorsey says:

    I’ve pencilled in this Thursday’s episode as appointment-must-see-TV, because the “Patti Stanker Procurement Agency” is going to hook up that well-known New Jersey millionaire, Rosie “I’ll cut yer fucking tongue out” Pierri and find her a lipstick lesbian. Since Patti is a third-generation yenta, I just know she’ll find her true love.

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