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August’s Best Comments


Christmas is now a memory, along with the wine stains on the carpet. Only the weekend to think about, and that will be a trifle anticlimactic with festivities past and yet to come.

That’s why we have the Comment of the Month. It’s a party on your ‘puter screen, so sit back and have a giggle or two at the expense of those oh so inflated egos on our tv screens.

Now if those packages from Amazon would only arrive….

NotWithoutMyTV on Tre and Joe: Are there any backward, third-world client states of the U.S. that have capital punishment for tax crimes? And might one of those banana republics be interested in accepting extradition of two faux mafia reprobates? We might be able to rustle up a few pre-owned F-16s and throw them into the bargain… c’mon, Pakistan. You know you’ve got a nice, dank hole you could throw these two down. We can do better than this. Vicki’s face is a slow-pitch softball right across the plate. It’s gotten too easy.

Lindaw205 on Tre and Joe: She needs to take that face back and demand a full refund. Hope she kept her receipt.

NotWithoutMyTV on Tre and Joe: Has anyone been able to verify that slutty headshrinker’s credentials? Because from the amount of posing and preening she does, she seems more suited to a backroom gangbang than a counseling session. Maybe if she smoked one of those electronic cigarettes I’d have more confidence in her.

Cattyfan on Comment Showcase: Hey! I as the example of how to do it right! What a nice change of pace. My husband, The Pastor, usually uses me in his sermons as the “what not to do”…

Itchy on the Bachelorette: I hope he comes back and she says, “Well, thanks. But that was before I got a look at Chris’s dick. Buh-bye!”

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3 comments on “August’s Best Comments

  1. Jimbob Jones says:

    Nooooooo!!!! Funny all year, and then hosed by July. Stupid unfunny July!!! (Actually, everyone else was funny — just not me).

  2. Jimbob Jones says:

    Oh, wait, I WAS funny in July. I wasn’t funny in August. So apparently, it goes “unfunny in August, stupid in December”

  3. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Naw, you’re always funny, um…don’t go all reality TV on me and think I’m throwing shade, I mean your snark is always funny and we’d like some more please.

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