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June’s Best Comments | TrashTalkTV

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June’s Best Comments


AH June. The month we became TrashTalkTV. We got new digs, and adjusted nicely. Most of the regulars made it, but we lost a few of the fun kids. Others changed names along with the site, and we made some nifty new friends.

Some crazies found us too.

Oh, and the comments just kept coming.

Merry Christmas from Snowshoe and the rest of the Cats. We hope that you can take a break if the festivities become a tad hectic and have a holiday smile.

Sarcasatire on Trailer Park, “Schwarznegger, Stallone, and Cruise all got the memo, Will had better get with the program. If you want us to pay more attention to Jaden, make a film about people trying to shoot him and blow him up.”

Aunt Dorsey on Trailer Park, “I think I can wait with unbated breath until this one shows up on the tube.”

Aunt Dorsey on Dear TVGasm RHOC, “Poor Icky never looked as good as Miss Piggy did. But the doctor used the wrong setting on the belt sander and missed most of the major craters.”

Tracy on Taylor Swift Comes Out With A Third Fragrance…WHY? “Böring by Taylor Swift.”

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4 comments on “June’s Best Comments

  1. StaceySuperfly says:

    Thank you for the Christmas Present! I woke up sick and as you know laughter is the best medicine…although the peeing that goes along with the laughing I could do without!

  2. TN Gal says:

    Wow, I made it. Twice! Merry Christmas to me! Thank you!!
    And Merry Chrismas Trasmii!!!!

  3. snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

    Back atcha ladies. You are some funny funny commenters, and make my job *cough cough* so much fun.

  4. Clair says:

    I made it! I made it!!! I thought for sure I’d be posting in “December’s Best Comments” about how sad I was that I wasn’t funny in 2013.

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