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May’s Best Comments


May was insanely wonderful. We had Gwyneth, Amanda Byrnes, Linds, and a pageant mom getting all huffy nearly four years after Dear Crabby wrote her T&T recap. Fans went nutz, and it was comment platinum. I mean, what is even better than a comment war? An insane rant, that’s what. Close, though. Close.

Now without further palaver on my part, we have:

Madelyne27 on Dance Moms So Over It, “My dance would have to be called “My Last Value Meal”… bc there’s a much better chance that I’ll crash while trying to rescue a lost french fry off the floor of my car.”

Sarcasatire on Walking Dead No Justice, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading to Myrtle Manor to find Darryl so we can wed. So in the future, While the rest of you fight off zombies, I’m gonna be munching on squirrel.”

Itchy on Amanda Byrnes, “Aren’t the Olsen twins billionaires? And they REALLY need to eat. What’s up with rich people anyway? Don’t they know how to find the fucking fridge?”

NotWithoutMyTV on JSP, “Plus, do you have ANY IDEA how much time and how many calories you burn everyday just using your mouth, tongue and larynx to from simple words like “before”?”

Tracy on Lindsay, “This gives me a great idea for another use of those controversial drones–put the dumb bitch on one then crash it into any Kardashian’s house, thereby eliminating multiple useless fucks. If we’re really lucky, we’ll get Kanye too!”

Plath Addict on Lindsay, “Lindsay understands a few fundamental truths that you guys just don’t understand. Well, ok, @crankyguy gets it. But, the rest of you…”

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One comment on “May’s Best Comments

  1. itchy itchy says:

    Oh man, I can’t WAIT until the new Bachelor season! I can be funny again! Hooray!

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