Mob Wives Recap: Smells Delicious

I am so confused you guys. This episode was entertaining but I am not really clear about what is actually going on. Did Alicia’s husband cheat on her with Renee’s friend Carla, or is she just pissed that he didn’t end the friendship when he should have? In either case, was Renee aware of the alleged affair or of the fact that he was supposed to have ended the friendship? I ask because Renee’s culpability in this mess seems very contingent upon what actually happened and how much Renee and Carla knew about what he promised Alicia. Because it was just a friendship, which Renee seems to be suggesting, and Eddie never told Renee or Carla that he was supposed to end his friendship, I don’t see how Alicia has any right to be pissed and I don’t see anything at all shady in Renee’s behavior. But, Renee, by refusing to say what she knows, is making all of this seem like a really shady situation and herself seem like a major hypocrite for her treatment of the other Carla last season.

Anyway, this was an eye opening episode in terms of just how Crazy Renee is. We start out at Drita’s place where they are renovating. Drita is showing Big Ang (Yay!) the changes and tells us that the last time they remodeled the house, Lee decided to rob a bank and ended up in prison. Drita is still worried about Aleeya getting bullied at school and is stressed about the renovations, so they decide a Girl’s Night out is just the ticket.

Alicia is done listening to several years worth of wiretaps and feels like she is married to a complete stranger. I’m not sure how much of that I believe. It seems like she is trying to build a really good foundation for her own defense with this story line. But, I’m just going to go with it. She talks to her shit head of a brother about how betrayed she feels. He pretty much brushes her off and tells her to accept that it is what it is. She seems to take this as him being supportive – so maybe she really didn’t have any idea what her husband was up to. She can’t seem to differentiate between her brother being a dick and him being supportive, so she is probably very easy to lie to.

Renee and her friend Nikole are having dinner and she brings up the Eddie/Carla/Alicia situation. Turns out that Nikole actually dated Eddie a long time ago. I wonder if Alicia knows that? Is Nikole still friends with Eddie?


I hate the muddy nature of all of this. If it’s going to be a story line this season, we should have more details. I kind of see Renee’s point that it isn’t her place to involve herself in her friends’ marriage. But, I think all of the prevaricating and claims of not being a rat are making Eddie and her look guilty of doing something really really shady.

Renee is going on a first date since the Junior situation. She stops by Drita’s to get her makeup done. She is nervous and wonders how much she should tell him about her life. I am sure that this date is a paid actor and knows all about the shenanigans in Renee’s background. Anyway, Renee thinks this guy is super hot (and he is kind of cute in that dumb looking guy kind of way). He is also the first guy she has ever dated who had never been to jail – this guy is definitely a plant by producers. Renee is totally in over share mode with this guy. She tells him about her dad being in prison and her husband being the rat who helped put him there before they even get their appetizers. The guy looks a little scared, but still willing to see this through.



Alicia is still upset about the wire taps and is having a meal with Ang, Drita, and Renee to discuss it. When she brings up Renee’s involvement, Renee is immediately uncomfortable with this turn in the conversation. Renee believes that Alicia is being disrespectful. She has been life long friends with Eddie and is going to remain loyal to him. But, this is where I don’t understand what’s happening, what is she being loyal about? She is making whatever Eddie did seem really horrible by “refusing to rat him out.” If he hasn’t done anything wrong, what would she be ratting him out about?


Ang thinks that Renee would be upset if she were in Alicia’s position and Drita thinks that Renee just needs to own up to being involved with something shady. I think Renee just needs to say flat out, whether or not Carla was aware that Eddie was supposed to end the friendship. That might be the thing that Renee is alluding to when she claims to not be a rat. But, if that is all it is, Eddie should have to answer for his behavior, not Renee.

Big Ang (yay!) meets up with her son AJ, who is out of rehab and seems to be doing well. His girlfriend is pregnant and Ang is over the moon about being a grandmother. She wants him to get married, but he isn’t really sure about that. Ang decides that she won’t mention the fact that she is considering having a baby.


Alicia has received a letter from Eddie apologizing for his betrayal. She is talking to her friend and saying that she feels bad for Eddie having to go through this pain. Her friend is a true friend and rolls her eyes at Alicia’s stupidity. Alicia is really torn on how to forgive his lies and keep her family together. That was actually a pretty touching scene, so I’ll say well done and move on.

Drita takes Aleeya to a Karate class to help with the bullying she is dealing with at school. I love this because it teaches kids discipline, confidence, and that fighting is the absolute last resort. It’s much better than Lee going crazy on the kids’ parents.


Renee wants to have a night out to give Natalie a chance to redeem her drunken first impression. The women are dancing and drinking and having fun and then Natalie does it again. She starts calling of the women whores out of nowhere. Drita is pissed and Natalie is saying that she means it in an affectionate way. It makes no sense, but there it is.

Renee is wanting to show off her new guy. It’s all very confusing to me. She wants to show him off but doesn’t want the girls to compliment him directly, I guess? Because Natalie tells him that he smells delicious and Renee reacts as though she has just slipped him a room key and her panties. It is such an over reaction that Renee actually embarrasses herself and the guy as she pulls him out of the club and rushes him off from Natalie and her drunken compliments.


The next morning, Drita and Alicia rehash the previous night’s drama as they nurse their hangovers. Alicia doesn’t see what the big deal was with Natalie complimenting Renee’s date. She thinks Renee is crazy over reacting. Drita seems to think that it was more than a compliment and that it was disrespectful. I think Drita just doesn’t like Natalie so she simply took it that way. Natalie is explaining the situation to her friend and doesn’t feel like she did anything wrong by telling the guy he smelled good. Renee joins Drita and Alicia and relays that Natalie as inappropriate. She thinks that if Natalie wanted to compliment him she should have asked him what the name of his cologne was so that she could buy it for her boyfriend. That is a convoluted assed compliment. Anyway, that’s pretty much all that happened.

What did you guys think? Was Renee over reacting to the compliment? Should she just come clean about what was going on with Eddie and Carla – if anything (I still don’t believe anything untoward happened between Eddie and Carla in Renee’s presence)? How are you feeling about Alicia and Natalie as new additions to the cast? Tell me all about it in the comments.