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April’s Best Comments | TrashTalkTV

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April’s Best Comments


Day four and we are in April with another month’s worth of note-worthy comments. When I opened the file I couldn’t believe who had made the first comment. Can you?
And heeeeeeeere’s

Itchy on Mini Survivor, Cockring’s a term of endurance: Yes, yes, I know, it’s reaching. But what the hell. It’s Easter. Hard to be funny on Easter. Well, it’s also April Fool’s. But that’s not my joke. Ha ha.

Gypsy on Real World STD: Oh and Jessica, don’t wear a thong all season, I don’t want to see that huge blue bird bleeping out your arse all season.

Itchy on Survivor Special: In fact, we’re all being treated to a preview of that wacky new situation comedy “Heeeere’s Phillip!” Premieres next fall on OWN.

Aunt Dorsey on Splash Clothes: I would think jumping from a three-storey building would be a LOT less scary than having to suck Hugh Hefner’s withered old pecker.

Aunt Dorsey on Survivor Special: I think Probst deserves a reward. He probably wants to play. So he should be put on the island with an all Hose Wife game of Survivor with Andy Cohen making up the carnival games and playing his role. I’d watch that.

Catty Fan on Project Runway Verge: Richard may look like a Mandrake Root, but it’s Layana who makes me want to put on ear protection.

TheMiki on Preachers’ daughters Judge: That would have been accurate. I am probably an evil little perv.

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9 comments on “April’s Best Comments

  1. StaceySuperfly says:

    ROFL. What a great way to start my day! Even got a mention under my Squarehead name…by the way, that was what my Dad called me when I was a kid. Does a little girls self esteem wonders to be known as Squarehead LOL, although that paled in comparison to the nickname the boys gave me in 6th grade…STG, as in Super Tits and my last name. I don’t think I would have made it through childhood without my sharply honed sense of humor and sarcasm…Thanks Dad!

  2. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    There was an episode of American Idol where they performed songs from the Glitter soundtrack? Was it when Mariah Carey was a judge? Or am I misunderstanding the title “American Idol Glitter”?

  3. snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

    I got mine from my grandpa. Anybody without a quick wit in my family was reduced to a pool of Pathetic very quickly. Nowadays somebody would call Child Protective Services, but back then we were toughened and prepared for life.

    And TrashTalkTV.

    One nickname that did hurt came from one boy in my high school freshman algebra class.

    “Hosenose” tends to sting.

    I got even. One day I turned my head quickly and knocked him flat.

  4. Moli says:

    Wow, you found a way to squeeze me in yay! I need to turn the cable back on so I can comment on more crap tv.

  5. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Ah, shit, you mean you actually have to watch this crap to comment? Alrighty then, let me fortify myself with some Old Door Knob and gird my loins…..Bravo here I come!

  6. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Been balancing out crap TV with kittens and puppies, i.e. “Too Cute” on Animal Planet. I had no idea that Snowshoe cat was an actual breed, but then I hang out with Heinz 57s. I should have known you were pedigreed and had actual papers and all.

  7. snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

    Well, I found out that there was a breed of cats known as snowshoe just recently. The only papers I have ever had used to be delivered in the morning. The name Snowshoe comes from having six toes on each foot–ala Hemingway’s cats– and the remark that this cat would never sink in the snow. Snowshoe.

  8. itchy itchy says:

    I consider it a point of professional pride to only comment on shows I actually watch. Which, as you can see, is reduced to a handful of the most pathetic shows there are. And Survivor. Which is pretty pathetic nowadays too.

    Now, if you’ll need me, I’ll be over at Beauty and the Geek Australia.

  9. TN Gal says:

    I saw that episode in AP as well, and thought of our SSC! Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for me to get in the holiday spirit and open this bottle. Merry Christmas!

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