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Millionaire Matchmaker: Courtney Does Norway | TrashTalkTV

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Millionaire Matchmaker: Courtney Does Norway

Last week on Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti drooled all over super douche Jonathan Chebin and lived to humiliate playboy Eric.  Today, Patti walks into her office asking her minions what is her number one rule?  Teacher’s pet David says it’s no phone number exchanging with the clients.  Ding! Ding!  He gets a cookie.  Patti shames them all into confessing who is the dirtbag messing with Patti’s rules?  Justin admits he did that and Pattie slaps him with probation and gets all Donald Trump and threatens to kick him to the curb.



The Patti has spoken


Round table with Patti, Justin, David and Marisa.  Courtney Kerr is revealed to be this week’s quasi-celebrity millionaire – she of “Most Eligible Dallas” and on THIS SEASON ON BRAVO “Courtney Loves Dallas”.  Cross over!   Hat’s off to Miss Andy.  Patti wants to know if her staff has heard of her.  Naturally, brown-noser David is practically doing a Horshack in his chair dying to tell Patti that “ooh! OOH!” he knows who she is.  Marisa looks bored. 



 David’s Muse

Courtney’s video submission and she says she has a checklist that she doesn’t want to call a checklist:  Tall, funny, from a southern family, plays golf and envisions a globe in his imagery office that his mentor gave him.  Sheesh.  Patti says Courtney’s a ten and she is very attractive.  Patti says they’re really good friends (of course) and wants to give her a mixer to end all mixers.   courtney



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8 comments on “Millionaire Matchmaker: Courtney Does Norway

  1. anon says:

    I will say this, I do think that Courtney is a likeable person. Reasons being, she is humble, can laugh at herself, easygoing, and doesnt seem pretentious. However, I am jealous that she is able to make a living (a good living even?) from primping …. Man, if I could put outfits and accesories together for myself and blog about it and get paid, that would be the dream life too … even if you are pregnant, you could put a maternity twist on it …. I need to stop dreaming lol. I adore style, but even forever21 is out of my budget… I need to maximize the potential out of my 6 yr old cardigan my mom gave me and some old ballet flats Ive had for 3 years … Im unfortunately a poor grad student, minimum wage income til i finish in 2 years :( HELP!!!

  2. CynTV CynTV says:

    Hey, Miss Annie! I recap Courtney Does Dallas, and she looks so much better on your show than mine! Patti is such a celebrity kiss-ass. I wish she’d shove her own tongue down her throat. Great recap!

  3. TallGirl says:

    Court’s hair was TERRIBLE on this show. It looks fried and died and allowed to just dangle down in its strawy shape. I don’t know why that is considered a hairstyle. It’s how hair used to look in the summer once a gal got chlorine build-up from too much time in the pool. Condition, trim and style that weave!!!

  4. Miss Annie says:

    Thanks, CynTV! I’ll make sure to read your recaps since now I know who Courtney is – she seemed almost normal here but I’m sure if she’s starring on a Bravo show, it’s a mirage! Patti is icky poo-poo :-)

  5. Miss Annie says:

    Agreed, TallGirl. Court needs a date night with Alberto V05.

  6. TN Gal says:

    I said it on Cyn’s recap of Cort…girlfriend needs to learn to style her hair around that billboard sized forehead. Bangs, Cort, bangs can be a girl’s best friend. Unless you’re Tre from RHNJ. I don’t think even Tabatha could takeover and fix that hairline.
    Great recap!

  7. Miss Annie says:

    Thanks, TN Gal! I miss Tabatha on my TV.

  8. Toni says:

    Your comment about a down on his luck Nelson twin made me laugh out loud!

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