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February’s Best Comments | TrashTalkTV

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February’s Best Comments


On the second day of TrashTalkTV our Trashmii gave to meeeeeeeeee…

Itchy on “The Bachelor”: I have to assume that the Bachelor has a pretty good idea after the first day which girls he’s seriously interested in. I mean, if you don’t notice a girl pretty quickly, that says pretty much all you need to know about your attraction to her.
What’d be really interesting would be a Bachelor who says, fuck it, I already know who I want. Dump the rest of this chicken coop. How would the rest of the season progress?
Yes, I’m feeling quite philosophical this morning.

NotWithoutMyTV on “ …Brandi’s Vaginal Rejuvination”: I’ve got Katie Couric’s labia in a jar.
Really. Ebay. $238.68.
Came with a Certificate of Authentication and everything.

Itchy on “The Bachelor”: As I said before, I’m convinced that the Bachelor is using some weird form of mind control on me, because I can’t wait for next week. Squee!
Wait. Can a guy squee?

Sheesh on “Beyonce Admits to Li Syncing…”: Alls I know is when I am asked to sing “Iowa, How Great Thou Corn” for the kick off to the Ankeny 2013 Pee-Wee soccer season I will be demanding a backing track or I will walk right off that multiplex

Awfuleyebrow on “Amanda Byrnes Stoner…”: Evicted for smoking weed? Was she fishbowling the whole building? I’ve never heard of a person getting evicted for such a reason.

Gypsy on “Brandi Glanville’s Book”: I can’t WAIT to buy this book and I don’t care what that says about me.

Itchy on “Bachelor Mini”: Except back then, they didn’t have that silly virginity pledge thing. So, he’s like from a warped version of the 1950s in another dimension.

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3 comments on “February’s Best Comments

  1. plockness monster says:

    Someone give Itchy and NWMTV their own tv show. Kind of like “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifwhatever” except they sit in between 2 huge marijuana plants. And they wear those horse head masks that have become so popular this past year and talk with snooty British accents because of, you know, modesty and all that.

  2. itchy itchy says:

    I’m in. Except for the horse head mask thing. They don’t fit well over my horns, and I end up chafing.

  3. thisbuggs4u says:

    Yeah I it again! I knew I had some funny in me somewhere!

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