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January’s Best Comments | TrashTalkTV

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January’s Best Comments


Okay, so I’m not calling for new nominations until next year, but the following comments are certainly winners.

One of the January posts asked the Gasmii (the term readers of TVGasm called ourselves) what we wanted to include in the new TrashTalkTV. It was a time of transition, and we still haven’t settled on what we want to call our collective selves.


JimbobJones kicks off the 2013 comments, On Top Chef: , Has anyone else noticed how much, with the curled mustache, StacheBear’s nose looks like a penis? Just look at the photo, completing the curves of the ‘stache. Total balls situation there. Which would make his mouth the a**hole, and explain why so much sh*t keeps coming out of it. I would say something funny, but now that the Commentgasms are over, I don’t need to be funny except once this month. Maybe twice, to stack the deck.

Sarcasatire on Comments: , Yay!!! I look forward to this every year. Now, just 11.9 months until the next one!!

Hawt Cawfee on What Do You Want…? :How about Amish Toddlers & Tiara’s?????

Considerthis on What Do You Want…?: A site wide Gassmii ban on the word Lohan. C’mon other than being a drunk talentless skank there’s nothing there and if that is criteria then I can share my life updates with you. NO MORE LINDSAY stuff!

Gypsy on What Do You Want…?: A site wide Gassmii ban on the word Lohan. C’mon other than being a drunk talentless skank there’s nothing there and if that is criteria then I can share my life updates with you. NO MORE LINDSAY stuff!

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12 comments on “January’s Best Comments

  1. StaceySuperfly says:

    LMAO snowshoescat! I love the end of year and appreciate how much time you are spending going through all the snark filled comments to bring back the memories for our reading enjoyment. The wonderful role models for life we see on our shows are the perfect antidote for those of us depressives during the holiday trying to decide whether to pull the trigger or give it another year….suicide rates are about to skyrocket…by Bravo!

  2. classy drunk says:

    YAY! they are finally here!!!

  3. NotWithoutMyTV NotWithoutMyTV says:

    >>>Lance was not a douchebag up until the point in time that Oprah made him cry. It’s Oprah’s fault that he is a douchebag.<<<

    I also blame Oprah for climate change, teenage promiscuity, the radioactive decay of the nuclear family, and Strawberry-Vanilla Pez.

    That megalomaniacal motormouth has got a lot to answer for, yo.

  4. NotWithoutMyTV NotWithoutMyTV says:

    I don’t know about suicide, but I’ve gotten to the point that when I hear that processed douchey voice say “… only by BRA-VO!”, I want to kill SOMEONE. I don’t see why I should make MYSELF pay, though.

  5. plockness monster says:

    Who is Sam and what the fuck was that Toddlers and Tiaras comment about?!

    Thanks SSC! Love these.

  6. TN Gal says:

    Thanks for the hard work, SSC, and kudos to everyone who made January fun to read!

  7. snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

    Yeah, reading all those comments and trying to keep my keyboard dry is a real chore. It’s a trip down mammary lane. But enough about the Kardashians…

    So glad you enjoy the good oldies. And I thank all the funny people who made it all worth it.

    But wait! There’s more….

  8. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    Yay, so far I was funny once this year!

  9. Aunt Dorsey says:

    I think Oprah’s also to blame for those terminally annoying pimple commercials Adam Levine is doing. (I have duly noted that they do not bother to show his pimply ass.) I hope they wrap those up soon, so I don’t have to pull an Elvis on my TV. As it is, I’m dangerously close to killing it for those Febreeze commercials.

  10. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Holy Shoo Fly Pie! I’m still trying to decipher Oleeddie’s treatise on the Amish Mafia. Can’t decide if s/he/it is a beauty school dropout or a product of Amish higher education, but I’m kind of suspecting s/he/it didn’t collect that 8th grade diploma.

    snowshoecat, thank you so much for the awesome compilation, it was a delightful read.

  11. snowshoecat snowshoecat says:

    my favorite comments are the rants posted by the subjects of snark and/or family members trying to pretend that their behavior is blameless and we are picking on them just to be mean.

    Sometimes they are hard to spot. Would it be a good idea to introduce them for newbies (not you, Plock) who wouldn’t know what’s going on?

    How’s the baby Monster? Getting any sleep?

  12. plockness monster says:

    I thought it family. Glad to see the made their way to TTT.

    Yes! She sleeps through the night. It’s a miracle. Now I can stop crying!

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