Comment Showcase Winners


Hello Trashmii, and welcome once again to the crème de la crème of comments. This will be the last announcement of the winning comments for the year. I am taking a bit of a hiatus while I concentrate on giving you the best of comments for each month of the past year. I think of it as the Twelve Days of TrashTalkTV. These are the comments that, while often uproariously funny, at times bawdy and risqué, and always entertaining but didn’t get nominated.

That said, we turn to the final winning comments of the year. The winning comment included a sendup of our Fearless Leader, Ronnie “Flipit” K as a little bonus.

I now present our Comment Showcase Queen and her court:

Stacey Superfly on Crappens #107: OMG you guys had me laughing so hard my son walked down the stairs to complain that I woke him up…I said bitch puhleeze, you’re 26 get a job and get the fuck out of my house if you want a good nights sleep!

First runner-up

Gypsy’s response to Galacticus, er NotWithoutMyTV, on Vanderpump Poos (Rules): “You could do God’s work in Australia. I hear their feral cat problem is tremendous.”

and a three-way tie for third

Carol on Survivor About to Rock: Also, in both Survivor & The Amazing Race, why haven’t the contestants figured out if you can’t find something on the first try, just watch your cameraman and see where they point the camera.

Finnegan on Sleepy Hollow mini, “Golem”: A gentleman of ichabod’s character would never evince a desire to motorboat his lady wife anywhere but in the privacy of their bedroom.

Spiralina on American Horror Story Comet Enema: Oh please, you know Goopy only douches her high-and-mighty bum with organic Tibetan yak spit that was blessed by the Dalai Lama.

Thank you again for nominating and voting. Watch this space for a trip down comment memory lane and enjoy.