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Sons of Anarchy: Finally, The Finale

FINALE TIME!  Spoiler alert:  it sucks on many levels!  Sorry it took so long to finish this.  I hope we’ve all had time to digest.

We open with Jax opining in that journal/love letter to Abel & Thomas he’s authored as he sits on Opie’s grave.  He’s whining about good and evil and his place in this world and sometimes I wish his little golf pencil had an eraser on it.  Why doesn’t he just eat his feelings, like I do?

Semi-absentee fatherhood is hard, bro.

He continues to voiceover as we see Bobby leaving the cabin with the help of Tig, Chibs and Juice.  Wendy’s packing for rehab at Gemma’s place, Unser’s the only attendee at Clay’s prison graveyard burial (probably didn’t get buried with his cut, if I had to guess), and Gemma’s scrubbing dishes at Casa Teller, washing them the old-fashioned way by letting them soak in one side of the double sink first and then cleaning them on the other.  The gray water is gross.  Then she sits down at their kitchen table with her two empty beer bottles, a half-finger of whiskey in a glass, and a cigarette.  Guess Nero’s too busy to help get her mind off things.

Jax is still talking, but I wish he was just listening to Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page”.  The audience would still get the point but our ears would be happier.

Self-reflection is for pussies, Jax.

Nero’s in Stockton with his old crew, picking up his protection tax from the local businesses while Tara and the boys sit in their hotel room and watch some Sesame Street.

Jax leaves the graveyard and rides down the road on his bike, completely creaming a dove (the bird of peace!) on his way.  Don’t let Thomas and Abel know about that, dude.

Yeah, some of us might have a problem with Caucasian pigeon homicide!

Eli’s at the D.A. office and after checking in with their respective staffs, he and Thyne chat with the ATF agent about their options to find and protect Tara.  They decide to go talk to Jax about the situation.

At Ye Olde Ice Cream Shoppe, we see the wrench-throwing teenager is helping out, working off the window debt.  Gemma is waiting nervously for the guys to arrive, but no one has any news about Tara and the boys.  Gemma is frustrated that no one’s found her yet and figures she’s already in police protection, but Bobby astutely points out that the sheriffs and other law enforcement wouldn’t be looking for her still if she had made a deal.  They tell Gemma to pipe down and wait for Jax before she .

Gemma pulls Juice aside while the other guys go upstairs to the clubhouse room and asks him how he’s doing after the suicide attempt.

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3 comments on “Sons of Anarchy: Finally, The Finale

  1. plockness monster says:

    Crazy season finale!!! I wanted Tara to die all season, but when it happened I was sad. Her poor boys! I’m interested to season how the final season will play out. I don’t think Jax will end up going to jail. I also read there might be a spin off about John Teller, set in the 60′s!

    Thanks for your awesome recaps. I loved reading them! I hope you’ll be back for the final season!!!!

  2. notwithoutmytv says:

    Seems like a complex show to ‘cap. Nicely done, Applepie!

  3. Ryan in Laguna Beach says:

    Prediction – Jax will be questioned but not charged w/ Tara or Ely’s deaths. If he had killed either one would he have really stuck around crying? Sutter needs to decide what happens w/ Juice as we’ve been dealing with his issues since wayback in mid-season 4. Either kill him or allow him to fully redeem himself, but he’s far too much of a secondary player in the show for his storyline to be getting as much attention as it does. SOA is a joke if Bobby gets the gavel going forward. Take away the long beard and hair and he looks like the fat rabbi who lives down the street from me….in other words……about as intimidating as a mouse.

    Great recap ‘Pie…..

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