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Just in time for Christmas, the comments were a true gift this week. In fact, there were so many stellar examples of Trashmii wit that you will have to tune into the Best of December to really appreciate how many great ones there were that just didn’t make the crème de la crème.

Aunt Dorsey submitted this gem: NotWithoutMyTV is on a roll, here he was on 10 Dec on Real Fishwives of BH, replacing the meme for spewing coffee on a computer keyboard with:

“I laughed so hard my colostomy bag spilled all over my new white leather couch!!!!!
LOL x infinity + 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Aunty also got into a conversation about the alcohol Trashed Trashmii need to endure reality. Getting in on the act is one of our treasured newcomers. Welcome.

TN Gal on Comment Showcase Winners: It’s Friday the 13th. So far today I’ve heard Jenelle Evans is having baby number two, with baby daddy number two, while still married to husband number one, AND Gretchen and Slave (thanks autocorrect!) are appearing on another reality show. I think it’s time to wave the white flag and crawl into a box of wine.
Stacey Superfly in response to TN Gal: We’re gonna need a bigger box of wine.
Aunt Dorsey: Cases like these, you need to pull out the big guns and break out the Old Door Knob, if you can’t find some Lydia Pinkhams to quell the vapors.

Oh yeah, and I want to nominate Galacticus as our very own GODWarrior for the month of December. Let the spaying begin!

I didn’t quite know where to put either of Aunty’s contributions, so I put her whole nomination above and then the comment itself for voting. I simply had no idea where to put the GODwarrior comment. That is a category all to itself.

Now for the nominations:

Aunt Dorsey submitted this nomination:

Gypsy’s response to Galacticus, er NotWithoutMyTV, on Vanderpump Poos (Rules): “You could do God’s work in Austrailia. I hear their feral cat problem is tremendous.”

And again with

NotWithoutMyTV on RHOBH I laughed so hard my colostomy bag spilled all over my new white leather couch!!!!!

NotWithoutMyTV on Shahs No Crying: Lilly’s real career involves a lot blow jobs in the back seats of idling Towne Cars… And, now that I think about it, so does Reza’s.

Finnegan on Sleepy Hollow mini, “Golem”: A gentleman of ichabod’s character would never evince a desire to motorboat his lady wife anywhere but in the privacy of their bedroom.

Apple Pie on Sons of Anarchy Dead
: We have a brutal honesty policy in our family. If your family can’t crush your feelings, who can?

Carol on Survivor About to Rock: Also, in both Survivor & The Amazing Race, why haven’t the contestants figured out if you can’t find something on the first try, just watch your cameraman and see where they point the camera.

No, I’m Just Glad to See You on Survivor About to Rock: In reply to Aunt Dorsey. “Tsunami of shit”. It’s going to take weeks of therapy and a brain colonic to wipe that image out. Lordy!

Spiralina on American Horror Story Comet Enema: Oh please, you know Goopy only douches her high-and-mighty bum with organic Tibetan yak spit that was blessed by the Dalai Lama.

Stacey Superfly on Crappens #107: OMG you guys had me laughing so hard my son walked down the stairs to complain that I woke him up…I said bitch puhleeze, you’re 26 get a job and get the fuck out of my house if you want a good nights sleep!

Sarcasatire on Shahs Mini I Hate You: Yea.. and MJ was being so passive aggressive, looking like a wide eyed scared bunny when she was the one who created the mess. If she was really so upset and disturbed then she would have apologized earlier. Not just let GG get more and more frustrated until she’s screaming and then belt out a half apology to shut her up. Then walk out like a victim and GG looks like an idiot and rage-aholic.
Well played, MJ.

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