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Watch What Crappens Podcast #105: Bravo, Turkeys! | TrashTalkTV

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Watch What Crappens Podcast #105: Bravo, Turkeys!

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On this week’s very special episode of the Watch What Crappens Bravo Podcast, we talk TURKEY! Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TrashTalkTV) join forces to thank Bravo for all it’s bestowed on them this year. AW! Hugs! Love to you guys and thanks for listening! HAPPY TDAY!

Check out our Crappens Facebook page for announcements and to hang out with us and other listeners. Ronnie is writing recaps of the season. Check them out same night as they air. Also follow us on Twitter to ask us stuff and talk crap.

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7 comments on “Watch What Crappens Podcast #105: Bravo, Turkeys!

  1. Loladelrio says:

    I give thanksssssssss for you guys!!!!!

  2. Clare s says:


  3. johngRN says:

    I have listened to you guys since season 2 of RHOBH, I really want to stay with you guys, for some reason I am now fast forwarding through parts of the podcast. I do appreciate you guys doing the podcast and recaps but you guys sometimes go on a tangent for too long. And I hate saying this because I do not like Alexia from Miami, but the news alert you guys do is kind of annoying. But I do love the show, oh and Ronnie, you will find a guy, you are a cutie. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Clare s says:

    I am most thankful for your rambling moments that lead to me laughing so hard I wonder why I don’t wear depends!

  5. Lola del rio says:

    somebody needs a vacation on Shut UP Mountain.

  6. Lola del Rio says:

    & by ‘somebody’ I mean YOU johngRN.


  7. Aunt Dorsey says:

    Speaking of immigrants — I’m thankful I was born in this country and did not have to struggle through the terrible hardships that Boob God’s sexbot, Lisa Hochstein, had to go through after emigrating from Canada. Foreign languages are so haaaaard!

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