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Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump Feuding On RHOBH | TrashTalkTV

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Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump Feuding On RHOBH


Brandi Glanville and Lisa VanderpumpAccording to reports, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates, Lisa Vanderpump, and Brandi Glanville are on the outs, and not speaking to each other. Radar Online has the story

The gloves are off in the 90210!

Former BFF’s Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville got into an epic fight while filming the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Puerto Rico, which has resulted in the duo no longer speaking to each other, is exclusively reporting.

Cameras captured Yolanda Foster confronting Lisa about allegations that the British beauty was a two-faced back-stabbing friend, and Brandi backed David Foster‘s wife — putting a major ripple in their once tight bond.


It gets even more juicy, because apparently Brandi said that Lisa told her to bring magazine articles about Kyle’s husband, Mauricio, cheating on Kyle on a trip the women took to Palms Springs earlier. And supposedly, Lisa and Brandi still aren’t talking to each other.

Wow, that’s a lot of drama, but as to what it all means, well that depends on how real you think this particular reality show is. There are pretty much two ways of looking at this

Everything is completely real, and totally on the up and up.

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8 comments on “Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump Feuding On RHOBH

  1. Gypsy says:

    Maybe even 4 nights on Dance Moms!

  2. Olivia says:

    And I just wrote my yearly letter to Santa Claus!

  3. TRose says:

    I’m not as upset about this as I would’ve been because Brandi’s tampon string dangler already scarred (scared too) me for life.

  4. LynnB says:

    I never believe anything on Radar Online because two days later they have a story that contradicts the one they had before that. Trash.

  5. notwithoutmytv says:

    Bravo, though… Bravo is completely on the level. Internally consistent = Andy Cohen.

  6. labowner says:

    Kyle must be giggling with glee at this news. Not the Mauricio stuff. If so, very low Lisa. Although, after watching Vanderpump Rules, I lost what little respect I had for her. Is this the articles allegation coming back to haunt Lisa? Didn’t Ad and Taylor accuse her of that? Oh the Alana Morissette irony that Taylor be vindicated. Kind of like Danielle.

  7. Clare s says:

    Yeah I just read another article showing Brandi and Lisa having lunch and laughing at Villa Blanca this week. Who knows. I know everyone loves Brandi for “telling it like it is” but she is just a “tad” white trash.

  8. labowner says:

    Brandi did respond to a fan asking if she and Lisa were having issues. She replied with “I will always love her but sometimes friends have hic-ups.”

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