Minicap: Keeping Up with the Kardashians — A Thailand Vacation Part 1


Please don’t let this family in my country

Welcome back KardishiFANS — are we having fun yet this season?   This episode actually had some oomph to it — at least compared to the last few borefest ones.  Here are the highlights:

The family votes on where to go on a family vacation, and Thailand wins loses.  But before the trip begins, Kourtney and Scott and the kids beg off.  Also, Rob is a no show.  The locale is SPECTACULAR (just imagine what money can buy) and we see  lots of the countryside.  Bruce and Kris are bickering over every little thing and this makes everyone else uncomfortable.  Bruce wants to be busy and active and do fun activities whereas Kris wants to relax and lay on the beach. Not sure why they want to travel together.    When the family goes ziplining, Kim has a literal meltdown and refuses to do it.    She says she has that choice to make now that she is a mother and she sees things differently.

About 99% of the episode is about Kim’s obsession with taking selfies.  Her fiance Kanye can’t come on the trip so Kim is going to make him an Ultimate Thailand Selfie Book so he doesn’t feel left out.

k-selfie“Selfies are the reason for life”

Khloe spends most of the trip bemoaning the fact that Rob did not come and she feels responsible.  Should that girl take on any more guilt?

Kendall and Kylie are unhappy with the bickering parents, and then Brody, Leah, and Brandon arrive to join in on the fun  take Bruce off of Kris’s hands.  Check back in a day or two for all the details in the full recap.


Don’t let them come back again!

Meanwhile, if you missed last week’s recap,  here it is: