L.A. Hair Episode Season 3 Minicap: Fired!

Hello Trash Talkers! I am so sick of these crazy hair days. There comes a time when one must venture out into a new salon to find a stylist who will heal their hair woes. This may just be that time for me. That or I am spending too much time in an over chlorinated pool.

Be careful when you try those new salons, trashies, you may just wind up in the chair of the startlingly stank China. At least you are safe from Malaka who has not impersonated a stylist yet. Or a receptionist, for that matter.  That is, until the latest episode but let’s recap what went down on our last appointment at L.A. Hair first. Last week we had to view entirely too many close-ups of Kim Kimble. This woman is not a producer of the show. My guess is she is doing this show for free because there is NO WAY I would allow her in any cast, even as an extra. That says a lot right there because the standards for reality “stars” are pretty darn low unless of course you fit the “mold.” Whatever mold Kim is fitting into I’d rather not. They were clearly looking for someone who has NOT seen the gym since fifth grade P.E. for the lead. Or changed her style since then. That is Kim. Kim called from her rental car and told Leah that one of the groups Nick Cannon managed wanted a couple of stylists for their video shoot. Nick Cannon? Wasn’t he the pizza boy on “Kenan&Kel”? Oh yeah, he was on the show “All That.” Okay now I remember. Good stuff. Kim gleefully announced to the once intelligent manager/sister of hers, Leah, she had decided to put China and Lisa on the job. L.A. Hair Ep.9 minicap terry toy

Terry tries to control his anger at being passed over once again. 

NO you will not be seeing Nick Cannon, ladies and gentlemen. That is not in the budget. L.A. Hair episode 9 minicap Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon in his most pivoting role.

Leah sounded pissed about that decision. Tough shizz Leah.  You were dumb enough to have kept China on staff this long so it’s your fault  you were doomed. Doomed would be an understatement. China and Lisa went to the shoot and China was so freaking slow I wondered if my television was on pause. Nope, China was actually MOVING. Lisa called Kim to see what her silly self wanted to do. Of course Kim doesn’t answer her phone and couldn’t afford a personal assistant, so she got no answer. Lisa made the executive decision to contact her friend Angela, also known as Kim’s target of EXTREME JEALOUSY. Angela blazed in and ripped through heads of hair at a mile a minute. Their hair looked sick and it was pretty impressive. Then it dawned on me once again that SHE was the one that was fired from Kim’s salon. Not the slow ass China. Great human resource skills Leah. China, who looked betrayed that Lisa called someone else in to help, ran off the shoot so quickly I was amazed her smidgen of fried ass hair made it. Lisa ran after her, but China STILL hit the road.   LAH Ep9 mini recap

This head represented 8 hours of China’s work. Unfinished. 

Kim, we found out in between these China scenes, styled a Disney star’s hair. A CURRENT Disney star who not only starred in “Shake it All Up” but competed in “Dancing with the Stars” as well! That would be Zendaya Coleman. A huge leap from Rudy Huxtable. Kim went into full on celebrity mode and had a great time. When she returned to the salon and found out about the shoot she was NOT so happy.

L.A. Hair EPisode 9 minicap Lisa

I am working. Is this a problem?

With LISA! Her and Leah called Lisa in for a sit-down and pretty  much put their bad decision of having had China there on HER. Lisa explained that China was so behind had she not had Angela, it would have ruined not only the gig but Kim’s reputation as well. Lisa wasn’t aware that Kim’s reputation ALREADY sucked. Finally Kim removed the bug from her bum and let Lisa work. Clearly Miss Kimble couldn’t handle the fact that her arch enemy swooped in and stole the show while saved her ass. Get over yourself Kim and take your sister Leah with you. Kim did sit down and baby talk China when she came in. She told her as a “friend” that she needed to adjust her attitude and be professional like herself. What a lunatic. China sadly grabbed her little rolling bag and stormed out of the salon. We were left hoping, DID CHINA GET FIRED????? Which leads us to an overview in our mini, which will tip you off on the newest episode:

LA Hair Ep9 Terry

Which one of the ratchet bitches will they fire?

Someone DOES get fired. Can you GUESS? Choices are endless because all of Kim’s staff members qualify as “unprofessional” “lazy” and “ratchet” here and there, save Terry.

Naja attempts to set a an official GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORD. For what? So many opportunities here to trash the hell out of Naja. I will let you all use your imaginations.

Lisa finds a new bestie

Kim styles more celeb hair, but will it be a real celeb or the usual FAUX?   Leah’s true sexuality is revealed and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!! Missed last week’s episode? You can catch up by clicking here. Want more TrashTalk? Follow us on Twitter for updates of recaps as they publish, like us onFacebook for a daily update, watch our TV parody vids on YouTube, or for funny TV pics, heart us on Instagram, follow our TV parody boards on Pinterest, and get our daily microblogs on Tumblr! Do you love reading the comments on these recaps as much as we do? Go over to our Commentgasm page to nominate for your favorite comment of the week!