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Couples Therapy Recap: Flavor Flav Defies Gravity | TrashTalkTV - Part 6

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Couples Therapy Recap: Flavor Flav Defies Gravity

Hola Trashies!  Can you believe I’ve deleted this twice?!  TWICE!  I’m officially technology challenged.  OR this show has turned my brain into mush.  Or all the wine I’m drinking to get through it is.  Either way, this recap is TAKING FOREVER, and there’s a new episode for me to get to so let’s DO THIS!  And not delete it.

We pick up where we left off with a giddy  Joe Francis homoerotically giddy over the gay porn of Dustin.  I stand by my beliefs that Joe KNEW ahead of time about Dustin’s past and that the producers told him about it.  Because it honestly seems so “fishy” to me that he would do a web seach as a prank.  Anyway, he goes to find Flav to participate in his homophobic giddy.  Flav is frying chicken and is all like, “F Stereotypes, who doesn’t love chicken?!”  Agreed, Flav.  Chicken is delicious.  Seriously though, that fried chicken looks nummy.

Just to add an extra level of creepy to the situation, because let’s be honest here – Joe’s Creepy Thermometer is broken – he’s taping Flav’s reaction to the gay porn.

Joe videotapes Flav watching video of porn . . . irony

 Ha ha!  Just watching gay porn, like two straight dudes totally do!  Isn’t my boner hilarious?!!  Ha ha!

 Flav is shocked and is also glad he participated in the viewing of the gay porn and says that he will gladly “burn my chicken up for this shit!”  Okey dokey Flav.  Priorities, my friend.  Priorities.

At this point, nobody else is participating in the “Shame Dustin” movement that Joe is trying to film and sell on the internet, as you do.  Instead they’ve all fled the room and are avoiding him like the plague.  Because they might all be decent human beings.  Ahem.

Dr. J meets with Dustin and Heather and voiceovers that she hopes that Dustin’s ponorgraphic past doesn’t become a distraction in the house.   Please lady, this show is COUNTING on it being a distraction and frankly both Flav and Joe are thankful for it, because it takes the spotlight off their own awfulness. (Okay, so Flav is awful by association with Liz, but still.  AWFUL).

Dr. J’s session with Heather and Dustin is interesting and we get to see what a weird ass character Dustin is.  I didn’t watch Real World, I only read about it on these recaps, so I am not familiar with him.  I can only tell you that he shows up without shoes and speaks in a weird whispery David Beckham voice.

They reveal to Dr. J that they come from different backgrounds.  She had a normal healthy childhood and his was filled with abandonment and uncertainty.  He reveals that when he was offered the opportunity to join the FratPad porn house, it became a sort of family for him and that he felthe belonged somewhere.  Wow.  That’s incredibly sad.  He also identifies as straight and downplays the sexual aspect of the Fratpad as just “oral,” so it wasn’t a big deal.

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9 comments on “Couples Therapy Recap: Flavor Flav Defies Gravity

  1. AliceInPopLand says:

    I think theres a page missing of the recap, Eyedios!

  2. Jennbug says:

    I think it’s between 7 & 8, which totally sucks, cuz I want to read your recap of the levitation story!!! *Sigh* Still, great recap Eyedios!

  3. Jennbug says:

    I’m sorry, 8 & 9.

  4. eyediosmio says:

    Thanks for the heads up guys! I don’t know what happened (probably my error, I’m a dumbass with these webby things) but it should be fixed! :)

  5. jennagirl555 says:

    the watching between your fingers was the funniest thing I have ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I too do that= and did that when watching poor Flav – loved this review- you are hilarious- xxooxxo

  6. Lizbot says:

    Yep, Joe is the epitome of human poo stainyness. Even that last pic you had of him on the couch with his arm around Abby — even a gesture that you can tell he intends to be affectionate comes off like he’s a human shackle around her neck. I can just imagine that if she steps out of line that arm becomes a choke collar. RUN ABBY! RUN! From your description (I don’t watch the show) she seems like a nice girl and she’s gorgeous to boot. She could do soooo much better than him so many times over. If Dr. Jenn wants to do some real therapy, she needs to explore with Abby what it is about her past that makes her vulnerable to being in and staying in a relationship with such an obvious human poo stain.

  7. LadyStardust says:

    My husband frequently falls asleep while we’re talking in bed. I wasn’t aware that is apparently grounds for divorce.

    And I’ve always thought Flav had some sort of brain damage (possibly from drug use when he was younger?) after watching all of his VH1 shows. The guy just isn’t right – and he and Liz are toxic for each other.

    But I’d take Flav any day over Joe. I think Flav has a good heart deep down, but Joe is a disgusting human being. Abbey is young, beautiful, and seems to have a decent personality when he lets her talk – so WHY is she with him again?

  8. sharona says:

    completely agree about joe francis. he is a horrible human being, and just so transparently controlling and (ultimately) insecure. i bet he has serious daddy issues.

  9. considerthis says:

    Abby is being held hostage
    Flav is an attention whore (and most def dain bramamged)
    Liz is Miz x 10
    Joe is evil

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