Minicap: RHOC


RHOC promo

Whoa.  That was so incredibly unpleasant.  Uuuummm…  so, yeah.  Some stuff happened, then some other stuff happened, then Tamra Judge single-handedly torpedoed Lizzie’s dinner party and drove Shannon to the point of mania.  I think that’s a fair assessment, no? I mean, my GOD.

Basically, I think Tamra finally pissed off the wrong editors because they are pulling no fucking punches this season.  This episode clearly illustrated just how intensely and destructively manipulative she really is.  Here’s a basic timeline:

Dinner party begins, everyone arrives.

Shannon confronts Tamra and asks her to confirm that Terry Dubrow said, at one point, that he wanted to take the Beadors down.  Tamra claims never to have said that, Shannon resolves not to confront the Beadors about said hearsay.

Later, at the dinner table, Tamra tells Terry and Heather that Shannon’s come up with this “crazy” idea that Tamra told her that Terry wanted to take the Beadors down.

Terry yells at Shannon and David across the table something akin to “What the fuck, yo?”  David and Shannon are all, “…we’re doing this now?”

They do this now.  It is terrible, Shannon tried to avoid the massive blowout that followed, but Tamra made that impossible.  Well, also Terry and the fact that he is a little bitch who’s waaaay better at being a woman than his wife is.

At the end of it, poor Shannon’s driven to the end of her rope, Tamra manages somehow to play both sides, but not without several people, her husband included, noticing just how two-faced and manipulative she’s being, and Lizzie finally does something that makes me like her.  She sits back and notices what a lying bitch Tamra is, and I cannot wait for Lizzie and her early 30s boobs to cut down Tamra into a pile of cellulite and botulism.

Oh, sweet, sweet, victory.  You shall be mine.

See you tomorrow for the full monty!!