So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Play Misty for Me

Hi again Trashmi! In case you couldn’t tell from the title, I freaking LOVED our guest judge this week, Misty Copeland. To be fair, I already loved her before her appearance on the show; she is one amazing lady and her story is truly one that is an inspiration to many people.

Then…..a guest on one of our audition shows. Loved her on that. THEN……..possibly the most awesome guest judge ever????!?!??????

I’d like to see that sentence as less of a question and more of a statement.

Yes, ma’am!

I could probably go on for another page or so about how fabulous I think she is and was on this show, but I’ll just sum up my feelings like this: Dear Nigel, everyone thinks you are a gross, perverted old man and no one gives a shit about what you think about the dancers. Kindly fire yourself from the judges table and hire Misty. Sincerely, America.

You are a moron

Takes one to know one!!! Damn. Did I just agree that I’m a moron?

Let’s just get on with it, shall we?

Cat Scratch Fever

Cat welcomes us to this week’s show and reminds us that two people will be booted by the end of the show. But first, group number!



That number was choreographed by Josh Bergasse who is choreographing the new show On The Town which, entire uncoincidently, is part of this year’s prize package. What can I say about this group routine? Well……’s not the worst one we’ve ever seen. Those are all attributable to do the hack with a first name rhyming with Lice.

But I digress. I dunno, this one was a whole lotta meh for me. There was so much stuff scattered around the stage which would be great if the cameramen weren’t 5 year olds with extreme ADHD. I did like that Josh featured some of the dancers’ strength, using Emilio as a hip hopping baseball player and Zack as a tap dancing cop, but it really wasn’t anything to write home about.

After our dancer intros and group pose in front of the stage (where Tanisha somehow ends up front and center AGAIN), Cat comes out to greet us once again. She has a little chuckle because those crazy kooky judges are dressed up in baseball hats and jerseys! Couldn’t you just die?

No. Please. DIE.

Fox has asked the show to pimp itself out and promote the upcoming all star game. Hey, whatever it takes to get a season 12 renewal! They also show a clip of Cat throwing out a first pitch and she’s as adorable as she ever is.

Love you Cat!

Can we just talk for another minute about Misty Copeland? I always forget that she didn’t start dancing until she was thirteen. How crazy is that?

Have I mentioned that I frigging love this lady?

When I heard last week that she was going to be a guest judge on the show I immediately thought now THERE’S a guest judge who I want to see perform during the show! I mean, we had to sit through that fucking wiggle song, right? Surely on a dance show we’ll get to see a performance by a guest judge that actually dances. Right? Right??????

You are making me very uncomfortable right now.

SPOILER ALERT: Misty doesn’t perform. But I’m sure the next teeny bopper pop tartlet guest judge will.


Cat is ready to get to the results. Before she tells us who the unlucky bottom six are, Nigel gives the dancers a little pep talk about how wonderful they all and he wants them to remember that when they get booted out the door two by two by two. He’s so inspiring, isn’t he?

Gone are the days of groups of four or six dancers at a time being told they’re safe or in danger. Without a separate hour results show to fill we get right down to it.

The bottom six

So Brooklyn, Casey, Serge, Jourdan, Malene, and Nick are all in the bottom. I’m a little surprised that Casey’s there because he danced well last week, and I’m disappointed to see Valerie escaped the bottom. I’d add Tanisha in there as well, but I know we’re stuck with her until top ten, so it wouldn’t matter if she landed in the bottom anyway.

Cat tells them she knows they’re going to be fabulous tonight and sends them off, and then reminds us that everyone had to pick new partners after the show last week. And the first girl up to pick her partner is Tanisha.


PHEW! She does NOT get Ricky. She gets Rudy as her partner and together they will be taking on a Sonya Tayeh jazz number. The filler this week involves the dancers interviewing each other for 10 seconds each. It is even more stupid than it sounds.

No one wants to hear you talk.

Thank you Rudy.

Sonya tells us this piece is really grimy, strong and aggressive.



Hmmmmmm……my dislike for Tanisha is definitely affecting the way I feel about this one. So if I try to pretend she’s someone else for a minute, I’d say it was good. Sonya gave them a good piece to show off what they can do, and they did that. Sort of. Because here’s the thing: I can’t truly separate my dislike for her from how I feel about the piece. And it’s not like I love Rudy like some people seem to. I think he’s fine, but not someone I foresee myself going gaga over this season.

And the two of them together didn’t really do anything for me. That said, unless people really REALLY dislike her I don’t think this performance will land either one of them in the bottom. But for me this was just. Yeah.

Mary, on the other hand, loved it. She thought that stylistically it was phenomenal and thinks it’s incredible what Sonya is able to get out of her dancers. She tells Tanisha that it’s fabulous to see her transition from strength to liquidity and she wants Rudy to work on keeping his shoulders down.

Rudy reminds me of someone and I can’t figure out who it is……!

That’s gonna drive me crazy until I figure it out!

Misty says that the choreography speaks for itself on this one but they performed it so well. She tells Tanisha that she is fierce and that sexy can have so many faces and Tanisha gave her all of those faces.

This was not one of them

Misty would like for Rudy to be more grounded when he’s partnering and then tells him to think of himself as a tree trunk for her to be the leaves on.

Can you stay forever?

It was with this first critique of the evening that I knew we were in for a treat, Trashmi. I was excited last week when they announced her appearance, even more so at the first glimpse of her this week, but it’s here, in this moment, with her advice to Rudy that I knew how awesome this episode would be. A guest judge giving usable, coherent critiques? STOP.

Nigel agrees with both the ladies and says he thinks there’s more to Tanisha than just a ballroom dancer and that there’s more to Rudy than he originally thought.

Before we move on, can we quickly discuss Rudy’s costume? Sorry Rudy, but that costume is jacked up. It’s like the costumes put together a high waisted satiny jumpsuit and then decided to cut away most of the top.


The next girl to pick her partner is Valerie and she gets Ricky. Oof. I am not thrilled at all with this pairing. And by not thrilled I mean SO FUCKING ANNOYED. Valerie is weak and I am not happy because there is no way in hell she’s going to be able to keep up with Ricky.

You stink more than my armpit after a 5 hour rehearsal.

Together they’ll be taking on a Travis Wall contemporary piece that he tells us is about the one that got away. Travis says she’s a bit of a mess without him

She’s just a bit of a mess, mmmkay?

Travis says the challenge for Valerie this week is going to be for her to have strong technique; he wants to see Ricky help pull Valerie up to his level. Dammit Travis, he’s a dancer, not a miracle worker!



I love Ricky SO much. Valerie did better here than I thought she would, but I’m already chomping at the bit to get to the top ten so we can see this guy paired up with people like Allison, Melanie, Mark, Twitch, and Alex. Now THAT will be something to see. Ricky was gorgeous in this piece; his lines are so beautiful and I love that he’s both effortless and dynamic at the same time. LOVE.

Misty thinks they are wonderful together. She gives Valerie props for being a tapper and moving and dancing the way she did in this routine. As for Ricky….

A picture says a thousand words.

Misty tells Valerie she can learn so much just by watching her partner. In fact, she tells us all that all dancers can learn by watching others and seeing what makes the movement beautiful (or ugly) and choose what we like and don’t like and let that inform and help us.

Nigel says that they were both paired so well last week that he was sad at first to see them split up but he thinks they have great potential together. He’d like to see more of an emotional connection from Valerie and thinks Ricky is just the cat’s meow. He also “casually” drops the little factoid that Desmond Richardson has been one of Ricky’s teachers which totally makes sense to me as soon as he says it.

Up next is Bridget who gets Emilio as her partner and they’re paired up with Luther Brown for a hip hop number. Things that REALLY make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm. I love Emilio, but really? It’s a total coincidence that the hip hop dude gets hip hop on the first “hat” pick? I GUESS it could be just lucky. I mean it’s not like BOTH of the hip hop guys are getting hip hop.

Luther tells us the story of this dance is that Emilio and Bridget are friends. He hasn’t seen her for a long time. She used to be a nerd and now she’s a hottie. Emilio gets a boner. The End.



Meh. Bridget was way too basketball dance team hip hop for me in this one. The random back handspring doesn’t help. If I’m being completely honest, Emilio didn’t really do it for me in this one either. This is one of those numbers that isn’t horrible, but I’ll forget about it by the end of the show. And then when I see clips of it later I’ll be all “Oh. Yeah. Mm.”

Nigel HATES Emilio’s costume, saying it makes Emilio look like a dancing hobbit.


Nigel does give Emilio props for his performance in the opening number, and tells the pair they had great chemistry together. He tells Bridget he thought she was going to be terrible in this but he was so wrong. He’d like to see her stronger and he’d like to see her get down more. Oh Nigel. I’m just going to leave that one alone.

Mary tells Bridget she went in and out for her and Emilio ate the whole thing for dinner and spit out fabulousness. Misty says of course Emilio was amazing. She’d like to see Bridget stronger; she tells her she can still be strong AND feminine, and she wants her to own that.

Don’t make me come over there and beat it out of you!

The next girl to pick her partner is Jessica. She gets Nick as her partner and they’re teaming up with Benji….BENJI…for a West Coast Swing. YAY BENJI! He tells us he’s not going easy on these two and his statement is proven when Jessica’s shoulder pops right out of the socket at rehearsal. No biggie though, they pop that sucker back in and get back to it. Dancers are TOUGH y’all.



What was also tough was sitting through that dance. Man, is it just me or did that really suck????? It felt really really slow to me and SO awkward. There was zero chemistry between these guys so there wasn’t even that to help the routine. Ooof. This one was ROUGH.

Mary says it’s great to have Benji back and then points out that even though Nick is ballroom he’s not a West Coast Swing dancer and so he actually IS out of his element as well. She tells Jessica she needs to be more grounded, but great job. Misty falls back on the old “it was entertaining” comment which basically means she thinks it sucks but she doesn’t want to say it.

Well, I am more than happy to go there

Nigel chastises Benji a bit for giving them a tough routine which is such a crock of shit. It’s not like he scolds Travis or Sonya if someone can’t keep up in one of their routines. Shut up Nigel. Nigel says he knows they can both dance better than this and he’s disappointed in what they brought to the stage this week.

Time to move on to Carly. She gets paired with Serge and they will be performing a Sonya Tayeh contemporary piece that Sonya tells us is about a love that’s unbreakable. It’s a really emotional piece and Sonya says she’s asking them to go to a place that may make them uncomfortable. She expects that it will be profoundly moving.



WOW. I did not expect to like this one as much as I do. Carly was such a non entity for me last week and I sort of keep forgetting about her. But paired with Serge here they brought something really beautiful to the stage. And Serge……well….the ballroom guys for me are always a hit or a miss. They bring great partner skills to the table, but many times the mugging shit they do is something I just can’t get past. There is none of that here. At the end of this piece I found myself wishing it would just keep going because I could not get enough of these guys. Love it. And love these two together.

But what did Misty think?

I had multiple dancegasms watching that

Misty says this one wasn’t about who has taken a million of ballet classes in their lives; she FELT it and it made her want to get up. She loves how beautiful it was and how tender Serge was with Carly.

Nigel is amazed at how people can be touched through dance. This is the first time this evening that he’s felt an emotional connection between a pairing of dancers, and he tells Serge that he has shocked him with his performance.

Mary is crying, so we all know she loved it. She says sometimes you never know how far you can rise until you are asked to rise, and they really rose to the occasion. She gives Carly props for her performance and then tells Serge she was blown away by him and that’s why she’s so emotional; he’s worked so hard to get here and she’s so proud of him. Aw, Mary; you made me tear up a little there.

I have a gift

Our next new partnership will be Emily and Teddy. Who will be dancing HIP HOP with Dave Scott. Wait. WHAT????!?!?? BOTH hip hop guys get hip hop?!? Bullshit.



I don’t know why but Emily works my nerves. I think she also reminds me of someone and it’s gotta be someone I don’t like because every time I see her face I get irritated. I don’t think it will come as a surprise to you when I say I was not into this one. This was one of those routines where it felt more like two people dancing next to each than together. Did not like this one at all.

Nigel tells Emily that there’s a fine line between performing for the audience and performing WITH your partner. In other words…..STOP MUGGING. But then he tries to help her out by telling us all that her back went into spasms in rehearsals. Whatevs.

Mary thinks it cute and entertaining. ‘Nuff said. Misty tells them that she thinks Emily will get more comfortable as she does more outside of her own genre and she thinks Teddy was awesome. So basically Emily ruined it for her.

It was like stinky cheese wrapped in leopard print.

Next up is Malene and she has been paired up with Stanley for a Spencer Liff Broadway number. He tells us this one is inspired from the old 60’s variety shows AND they’re using props. Fun, fun, fun!



Damn. I usually like Spencer’s stuff a lot more than I liked this. I actually started out LOVING it and then little by little the love trickled away. It’s a shame because I really thought this was going to be one of the highlights of the night; Malene looking GORGEOUS and Spencer putting together a Fosse-esque routine the way Sir BitchyPants WISHES he could. But those fucking telephones killed it. I wish he had lost those about a quarter of the way through and let them move around the stage more. Damn, Spencer. You done fucked up son.

Mary is in the same boat as me; she loved the concept but wanted them to throw the phones down and get on with it. But she loved the first twenty seconds of it!

Misty thinks Malene is SEXY, but she doesn’t feel like there was any connection between the two of them. She also tells Malene that she needs to work on her flexibility to be more well rounded as a dancer.

Nigel thinks they both got the wrong number. He also thinks the concept was good but only for a certain amount of time. He also takes issue with Malene’s flexibility and thins that maybe Spencer should have given her something else to do that she would maybe have been better. He thinks Stanley was flailing around and the style didn’t sit well on him and he is disappointed in both of their performances.

That’s right. I said it.

Jourdan and Marcquet get paired together and these two will be dancing a Sean Cheeseman jazz routine that is a sexy interrogation. He says it’s sexy and sharp and should be like butter.



As a ballet lover I feel terrible for saying this, but I really do not like Jourdan. At all. I am not a fan of this one in any way shape or form. All this dance did for me was make me miss Sabra and Neil’s table dance.  Take another look…

Neil and Sabra Table Dance

See what I mean? Now THAT’S putting a table to good use!

Marcquet has been high on my list of guys, but like Emilio, I’m not feeling the glow of love this week. This one falls into the Eh, Meh category for me.

Misty says it was fun, but she thinks maybe Marcquet took the character too seriously. She wanted to see some variety of facial expressions from him; she thinks he forgot about his face. She loved Jourdan in this but I think Misty’s just being nice to a fellow ballerina.

Whatcha trying to say?

You know what I’m saying Misty! I wish I liked her enough to pretend to like her performance too, but I don’t so I can’t.

Nigel says he enjoyed Jourdan in this one more than he enjoyed her ballet routine last week. That’s not really saying much Nigel since she was (I believe) the one that kept falling out of her turns and couldn’t get up over her box half the time! He says to Marcquet that he thinks he’s tremendous across the board and tells him to keep on keeping on.

Mary loved how into it Marcquet was. Jourdan too. Uh….thanks Mary for that insightful commentary.

We’re nearing the end, Trashmi. Just two more couples left. So who will Brooklyn get paired with this week? She gets Casey, and they get an Argentine Tango courtesy of Miriam and Leonardo who tell us that if Brooklyn and Casey do this dance the right way, the room will be very, very steamy.



This one was more soggy than steamy for me. Brooklyn’s partner work felt cautious and weak to me and they had zero chemistry. I really hope she gets sent home tonight. Casey was fine; he’s already proven that he’s a good dancer. I think it might have been better for him if he had a partner that was able to trust him more and that he had a connection with.

Nigel loved this number and calls it tremendous, magnificent, controlled and intense. I feel like I’ve been transported to an alternate universe. The journey to the dark side of the universe continues as Mary also offers her praise for the pair of them.

It could be the vodka talking, but I just adore the pair of you

Mary tells Brooklyn she was surprised at her maturity throughout the routine. Were we watching the same number? I’m confused.

Misty tells Casey he looks like a very handsome Latino Ken doll. She thinks he was fabulous and committed and the connection was there. She thinks Brooklyn was sexy but she’d like to see more assertiveness in terms of her weight distribution, but overall she thinks they did a good job. I want some of the crack the judges are smoking.

Time for the last performance! In case you haven’t been keeping track, our final couple of the evening is Jacque and Zack. They will be performing a Sean Cheeseman African Jazz number.

Sean tells us they will be warriors coming to life out of ancient art. It’s not meant to be pretty; they have to be fierce and animalistic.



LOVE!!! Was anyone else reminded of Step Up Revolution with the whole art coming to life thing??? Back to the performance. WOWIE GAZOWIE. Zack just proved he is way more than just a tap dancer. I love the pair of them in this one. The both KILLED and it was fun and strong and full of fabulous dancing. I love love love this partnership!

The costumes, not so much

Are those cutouts in his unitard? Why is his nip showing and then part of his stomach? I get why they’re all crazy and bizarre and matchy matchy to the “art” they came out of. I just think it’s weird that parts of his are cutout.

Mary loves that prim and proper ballerina Jacque got down and dirty and animalistic up there. She calls Zack a beast and says he killed it up there. Incredible. And then we get our first hot tamale train scream and my ears start bleeding. Don’t worry, I’m okay; this happens every season.

Misty thinks Jacque made the right choices when it came to her body for this dance, but she wishes would have done less with her mouth, jutting out her chin so much. She was impressed with Zack and tells him it was the right amount of everything.

I must say I think Jacque got the wrong costume.

Nigel says it’s one of his favorite routines of the night and he loves when ballerinas are let out of their technical box and they bring it. He says the pair of them make a great couple and he is sure they are going to be sticking around next week.

With the performances finished it’s time to get to the results. Oh wait. Not yet. We’ve got that dance crew competition going on so first we get a performance by the syncopated ladies.


They were good. If I remember correctly I think they’re one of the stronger crews that made it through the first round. But honestly? I’d much rather have seen a guest performance by Misty than this. And I’m still annoyed that we have to sit through pop star lip synchs when those fuckers guest judge but the dance guest judges don’t get the same time on stage. This IS a fucking dance show, right??

So now it’s time to get to the bottom six. There’s less than ten minutes left in the show so I guess we’re not getting the dance for their loves solos this season? Did they announce that and I miss it? I mean, it’s no big loss since we all know that the judges pretty much decide who is going before the show even starts. With the new format I guess there’s SOME room for a change of opinion, but they see the performances in the dress rehearsal, so I’m fairly certain that their minds are made up ahead of time.

You can’t prove that.

We start with the girls. Nigel calls each one of them forward for a little commentary before the cut. He tells Brooklyn that they were shocked by her maturity in her performance this season.  Jourdan is told that they overlooked a number of her mistakes last week and this week she showed that she’s more than just a ballerina. Nigel tells Malene that she is without a doubt one of the most stunning Latin American dancers they’ve ever had on the show and he overlooked a lot of stuff because he’s hot for her, but she keeps playing hard to get so she’s getting the boot.

I hate you

Did he really just tell her that her looks got her to this point? He is such an asshole. Listen, I don’t think she did a great job in her performance this week, but she’s a better overall dancer, partner, and performer than Brooklyn is. And for Nigel to say that her looks got her through to this point is so fucked up and wrong and makes me want to kick him in the nuts.

I have a bb gun and a poster of Nigel that I use for target practice. Stop by later and you can have a turn.

Time for the guys. Nigel tells Casey that he is a strong and committed partner and he’s surprised that he’s even in the bottom three. He tells Nick that he was tremendous last week, but looked a little uncomfortable this week; he needs to up his game a bit. To Serge he says that he has worked really hard to get here and he dances from the heart and tonight again he was a wonderful partner. When he left Serge for last I thought that Nigel was sending him home and I was fucking LOSING it in my living room. But it was a fake out. Instead, Nigel calls Nick forward again and gives him the ole heave ho.

Is he fucking kidding me?!?!?

Ooooooooo……looks like Nick didn’t see that one coming! Shit. I bet Rudy is curled up in the fetal position crying right now.

He’s gonna cry himself to sleep tonight. Someone make sure to take his shoelaces away from him before bedtime.

And there you have it, Trashmi. What did you think of this week’s show? Were you happy with the pairings and performances? What about the boot? Agree? Disagree? Did you love Serge as much as I did this week? Can you explain Zack’s costume cutouts to me?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts so I’ll wrap it up over here so you can get to it!
See ya soon….

SWAK, PottyMouth

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