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Toddlers & Tiaras MiniCap

Fun fact: we should probably start waving the white flags in front of China, because Trashmiis, it’s over for the American public if this episode of Toddlers & Tiaras is any indication of our idiocy. God knows we’ve already lost the one thing we’re good at – obesity – to MEXICO! Man, we really do like to outsource our best jobs!

It was cooch central for both kids and parents this week, and I was horrified – HORRIFIED that super-brat and head kid cooch Brenna has rejoined us as a bigger bitch than she was when she was first on this show. This kid is freakin’ horrible – what a complete waste of a sperm and egg. I am shocked her parents find this behavior acceptable – she screams, yells, demands things, calls them names and is just a horrible person. If only we could find some way to make her an organ donor so kids who deserved to live could.  Wait – I know! We could put a bag over her head! Something thick and plastic! But kudos to the camera operator who chased her down the hall as she was freaking out fearing that someone on the crew might have said something to the effect that she was not beautiful. Which is not in any way, shape or form what was said. Stupid kid.

Brenna is a brat

Bag her!

Next up is the stupidly named Sophia-Rayne whose mom says they are part Cherokee – NOBODY IS, you moron! Man, I cannot take it when someone is like, “I’m 1/32nd Navajo.” No, you are not. So the mom continues to be stupid through her interviews, saying S-R is dressing like a “Native American Indian” for the pageant – pick one, it’s either Native American or Indian. Otherwise you’re mixing dots with feathers and that just doesn’t work. But S-R is pretty cute despite her dumb mom.

The hilarious thing? The show does these “Fun Fact” pop-ups that show us mom clearly knows nothing about her “Native American” heritage. She’s just making shit up about Cherokees that she basically got off of Looney Tunes back in the 50s. And S-R’s costume is kind of Aztec meets Sante Fe style circa 1985. So smooooooooth.

And finally…crap! It’s Coach Cooch again, talking smack and being ripped on all over Facebook, boo hoo. Turns out that lemon-headed, klassless Pageant Should Die-rector Chasity has been trashing on her to the pageant world. Go figure. Hope someone finally smacks Chasity down…I mean, don’t shit where you eat, sister. She’s coaching some kid named Madison who has her own klassless mom who doesn’t mind a large amount of swearing around her kid. So it’s awesome all around this evening!

No spoiler alerts except that Brenna is even uglier on the inside and out than she was years ago. Like we didn’t see this coming. This kid is going to be a nightmare adult, assuming someone doesn’t accidentally push her off a bridge or she runs head first into a brick over and over and over again. But given her parents’ ages, she’ll probably just inherit a lot of money and be a monster until she drops dead and her 32 cats eat her face off and they have to identify her by her black soul.

Too much? Because I really hate this kid, she is horrible. Nothing a set of jumper cables, a wet towel and a group of Trashmiis couldn’t fix. I bet she could see us next Tuesday about that too.

Coach Cooch thinks because she’s young she can do whatever she wants…sadly, she also thinks she can because she’s “smart.” As if. But hey, if you stay in your little corner of the world, that might work for you. For a few more years. However, Madison gets pissy because she doesn’t know her routine, and ends up kicking Coach Cooch, who gets pissed and walks off. Serves her right.

Coach Cambrie makes a showing and I swear to God, every time she’s on Stacy and Clinton are in New York shuddering for reasons unknown. Please stop shopping at the strip club, it’s really aging you. But at least she’s smiling – guess the meds have finally kicked in.

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317 comments on “Toddlers & Tiaras MiniCap

  1. Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

    Brenna has done over 250 pageants in three years? How can you do that? My calendar and my math says that in three years at one pageant a weekend that would only total 156 pageants. Being all day events how does one do over 250 pageants in three years? And what a little bitch! That kid needs an ass whooping. Oh, wait, we can get coach cooch to kick it for us, she did threaten to kick Madison’s…

    Madison’s mom picked the right cooch, oh, I mean coach, to teach her daughter how to talk shit about her “big” win. Using a term we were just introduced to (douchecanoe) and putting it together with her name, I shall now call her coochcanoe.

    What the hell happened to Madison’s mom on pageant day? She looked like she was rode hard and put up wet! Makeup woman! You were surrounded by it! You could have scrapped some off of that kid of yours and no one would have noticed any was gone. What a mess!

    And Coochcanoe, your girls keep winning beauty supreme because it is bought and paid for! Your girls don’t have the talent to win a legit title.

    Hahahahaha, Native American Fun Facts!! AWESOME!!

    Did I mention what a bitch Brenna is? (and no, Mom, I’m not jealous!!!)

    • the wrong Spock says:

      Love “coochcanoe”!!!

    • Lisa says:

      “(and no, Mom, I’m not jealous!!!)”

      I second that! Now I am THANKFUL I will never have to lay eyes on Brenna or her family again, unless I rewatch this total hot mess of an episode.

    • labowner says:

      How dare you do math. Trying to show you are smarter than pageant moms? Ugh the nerve of you.

    • citizens says:

      It’s All Fun And Cute. But, Honestly As A Mother, I CanNot Possibly See How A Mother Can Be Proud Of Her ChildS Obnoxious Behavior. Like Brenna, Im Embarrassed For Her And Her Mothers Stupidity!!!!!

  2. Tapnfeet99 says:

    I don’t usually hate the kids on this show, I usually just hate their lack of good parenting, but Brenna was the most disgusting thing that ever graced TnT. If her parents had any balls, they would have locked her in the basement because even feral children that have never been loved or touched have more sense and appropriate human interactions than that demon. The fact that the parents buy into that atrocious behavior and PRAISE it is disgusting. Sure, it was the cameramen’s fault for doing their friggin job and taping what you morons agreed to. Someone get her on mood stabilizers and some heavy tranquilizers stat. I forgot the backstory…was she adopted or IVF or surrogate bc those parents look like they are in their 60′s. the mom reminded me of Candy Apples Cathy, except I would prefer mute Vivi over this train wreck.

    Coach Cambrie has been growing on me. Must be on some good pills like you said to be able to handle Demonbrenna and still smile. Bet she was wishing she was with Kailia instead.

    Re: Coach Cooch, isn’t Beauty Supreme for the highest beauty score? I would be happy to win that, since Beauty is considered the hardest and counts the most. Plus, isn’t it calling your kid beautiful, essentially?

    Demonbrenna winning just reiterates how unfair life is and that the brats and bitches in life always seem to get ahead.

    • the wrong Spock says:

      The feral children comment was beyond horrible. How could you say that about a child?! The show is heavily edited and the cameraman was…wait…

      who am I kidding?

      That shit was hilarious!!!!! I’m still laughing. Holy crap, tears streaming down my face funny.

      • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

        I was reading this and had to do a double take on the name!! I thought you had gone to the dark side until I read to the end! Hahaha. You make me laugh!

        • the wrong Spock says:

          I was giggling the entire time typing it. I don’t even know how Nabby SP can manage it time and time again. She’ll probably threaten me for stressing her thunder. *fingers crossed*

        • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

          I did the same thing! I thought that Nabby might have stolen your name!

    • Kat says:

      Beauty supreme is the highest beauty score left AFTER the other supreme titles are pulled. Often, it is an optional title, so your competition is made up of those who paid to enter only

  3. What the Hell? says:

    I think the “parents” of that demon are actually her grandparents, did you see the bleached blond in the tank top off to the side? Smart of her, I wouldn’t want to take responsibility for that terror either!

    • Jenna says:

      they are her grandparents. They are raising her because their daughter screwed up.Brenna is a horrible child and will get no where in life. They will be dealing with a horrible teenager(brenna) when they are pushing 60. NO THANKS

  4. marionmoney says:

    I think Brenna’s neighbors pay for her pageants, just to keep her and her pink Caddie off the road for a day or two at a time. The sweet bliss of silence is worth the price

  5. the wrong Spock says:

    Bag her!!!


  6. Southern Twang says:

    Can you imagine the nightmare Brenna will be for her teachers?!?! Holy shitballs, y’all!! I don’t usually hate kids, but I couldn’t help wanting to smack her. I bet her teachers will pray for her to come down with typhoid fever or some shit like that.

    • Sam says:

      Her teachers will demand danger pay. I hope to hell they make sure their benefits plan includes stress leave; they’;; slit their wrists either for immediate relief from the sociopath ugly ugly inside brat or just to temporarily lower their blood pressure when dealing with oblivious idiot mom.

      • Sam says:


      • Southern Twang says:

        I would definitely demand hazard pay if I had to teach her. Or at the very least, hope my school psychologist accepts the “bag over the head” theory of discipline to refer her to. Of course my referral forms would be heavily edited.

    • the wrong Spock says:

      I can tell you right now that she would be referred to me for SpEd services. I kinda wish I’d have the opportunity to fix that mess. However, I’m busy working with children who have real emotional needs due to trauma and not because her parents fail at life.

  7. iamltr iamltr says:

    I liked the idea of the accidental brick accident.

  8. sam says:

    I’m with y’all; this is the first time I actually and actively disliked the child. Holy fuckballs! Wow, just wow. I mean Kcloe Klueless was a brat but clearly it was Klueless Nabby not stepping up to parenting plus the toddler has some kind of speech delay going on or severe ADD or something.

    Brenna looks pathological–while kids like Kcloe are gonna end up on the pole, Brenna’s going to be the next Eileen Wuornos; just better looking (on the outside). She’s headed for serious violent crime IMO because if thwarted in the least she’s gonna go axe murderer cra cra.

    Hell, even my over loving rescue collie wouldn’t go near that piece of pure ugly. Not even if she had a T bone steak in her hands. People in the diner praising her? I’d would have run. She’s a sociopath in training and I wouldn’t want her to desperately be looking up a childhood acquaintance once she has a drivers license. That brat is scary. Her beaming Pops and aged crazy mother are too; on the bright side they’ve provided a case book study for psych students of narcissism blooming into a sociopathic personality.

    • Heavily Edited says:

      Better looking than Aileen Wournos? Marginally, I’d say. Give her a few years.

      • ellemenop says:

        not to mention, have you ever run into or seen a picture of one of the mean, pretty little girls you were in elementary school with, to find they’re totally busted as adults? sometimes the outside catches up to the inside ugliness.

        • Southern Twang says:

          I am absolutely giddy when I see this one particular someone from high school that was pretty, but a total effing bitch, fat and nasty looking now. (I’m not saying she’s nasty because of the weight. I’m saying she’s nasty because she has grease face and grease hair and smells). There’s one who was such a (skinny) bitch to everyone and made fun of the overweight kids, and now she’s close to 350. Or this one hag who made fun of my braces, she now has meth mouth. Love me some karma!!! Oh! And then there was this douchecanoe (my new favorite word) that called me ugly everyday and would ask me why I was so ugly (from 5th – 12th grades). He was a popular, Mr. Baseball, kind of kid. Now he’s a fat baldy on his fourth marriage.

          • the wrong Spock says:

            It is awesome to see those horrible bitches who lived to make me feel inferior look as ugly outside now as their insides were/are.

            Even better when all their former boyfriends (and some current hubbies) comment on how great I look (younger than my age, still really pretty, etc.). My inside voice wants to be like these spoiled, bratty kids. However, I stick with my socially appropriate behavior that wouldn’t cause my momma to whoop my ass.

  9. michkabibbles says:

    i’m housesitting at a place that doesn’t have cable, so i missed it. sounds like an awesome/ horrible episode. does anyone know where i can watch this episode today?
    also-are those quotes Crabby used on the Brenna pics actual quotes from people who’ve met Brenna at pageants?
    one week without cable and i feel so out of the loop.

    • Sam says:

      Likely they are Mich; I’ve glanced at that Tumbler site. Even with HEAVY EDITING there is no way T&T producers could have faked or STAGED this uglifest. Beyond Beyotch Brenna’s parents think she’s a treasure and the rest of us wish they’d bury it/her. The very first time I hated a child; she was harder to watch than snot-eating kid and even harder IMO to listen to than screamin’ monster Kcloe Kcloe.

    • Sam says:

      You can see such utter bullshit such as someone (oh, gee who could that be oh yoohoo crazy aged mom) loving that ugli Beyond Beyotch Brat’s voice. Big eye roll here.

      • KJN says:

        That little monster sounded like a 3-pack-a-day, straight-whiskey-drinking, 60 year-old truck-stop waitress when she was on there the first time and she still does. Nothing cute about that demon. One of my very favorite moments ever on this show was her croaking out “I’m a living doll” and then falling off the table. We rewound that shit about a hundred times and it never got less funny.

        Speaking of demons…I just realized last night her mom looks like the infamous “God Warrior” from Trading Spouses. Gargoyles! Slykicks! Dark-sided! Just like Brenna…

    • labowner says:

      Here is a list of links. FYI I use Firefox with pop-up blockers, ad blockers and Ghostery and they all work for me.

  10. SaraKate77 says:

    Oh. My. Lord. Brenna is scary. I mean, SERIOUSLY, scary. I would not go within 10 miles of all that crazy. And the Dad just enabling her and being abused by her? That’s not okay. Period.

    Mad Dog was a hoot and a half, but ugh to her parents and Coach Cooch.

    Coach Cambrie stayed calm, and collected, amazingly enough.

    And wait…there was another kid. OH! Sophia Rayne – she was cute, too. I loved her Native American Goddess routine and outfit. Very cool. Maybe not so much “Native American” but still fun!

    • Sam says:

      I agree SaraKate! I was beyond appalled at that little bitch’s (never thought I’d call a kid that just as I never until now hated the kid and not just the parents) holy fuck! I believe she is scary! It’s not like Alaska’s bitchiness which may be checked with time and life experience; I think BrennaBrat is going to be one whole bag of scary and dangerous.

      So distracting and worrisome was that BrennaBitch that Coach Cooch seemed mild in comparison; even atrociousness is relative. Poor Sophia the little doll (inside and out–what a flippen’ cutie) got lost in the uglifest. What a shame; cute, cute adorable little girl.

  11. SaraKate77 says:

    OH, I do have to say this. As PAINFUL as it is. I did really like Brenna’s Beauty dress. It was unusual, but gorgeous! *sigh* Can we get one like that for little Charli from last episode, since she would be adorable in that?

  12. PsychoSuzy says:

    Oh man. I’m a high school teacher in NC, and I teach students with serious behavior and/or emotional problems. I have no doubt in the world that little bitch Brenna will be in this type of class, as there is no way she could be in a regular classroom. If I had her in class, I would seriously jump off my trailer (sorry, mobile learning unit) and pray for death. She needs to go ahead and get sterilized NOW, so there will be no chance of her ever reproducing and go ahead and remove her from the gene pool. Those horrible, repulsive parents should be ashamed of themselves for aiding and abetting that monster. I see a future of jail, rehab, multiple marriages and divorces, and hopefully an early and painful death, She kind of looks like Stephanie Tanner, and we know how she aged. All 3 of them, mom, dad, monster, should be bagged (on their heads….and plastic, not paper, thanks) and tagged. Just disgusting.

  13. Lisa says:

    Did anyone watch the train wreck Crown Chasers AFTER T&T last night. I could not turn away.

    • ChinChilla says:

      I watched part of it. Wow. Where do these people come from? Are they really all around us? It is scary.

    • karyn says:

      I watched part of it this morning and will finish it tonight. Is it going to become a regular show? I hope to god someone will recap it. Them beeyotches be cray cray. (my husband hates when I talk like that)

  14. Sweetcakes says:

    OMG I thought Brenna was bad the other times I’ve seen her- She truly is the devil spawn. I see her future as the MEANEST girl ever to come out in the light, she will stomp, bully and belittle her way through high school. Then at graduation one of the kids she bullied will be waiting with a bucket of blood and a shotgun. The thing that amazed me too is she is pretty when made up, but her eyes are so f-ing evil. This kid is the worst behaved ever.EVER!!!! Even Nini is looking like a saint right now. Give me 2 minutes with Brenna, we will have an ass kicking attitude adjustment.,

    I though Sophie was adorable even her her mother was a hot mess.

    Coach Cooch, when she said she would kick that kid I wanted to kick her in her horse mouth. She and Brenna should be put in a room together with the doors locked and leave them there till only 1 emerges. Then we’ll bag the head of the winner, haha, had to get that in!

    Crabby, the minicap was outstanding, so I am expecting this to be the BEST RECAP EVER!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    • sam says:

      Yes! You nailed it once again Sweetcakes! I knew it wasn’t just the Beyond Brat behaviour that made me believe BrennaBtichBrat would become dangerous–it’s the evil eyes she has; who would have thought such a young person could radiate evil? I am not exaggerating for dramatic effect here; she has evil in her eyes. Without a doubt the worst (and man that’s saying something) kid/devil spawn ever shown on T&T but then of course since she’s a violent sociopath in the making. Let’s hope she turns the evil inwards and just destroys herself; best case scenario is the one above from Suzy; “of jail, rehab, multiple marriages and divorces, and hopefully an early and painful death, … “

  15. ashash says:

    Perhaps Brenna. Just needs to be HEAVIY EDITED. With a rubber mallet.

  16. Jana says:

    She hasn’t done 250 pageants in 3 years. That’d be 2 pageants a weekend every week ; 2×52 = 104 x 2 years = 208 + a third year of 42 pageants. There haven’t been 42 weeks in this year yet. Plus most pageants are Friday, Saturday & Sunday pageants meaning she can’t do more than one a weekend. Lies, Lies, Lies. Also, when we’re at pageants, they let Brenna run all over the hotel unattended. Parents claim that the “editing” of the show can make a child look worse than they are… but seriously, you can’t edit together the crap she was doing last night. She is a bratty, disrespectful child.

    • Sam says:

      Can’t say I blame them for letting it run unattended; surely the hope is that she runs in the street or someone takes her. But do tell–do ANY children interact let alone play with BrennaSociopathBrat? If not (just a wild guess) is it because their parents won’t allow or because the other girls are filled with the horror we viewers are? Please tell!

      • Jana says:

        Pageants are pretty “clicky”. Kids who have no shot in hell at winning have parents that buddy up to the parents of the kids who do win in hopes of “winning by association”. So, with that said, yes, the Gaskins have people who hang out with them at pageants, but not because they like them. Simply because they feel it will raise their kid’s “cred”. Any more questions? :)

        • Sam says:

          Thanks Jana! How sad, in fact sadder than the general D’Luzzionas, to have such low self esteem and such a shallow regard for your job as a parent to let your kids be around that horrid thing.

          I suppose also there’d be others who’d associate despite BitchBrenna’s aura of evil that surely encompasses all like dress makers, makeup people etc. since we see that the goofy grandparents shell out a lot of money. (Honestly–I sure as fuck hope that scene in their diner was STAGED and HEAVILY EDITED because I can’t imagine that little monster not disrupting patrons with some trivial self-induced tantrum so surely it isn’t there all the time or even often. They’d have no customers.)

          What would be your guess as to, sigh, yes admittedly gorgeous beauty dress the monster was wearing? Is the grandpa/dad really that ineffectual? He seems pleasant but just so, well, ineffective (how does he run a business?) that it’s downright goofy.

          Does Cooch associate with monster and family?

          tx again; you rock!

          • Jana says:

            Dad is a push-over. Seems nice. They always find some way to include him on stage with Brenna — which earns him cool points with me because a lot of dads won’t do that. No one really knows if Brenna is their bio child or a grandchild. It’s pure speculation in the pageant world. Admittedly, Brenna’s beauty dress is beautiful. To be honest with you, I have been around national pageants for 9 years and I had never heard of Coach Cooch until this season of Toddlers and Tiaras, lol.

  17. NotWithoutMyTV NotWithoutMyTV says:

    No more chubby babies, please. My neighborhood’s already full of the Mac n Cheez-eatin’ tubby little fuckers. Usually crying as they’re stowed in a minivan, warming up for a full-on nuclear meltdown in the cereal aisle of my local Stop n Shop. Bless their sweaty little hectic red diabetic screaming faces.

  18. Joye says:

    Observations Made While Still Traumatized Over Watching This Episode:
    1. Children will do exactly as much as they are allowed to get away with, so I contend that Brenna was not born bad, but has been artfully molded into Spawn of Satan by the child-worshipping adults in her life who never had the wisdom to set limits.
    2. Brenna spews phrases and observations no 6 year old could come by naturally unless seeing them modeled in entirely inappropriate movies and television shows.
    3. Her entire self-concept is based on her perception of her physical beauty, as evidenced by the What The Hell? meltdown when she misunderstood the cameraperson’s comment.
    4. She’s 6 now and surely already in school. I would hesitantly guess that her behavior there is quite different from that at home and at these pageants. I am a teacher and am always amazed at how often I see my sweet and cooperative little girls out in public with their parents acting like spoiled brats. It’s all in expectations.
    5. All these deep insights aside, I found myself thinking that I don’t live too far from Lexington, SC, and it would be worth the trip to smack Brenna up-a-side the head…..or her clueless parents/grandparents. Somebody needs an intervention, because this kid is heading for tragedy.

  19. Joye says:

    One more thing….Brenna was a brunette when she was 3. Are they coloring her hair?

    • Sam says:

      I went on the FB T&T Fan site; saw pix of her before when she was a darkish honey blonde or mousy brown with blonde undertones; she obviously is having her hair died since kids’ hair gets darker not lighter as they get older. My son had honey blonde curls at three; by five had medium brown hair; I was blonde until age six or so. Wow; to be bleaching at that age. Read elsewhere the parents are actually her grandparents; well, that explains a bit–they raised one kid without the wherewithall to raise a child and clearly history will repeat itself if BrennaBitchBrat ugh breeds. Cannot believe I am referring to a kid this way; the first time I hated the child itself. Yeah, in this case itself not herself; clearly that dead-eyed calculating thing is a spawn of the dark world.

  20. Jaime Sommers says:

    I think Brenna needs to go with that nice man in the windowless van who has candy and is looking for his lost puppy. Bye Brenna!

  21. I think it’s a damn shame when a bunch of adults are calling a 6 year old a bitch, and saying many awful things about a child. Yes, no doubt Brenna was overly dramatic and a brat but that that doesn’t give ANYONE on this site the right to say such detestable things about a child. Clearly Brenna acts the way she does because her parents condone it. So if you’re going to attack anyone it should be them for their poor parenting skills. Usually I find these recaps to be hilarious and spot-on but you all (including the recapper) have gone way too far.

    • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

      And yet here you are commenting on this recap, thus ensuring that you get all the replies and comments made about it… If we have all gone too far (have you actually read any of the other recaps? I think this one so far is quite tame) then why not close your browser and simply move on?

      • Aj says:

        If calling a 6 year old a bitch is tame then I wonder how far you all would go. I know for sure if you had a child that was extremely bratty and people were calling her a bitch you wouldn’t be so pleased. PS unless you’re blind you would have seen in my comment that I usually find the posts very funny and spot on.

        • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

          I’m not exactly sure who I’m responding to here since there are two different people screen names here, but if I had a six year old that acted like a bitch…. Wait, I never had a six year old acting like a bitch because she KNEW better!

          • ellemenop says:

            if i ha a six-year-old that acted like brenna i would put her in that hot air balloon and hope it lands far, far away, maybe in a cannibalistic society. and if it didn’t, i’d find myself a platic bag, STAT.

          • Point is nobody should call a child a bitch, like seriously? That’s disgusting.. I’m sure at some point your child was a holy terror as ALL children are and if someone called her a bitch, you wouldn’t be pleased. There are other words to call a child that’s very spoiled and very bratty, but bitch, is not one of them nor is any other foul word, Just as you wouldn’t want someone calling your child such horrible names you shouldn’t do the same to someone else’s kid. Shame on you and all the other pathetic people who think it’s okay to talk about a chuid that way.

          • Sam says:

            How funny to have a literate Sockpuppet albeit one with a flimsy memory ;) Why have two accounts Sox? I doubt this puppet reads the recaps; would have referred to Crabby or DearCrabby rather than recapper. hohum, whatevs.
            I would not be so pleased to have a BratBitch like BrennaSociopath which is WHY it would have been corrected waaaaaay before this level of sociopathic behaviour had been achieved. I agree with Joye though that Sociopath Supreme has been exposed to a lot of inappropriateness and hence the finger snapping, crossed eyebrows etc. But who knows; maybe Satan has updated his mannerisms and BrennSociopath picked it up on visits.

          • Sam says:

            Here’s the thing Sock; sure, of course, my kid had a few bratty moments and I was blessed with a very easygoing placid child but–yeah, still, there were moments. Which were corrected by toddlerhood and ongoing; 6 is probs too late. I dunno, what I saw was beyond bratty; this is a serious emotional/sensory/mental problem. Now probably with intense therapy and control BrenSociopath could be modified but grandparents/caretakers aren’t doing that are they? Sorry for anyone who has to deal with it in ten years. I suspect those people will be police, prison guards or hapless victims the sociopath can manipulate.

          • ellemenop says:

            key questions for brennabitchbrat’s pseudo parents: 1) does she wet the bed; 2) does she start fires; and 3) does she kill animals? methinks yes, yes, and double yes.

          • Joye says:

            EXACTLY, Frizzy!

          • Nancy says:

            Frizzypop, maybe someone should put a bag over YOUR head. You are a horrible person and i pray to god you don’t have any kids if that is how you feel about them.

          • ellemenop says:

            nancy, that’s terrible! how can you CONDONE such a thing? I hope that comment was HEAVILY EDITED.

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Oh, wow, my feelings are quite hurt… How could I have ever talked so HORRIBLY about innocent little children? Whatever, go away Nabby!

    • Kat says:

      Sorry. Brenna is an ultimate grand supreme bitch.

    • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

      Nancy? Is that you?

    • the wrong Spock says:

      Actually, since this is a public snark site, it does, in fact, give ANYBODY the right to say what want about Brenna. Good luck convincing us otherwise. Give Nabby SP our best.

    • NinjaBunny NinjaBunny says:

      Brenna is not only a bitch, she’s whole tornado of bitch. She’s a bitchnado.

      Kids have bad moments but this girl never had a good one. If someone doesn’t want their kid to be called a bitch then they’d better do their jobs as parents and raise their kids to not be one.

    • Nancy says:

      Amen to that. Yes her behavior was awful. But kids have to learn it. Kids are not born knowing how to behave. That is what the adults in their lives are for. But saying a child should “get in the van with that nice man who has candy” and things are just cruel. What that child NEEDS is parents who know how to parent. Kids crave discipline(and no that does not mean spanking). They need to know how to behave. I am sure she behaves well at school because it is expected of her. I have seen kids who were angels around their parents and hellions when they were not around and vice versa. It’s all about expectations. The recapper went too far a long time ago. I know they don’t have children but the way they talk about these kids is disgusting. And the posters are no better.

      • the wrong Spock says:

        Nabby Sock Puppet, why do you come here if you are so offended by the recap and our comments? I’ve lost interest in calling you out on your dumbness and pointlessness. Please find a car fire and get it in it. And take your additional screen names/friends.

      • ellemenop says:

        how can you call a poor, innocent child a hellion? Shame on you!

      • Sweetcakes says:

        Put a sock in it Sockpuppet- and then sock yourself in the face with a BAG OVER YOUR HEAD!! PLASTIC !!!!!! Just shut the fuck up already.. Crabby is the awesomest, you only wish your little bean brain worked like hers. Now please go play in traffic….

      • Southern Twang says:

        Holy hell!! Let’s you and I have a little sit down and I’ll explain how to stop being so offended by the comments. It’s a little trick I have. If you know something in the comments and/or article (in this case a recap) is going to piss you off, then you just don’t go there darlin’. You see, Rush Limbaugh makes me so pissed I feel as though my head will explode. So I just don’t listen to or read anything from the fatass. It’s just that simple. If you’re offended by the stuff, save yourself the aggravation and find another website out there on the interwebs.

        And I feel bad that I had to explain something that seemed so simple. Bless your heart, Nancy.

        • Sam says:

          Something tells me someone who doesn’t get bag over head for fuglies, SNL you slut references is not going to get what southerners mean when they Bless your heart. Cute, Southern Twang and yeah, bless her heart. I’m too bored by the sockpuppet to bother responding anymore directly.

  22. DallasBoo says:

    Brenna is truly a horrible, nasty piece of work. Her grandmother should be smacked for saying we are just “jealous” if we comment on her behavior. That dumb cow is raising a sociopath and a very ugly soul. Not a fan of Coach Cooch but I love the idea someone had earlier of locking her and Brenna in a room together! I am so tired of hearing these idiot parents confuse bratty, nasty personalities with “diva” behavior.

    • Sam says:

      You know what weirded me out about the jealous thing? BrennaBitch’s granny/standin mom was clearly literate and of at least average intelligence unlike so many T&T parents/guardians (yes, Nabby Sockpuppet the last is not HEAVILY EDITED and is referring to YOU). Could she be so devoid of emotional intelligence that she can’t read people’s reactions to that devil spawn and mistakes looks of aghast horror as looks of self-pitying racked envy? Really? Just. Again. Wow. T&T picks the least self aware people ever. Granny/standin mom did look tired.

  23. Roomom says:

    I have to say Brenna’s line to dad ” they don’t like you in the ladies room” cracked me up! Other than that , she was horrid.

    And was that the harlequin named twins mom doing somebody’s makeup? I just caught a glimpse but it looked like her

    • DallasBoo says:

      Roomom- yes! That was the twins’ mom doing the make up. I saw Creepy Carl the bodyguard a couple of times in the background.

      Can’t wait for the full recap!

  24. Unc says:

    “Get out of the ladies. Nobody likes you in the ladies.” Classic!

    • Sam says:

      “Cuuuurse you daddy!” may be one of my favourite lines ever from this show. Irony of devil bitch brat sending, but of course, a curse was lost on me at the moment of stupefied horror when watching this episode.

      I hope Sweet Sunshiny Sophia had some Indian bubble of protection enclosing her from the evil spirits of cooch and devil spawn.

  25. Sam says:

    Alas though, I thought BrennaBitchBrat was wonderful on stage. Am I surprised? Nah; it goes with the sociopathy that being able to switch personalities to get what one wants is easy for it; it will stand the devil spawn in good stead when it finds an old sugar daddy to manipulate and then charm and wheedle for drug and rent cash when 18; we know that bitch ain’t gonna be working. The cool scheming way it had gramps/pseudo dad running and fetching; the calculated to within a nano width BitchBrat had meltdowns. Meltdowns I did not buy for one second. aaaaaa, I am creeping myself out just thinking of the evil in such a small body. They shoulda showcased her head spinning ability in the dance routine.

    • KimmiCt says:

      I must say that everyone is saying she is a sociopath and I really have to disagree. I’m thinking more along the lines of Borderline Personality Disorder or my personal choice, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately for society, any of the above disorders are almost impossible to fix.

      Well, we could try a swift kick in the ass therapy that my father was keen on. Seem to straighten us right up….

  26. Roomom says:

    I also noted that in some of Brenna’s interviews- I could flash forward to her as a drunk 20-something party girl with ratty hair and smudged makeup. Sad

  27. labowner says:

    Isn’t Brenna just auditioning for her future appearance on Discovery ID?

  28. Roomom says:

    Exactly labowner! Just send the intervention team on in.

  29. PsychoSuzy says:

    Against all odds, Coach Cooch somehow managed to become even COOCHIER!!! Love the idea of locking Coach Coochier in a room with Brenna. In about 10 years, if they haven’t killed each other and are not yet incarcerated, they could become lesbian lovers, and spend their days talking shit on Facebook and writing in their Slam Books. More likely, they would be sharing a jail cell and making some big mommas really happy, prancing around in their tiaras. What a pair those two would make. At least their super-duper-coocher DNA could die out so no baby coochies.

    • Stef says:

      I don’t think I heard a single stupid word out of Coach Cooch’s mouth I was so distracted by her old man comb-over hair. WTF was that?

  30. karyn says:

    Did Brenna say close the mothefin door on tv? I was to lazy to rewind and then I was pissed that she won. Way to reward bad behavior. You know she’s going to be one of those bitch teenage girls that is super popular. Life is so unfair sometimes.

    • ellemenop says:

      well, if by popular you mean that bitch everyone is too scared to tell off because they don’t want to die in their sleep ….

  31. labowner says:

    “If the words “toxic black mold” come out of someone’s mouth, it may be worthwhile to get a second opinion from someone who didn’t learn about mold from reading the National Enquirer.”

    India – this is for you.

  32. Bookish says:

    I THOUGHT that might be Pageant Die-rector Carla emceeing from the previous week or so. Nice to know her personal style hasn’t changed (but it probably should). I think Brenna musta thought she was the next Mackenzie or something. Bitch, no, even Mackenzie wasn’t THAT demanding! When I saw Coach Cooch was making a return appearance, I was like “F*ck, someone call the po-lice, before security has to throw her out. And that Native American hot-mess fuckery? I was like dafuq you talkin about lady, you’re part Cherokee, you didn’t look like it. S-R had a little goin on tho, so cute for a 3-yr old.

  33. labowner says:

    Did anyone notice Savannah from last week?

  34. S-Natch S-Natch says:

    Bravo, Trashmii! With you all the way, as usual. I could have been hearing things, but I swear I heard either the mom or kid call Coach Cooch “Aunt Nikki (or whatever the fuck her name is) ” right after the kicking incident. Anyone else?

    I hear they are having a close out sale on Paula Deen plastic bags at WalMart. Just sayin…

  35. karekare says:

    Brenna is a nasty, spoiled rotten little girl! Her parents are raising a self centered parasite of a human being! —I am so mad at the way this little bitch acted that I just want to smack her fat ass parents senseless! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  36. ellemenop says:

    holy hell, I’m not even done the episode yet but I see I have many (I’m sure hilarious) comments to read already. yesss!

    brenna reminds me of this bitch I was friends with eons ago, only she was 17 and still acted like a huge demon-possessed brat and threw similar tantrums, so I don’t think the future is looking too good for miss brenna.

    coach cooch should probably watch her mouth — I can see her being a fatty in about five years, and then she’ll be fighting us at Walmart for the last cases of little Debbie snack cakes on sale, and since she hasn’t been practicing as she’s too busy running her mouth, she’ll be walking out empty-handed.

  37. karekare says:

    While people may hate Nickki, I have to give her kudos for not allowing a child to kick her and put up with it. Too many of these girls throw tantrums at these pageants and everyone around them caters to them instead of getting after them. That was kinda refreshing!
    I would have loved to have seen Nikki grab Brenna and beat the shit out of her!

  38. karekare says:

    This was posted on Brenna’s mom’s (Melissa Gaskin’s FB page: (Damn I love when the pages are not private!!!)
    Brenna’s Toddlers and Tiaras will be on tonight . We are excited and nervous at the same time. If we knew then like we know now how much the production crew were seeking a story we might have not done it. But Brenna wanted to, and we had been asked over and over again to be featured again, so we were. We hope you all enjoy it and keep in mind that this is the first time we are viewing it. Know there will be some moments because Brenna was pushed by the crew and got upset a few times, but she never spoke unkind to anyone except the crew a time or two when she needed some space. Please be mindful of the fact it is tv and there will be cutting pasting and editing. But enjoy it no matter what.

    • Sam says:

      Oh I enjoyed it already Granny Guardian of Satan’s Spawn. I enjoy knowing I am 1,000s of miles away from the BratBitch Queen Supreme of Sociopathy.

    • MarketingWiz says:

      There are a bunch of Melissa Gaskin results on Facebook search. Which one is she? Don’t see her or Bitchenna’s photo.

  39. ellemenop says:

    if they had known how the production crew was seeking a story? a) did they not learn from their FIRST appearance; b) have they not watched other episodes; and c) do they honestly think that even without all the HEAVY EdITING that brat would come across as a halfway decent human being? c’mon, people, get with the program.

  40. Jay says:

    Yes Brenna is a brat, and a big one at that, but to say things like “plastic bag her” or I hope she gets kidnapped is so deplorable. Really? every single child is a brat, some more than others.. I can guarantee that anyone on this site that has a child has gone through a stage there their child was a holy terror.. (myself included), but keep in mind, that the way a child acts is a reflection of how they are raised.. If a child is bratty and their parents do nothing about it, the child will think this sort of behavior is okay and continue to behave in an ugly manner. it’s the job of the parent to make sure they raise a child properly, obviously from the way Brenna acted her parents/grandparents( idk) aren’t doing their job. SO rather than attacking a child, why don’t you attack her parents. Besides posting stuff online about the child/ her parents won’t change anything so why go on and on about it. Just something for you all to consider.

    • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

      It’s just something we do…

    • Sam says:

      Fer fuck’s sake, we are going on and on about it because we fucking like to; huh? What do you not get? Did you, um, notice the handle on this site? TRASHTalkTV.

      Now, that kinda tells me:
      a) the site is not about current, moment by moment events but, rather, a place to you know–trash talk. About trash (yep, them trashy peeps) on TV. To wit:

      trash-talk (trshtôk)
      intr.v. trash-talked, trash-talk·ing, trash-talks
      To speak disparagingly, often insultingly or abusively about a person or group.

      b) the site’s name led me to not believe it was aimed at changing anyone’s behaviour

      Just something for you to consider SockPuppet to the now 3rd degree I see. Quit making the same syntactical patterns such as the modifier so and you’ll not be so easy to spot.

      Oh how I love this site; what fun! But man am I glad that Brennabitch is far far away; I’d rather live under a flight pattern by the tracks with Screamin’ Kcloe as my neighbour than have to hear Sociopath’s nasty voice.

      Yep, I love this site; sure fills the day what with my Little Debbies, bag of Cheetohs and box of wine.

      • Jay says:

        First of all, don’t get snarky with me. There’s a difference between trash talk( being sarcastic,etc) and talking about kidnapping a child or putting a bag over their head. The latter is inappropriate, that’s my point. I have no problem calling out a child when they are acting like an evil little brat, but saying crude and vulgar things about them is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. THAT’S what I’m saying

        • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

          Methinks Jay and our dear friend Nabby must be buddies. They are both opposed to the bag AND they both EMPHASIZE their words by typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Guess what they say about birds of a feather applies to pageant moms too.

          • Jay says:

            Wow, that’s where you’re wrong.. “frizzypop” I’m not a pageant mom.. And what right do you have to tell me not to write in capital letters? Like you said I write in capital letters to emphasize a point.. If all you can do is complain and make sarcastic comments about how someone types then you really are pathetic and you need to find a better purpose in life than picking apart the way someone writes. who the hell are you?

          • ellemenop says:

            wow, there is more projection going on here than in a high school science class circa 1999.

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Hmmm, can you please point out where I told you not to write in capital letters? I believe Nabby also had the issue of putting words into my comments, she thought I told her she didn’t have the right to be on our board. Come to think of it, she too asked me who the hell I was… So many similarities it’s uncanny…

          • Sam says:

            Agree Frizzy; we knew it waren’t Abby herself since Nabby was literate. Nabs/AJ/et al sheesh; I thought my life was dull but it’s not so bad I wanna be making so many accounts for sock puppetdom that my wine time will be cut. Pathetic. To lift a phrase from Dear Jay/Nabby. Thanks Jay/Nabs.

        • Sam says:

          Firstly, oh, I WILL get snarky with YOU. Secondly, I won’t bother with any HEAVY EDITING either. Ho hum these Sockpuppets, or at least this iteration, end up boring as hell. At least you are literate. But then you’re so dense light must bend around you.

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Just saw this on TV and had to laugh and then share! Nabby, a visual for you to FINALLY understand the whole bag debate!!

          • Jay says:

            “you’re so dense light must bend around you”.. was that supposed to be a joke… or dare I say, funny? wow… pathetic.

          • Sam says:

            hehe; greeeeaaaat comeback Jay*! Oh, I am roiling in the defeat of such witticism. But then, I think of throwing you in that river of sarcasm and skimming nothing but vapidity for days and, once again, you bore me. But it’s mildly entertaining and fills my day so thanks Jay/AJ/Robo Sockpuppet.

            *yeah, I realize that taking on a male moniker was supposed to trick ussums and probs confer some weighty authority but, nah! Yer a bit o’fun though. ;)

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Sam, he/she has no idea what you are saying to her, your words are too big and confusing to him/her

          • Jay says:

            Once again Sam, you’re sadly mistaken.. “AJ” and Jay are both my nicknames that I go by based on my middle name. I love how you talk as if you know everything.. when you make such comments about my username being masculine. for whatever reason you seem to believe, it only reveals to me that you’re one of those people that just says the first thing that comes to mind, which makes you look even more pathetic and stupid. Also, how many people here are using other names to post on this article.? practically everyone!

          • Jay says:

            really “Frizzypop”? First off, if you’re so concerned I’m a girl. Secondly, you think “witticism” and “vapidity” are big words?… based on that comment I can see that you’re either poorly educated ( like half of the people on this site), or you just need to read more.. I’ve heard it helps to improve one’s vocabulary ;).

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Oh I know exactly what Sam is saying, were old friends, I just figured you were having a hard time keeping up. Take Crabby’s advice and take off, you are officially boring me now. Bye bye.

          • Jay says:

            are you sure you can keep up? seeing as you don’t know the difference between “were old friends” and “we’re old friends”. I’m boring because I don’t talk shit about a 6 year old?.. if that’s the case, then I’m proud to be boring. Anyway, I don’t even know how I let myself get sucked into this whole debate/discussion.. I have better things to do with my time. I’m done.

          • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

            Oh, finally! I don’t think we’ve had an “educated” debate on the new site! Time to share the credentials, kids!

            I for one have a BA and a JD. Plus in my spare time, I’m thinking about getting my Associates degree at home in TV/VCR Repair or Accounting from that Sally Struthers school. That is if I can break myself away from my Little Debbies and vodka.

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Chicken Lips, I’d go for the accounting degree, only the backwoods hilljacks still have VCR’s and dealing with them would be like dealing with some of the idiots that find their way here!

          • Sam says:

            Touche Frizzy! Oh I am SAD! MISTAKEN! Why, I am even PATHETIC! Oh dear, think I’ll take a few shots of whiskey with my wine quota today.
            haha; how I love THIS:
            ” … Also, how many people here are using other names to post on this article.? practically everyone!”
            hehehehe yeah and some (get who we’re talking about–nudge nudge Nabby/AJ/Jay) use all their personalities, i.e. practically EVERYONE they on their own lonesome self possess. Split personality or jess plain ole bullshit bolstering? Methinks bullshit. ;) Carry on Nabs/Nuts/Jay oh Ye Of Tricky Enough To Catch Your Ownself Wit.

          • Tapnfeet99 says:

            Chicken lips, if I were going back to school for degree #4, it would have to be the one that Shannon Doherty pushes, because who wouldn’t want to be educated by the same people who taught Jenny Wilder??? Then I could say things like “Uncle ‘Manzo!” and almost drown in a river after befriending an old gardener. (Did I just give away that I am a Little House on the Prairie dork….I mean fan?)

          • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

            Hey now – I still have a VCR and I am not a hilljack. I live in a hilljack place, but I’m a transplant, not a native. Besides, if I learn how to repair the VCR I’ll never have to worry about buying my movies over again. I’ve got VHS tapes ever since I did that whole “20 movies for 1 cent” Columbia House thing. I would hate to buy those all again.

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Well, in that case I don’t blame you for wanting to know how to repair them! With a library that extensive you should most definitely keep it up! ;). I live in cowboy country myself, also a transplant, so forgive the hilljack comment!

          • ellemenop says:

            my parents wouldn’t let me do the Columbia house thing. there you guys go bragging again. :(

          • Sam says:

            Frizzy I am a transplant in cowboy country too!

          • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

            Sam, I knew there was a reason I like you!

            Hey, congrats to Chicken Lips and BedHeadJen for making the Comment Showcase! We have some very witty commenters here!

        • Sweetcakes says:


          Enough with the bag shit, God I hate when stupid people invade our holy world of Crabby.

          • ashash says:

            Lololol I am so enjoying the “a paper bag on the head will kill ya so watch out!” Trend that’s going on here.

      • Sam says:

        ha; Jay/Aj/Bobbinator ARE the same. Sockpuppet got sucked in alright and gave it up they’re doing stupid sockpuppet shit; ahhhhh Jaybees; ya needed (imaginary–oh oh to suck ussums in) backup cause you wassums not winnin’? Yeah, my ass Jay is yer nickname; as much bullshit as yer numerous accounts. AJ/Jay; I know why you got sucked in; ya thought commanding people who love to snark (uh–would that be why do ya think? they might be on a snark site called TRASH TALK?) would work; nah, I live fer that; it’s a boring life here what with the pantry stocked now and box o’wine on a perfect tilt ‘neath tha ramp I jury rigged out takeout boxes weighted with beer bottles. Take yer wee bat (and wee-er sense of humor) and go home. Or mebee jes make another account and tell us what fer. Once you get the putative Jamie Sterling’s husband’s c*** out of your mouth. Ciaaaaooooo. But tx again for a little breaking up of the day darlin’.

    • labowner says:

      So Jay in your life it’s all about nurturing and nature plays no roles?

    • Sweetcakes says:

      Get a GRIP Jay we just have fun- It is TV Trash Talk, not fucking Oprah.
      Why must our comments be analyzed by morons? It’s exhausting……

    • NinjaBunny NinjaBunny says:

      Hey Jay, we play rough. If you can’t handle that there’s a Barney or Spongebob forum someplace else you’re better suited for.

  41. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    OK, TnT party people – don’t hate me. But I kind of thought Coach Cooch wasn’t all that bad. Sure she talked about the fatties and shared her displeasure about “Beauty Supreme”, but a lot of parents talk the same way (about ugly/fatty mothers and their kid not winning something good). And (again, don’t hate me), I thought it was very suspicious that the judge commented on Coach Cooch’s girl’s blush like it was the worst thing ever. I’m like “Bitch, please! There are girls that are wearing worse makeup than last week’s clown, and your knickers are in a twist about the fact that you can see the blush?” Conspiracy! She also showed that she won’t take no crap from anyone, including a bratty child.

    And then I thought about who would win a cage match between Coach Cooch and Brenna. CC’s got the age and experience going for her, but Brenna’s got that piercing “little brat kid” screech that will bust an ear drum. Tough call, but I think CC will win because she has a longer reach and isn’t afraid to insert a limb where the sun don’t shine.

    What else can be said about Brenna that hasn’t already been said? I will tell you one thing – if I would have ever spoken to an adult the way she spoke to the crew and Cambrie more than once (because that once would have been the “look”, the warning and the swat) when I was 6, I still wouldn’t be able to sit and I’m haven’t been 6 for a LONG time. My mother would have tanned my hide and then waited for my father to get home for him to finish because her hand would have hurt. Why? Because my parents actually parented me and I wasn’t the boss. (In reality, I can remember getting spanked maybe 3 times when I was little – I got the “look” a lot, and I got swatted a lot, but rarely a spanking because I learned long ago to mind my Ps and Qs. Now my brother Rooster Lips is another story…) I don’t have kids, but when I do, they will not act like that in public. I would like that they not act like that in private, but since I’m not about to homeschool them, they will be around other brats and will pick up bad habits. But if we are in public and they act up, we won’t be in public for long because we’ll be going home at the first sign of brattiness. That’s what my parents did – Mom would leave full grocery carts to take us home and come back and finish shopping once Dad came home; Dad would take Rooster out to the car until he shaped up, leaving me and Mom by ourselves in restaurants – so clearly it can be done.

    Unfortunately, when the parents think the sun rises out of their kid’s ass, you get little Brennas running around.

    • Southern Twang says:

      Chicken Lips, I hear what you’re saying about parenting!! I, like you, only had 3 spankings my whole life. But a lot of swats and looks. My mom’s favorite thing to whisper in my ear if we were out in public was, “Do I need to take you to the bathroom?” Even though she never had to take me, I knew what would happen if she did! Sooo, I was a well behaved, normal functioning child. And as an adult, I’m not too shabby either. And I’ve raised my kids to productive in society (they’re teenagers) and not two little asshats.

      And damn! Why did they take paddling out of schools??? Damn! I’m a teacher and was raised with paddling being an option. My ass didn’t disrespect my respect my teachers or any adults.

      PS….Before anyone gets all harpy about me advocating child abuse, STFU!!! I’m not advocating child abuse.

      • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

        I was going to school to be a teacher, and then I decided that I didn’t want to put up with other people’s brats, so I decided to do something else. Plus, without the paddling it was only going to get worse!

        And I don’t think you are advocating child abuse – there is a difference between child abuse and a swat here or there.

        • Sam says:

          Nuances are lost on these people.

        • Southern Twang says:

          Oh dear Chicken Lips, my PS wasn’t directed at you. :-)

        • ellemenop says:

          I don’t know, chicken lips, your job is often like dealing with bratty children, or at least it is for my husband.

          what baffles me is that my child-hating sister became an elementary school teacher, but that’s what happens when you start off getting your degree in “fine arts,” I guess.

    • ellemenop says:

      amen, chicken lips! I share your parenting strategies. I’ve already informed my husband in no uncertain terms that we WILL leave restaurants, grocery stores, or other public places — whether the food has been bought or eaten or not — as soon as my kid decides the shitty behavior I constantly see other kids exhibit is desirable to anyone. that’s why it’s hilarious when “parents” try to act like you can’t control your kids: OH YES YOU CAN. my parents and many others before them did it, and I’m not about to let some 5-year-old brat tell ME the rules. and when they really won’t comply? well, let’s say my brother being shipped off to Air Force boarding school was probably the best thing that ever happened to him. they shaped that kid up and he is a worthwhile adult (mostly; he’s still my brother and I still want to hit him sometimes).

      • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

        This is for all the people that are going to get bent out of shape – do you know why we only talk about the bratty kids that ruin our time in restaurants, stores and other public places? Because GOOD parents remove their brats from the public eye when they act up because the are courteous adults.

      • KimmiCt says:

        My personal belief is that there is nothing wrong with your kids being a bit afraid of you. Master the look early. Works wonders.

        Too bad that this satan’s spawn has people taking care of her that shouldn’t be responsible for a goldfish. I cannot wait to see them when she is 16. I think heavy doses of anti-depressants are in their future.

    • labowner says:

      My mom would pinch the back of our arms. If it went further, we were all screwed.

      • ellemenop says:

        and note how those of us who had actual discipline are now soulless, sarcastic, but sane adults.

        • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

          Excuse you – I have a soul! It’s black, but its there.

          And thank you for calling me sane. That isn’t usually the prevailing theory.

          • ellemenop says:

            you brag about your black soul and longingly look at your hand while sucking up to madelyne over at DM … fine, we’ll just throw you into the dungeon with Brenna and coach coochcanoe if you’re going to play it like that!

          • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

            Whoa – that escalated quickly! I don’t think we need to be quite that rash, ellemenop! If you want I’ll rent you some of my Columbia House VHS tapes. Please don’t lock me in a confined space with Brenna! Forgive me!

          • ellemenop says:

            I wasn’t being rash — it’s just that my comment was HEAVILY EDITED.

    • MarketingWiz says:

      Coach Cooch calling herself “smart” in the pageant world is like being the least retarded in special ed…kinda like head of the slow class.

  42. Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

    Coochcanoe!!! 100th comment!

  43. Jay says:

    Anyway, this episode reminded me of the other around the world pageant, where they had the little girl that was a “little person( I’m not sure what the PC term is.. sorry :/) and they also had Demtriana who said she was representing the country of Africa, and that all Africans do the splits while standing on their head (really?).. Sophia- Rayne(?)’s mom and Demetriana’s family are both representations of how clueless, geographically/culturally ignorant people (esp. Americans) can be. what a shame.

    In addition. I really don’t find Coach Nikki to be that bad, yes she’s foul-mouthed.. but aren’t we all?

  44. Dear Crabby says:

    @PsychoSuzy…no worries on the sterilization of Brenna, I usually don’t take it this far but nobody’s going to fuck that. Nobody.

    @Chickenlips – totally agree about the CoochCanoe Coach…she was toned down and I thought it was funny when she put the smackdown on that kid for kicking her…that is what is supposed to happen!

    And @Jay, Aj, and Royinba Onijala…just hit the road, you don’t get this site and you never will. Leave us to our dreams of bagging and bricking bratty kids!

    • Jay says:

      As I previously stated, I usually find all of your recaps to be funny. Even parts of this one were hilarious.. But then again I have a right to say what I feel like.. just as you do. If you have or ever have kids and they act bratty, i hope someone has dreams of bagging and bricking them too!

    • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

      I think you are wrong about your first point, DC. All that money she wins at pageants isn’t being saved up for college – it’s in the bar fund so she can buy guys enough beer to give them beer goggles and beer ear plugs. We should probably at least think about plans for swapping her tic tacs for birth control pills in about 9-10 years.

  45. PsychoSuzy says:

    Lots of Trashii teachers here, huh? Awesome! Hope y’all are enjoying your summer and thanking the Dear Crabby that Brenna isn’t in our class!

  46. Sweetcakes says:

    Crabby, this is the best minicap EVER!!!!! That’s why I adore you!

  47. Camish says:

    I haven’t actually seen the show yet, haven’t had time, but have two things to say about the Minicap:


    2. I was laughing so hard while reading this my husband came in the room to see what was up. When he asked me what was so funny, I just said, “You don’t want to know.” He would be flabbergasted to know that I watch T&T. He thinks of me as an intellectual. Go figger.

    Now, on to tackle the comments. That’ll take a while.

    • Sweetcakes says:

      Camish this is the best evah! Enjoy….

    • ellemenop says:

      camish, my husband gets annoyed that I try to share the glory of these recaps & comments with him, but to that I say, at least I’m not excited over working until 3 in the morning. voluntarily.

  48. Fishchikk says:

    I am a teacher in a small Texas school that still paddles. It doesn’t help. The kids get their licks, suck it up, may behave the rest of the day, but are back to being horrible the next. It doesn’t work because there is no parental support to back it up. The parents are breeding these jewels, and there are a lot of them. Brenna was a little ball of narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and sociopathy all rolled up into a cute little package at age 6. Scary….but the fodder for some hilarious comments that made me laugh out loud after dealing all week with my own jerky 18 year old who thinks she’s all grown up but still wants us to pay for everything. Strangely, she changed her tune when we showed up today to get the car and credit card. Funny how that works:)

    • brebay says:

      No, it doesn’t work because hitting kids doesn’t teach them a damn thing except to be angrier and that physical violence is okay as long as you’re right. I’m amazed that there are still people who aren’t ashamed to admit that they can’t outfox a little child to get the behavior they want long-term, that the only advantage their adult brain has over a child brain is that the body is bigger, stronger, and allowed to hit if it wants to. Brilliant. Keep wondering why it doesn’t work.

      • NinjaBunny NinjaBunny says:

        Exactly. It’s shameful that some think it’s acceptable to inflict physical violence on a child when if they tried it on a grown adult they’d get thrown in jail for assault. If you think you have to hit your kid, you’ve already lost.

  49. Catty Noir Catty Noir says:

    Coach Cooch and Brenna. Who do I pay to make that appear on my television screen? Because I’d love to see that child literally get her ass kicked. For a second, I thought she might’ve been bipolar. Then I was, “That’s not bipolar, that’s some Exorcist shite.”

    Madison was actually a pretty good kid. Cute. Much cuter without the horrid clown make up on her face. At least she spoke up about the negative reinforcement her coach uses. And how it made her feel horrible instead of actually HELPING her.

    Sophia was adorable. Well-behaved, had fun at the pageant. The world costume was beatiful and glitzy to the max. Even if her so-called part Cherokee mother had no idea about “her” tribe. LOL’d at those Fun Facts. I also liked her beauty dress. I’ve never seen that shade of green on a child. At least on this show.

    • brebay says:

      I liked her too. Not the prettiest kid, but she was fun and really performed well for her age. Despite mom’s idiocy, the family seemed pretty normal by pageant standards, and she did genuinely seem to enjoy pageants. I feel like if she decided next year she wanted to quit and play soccer, they’d be on board with that too. Also loved her dress, but not as much as batshit-crazy-Brenna’s!

  50. BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

    WTF is up with that demon spawns submissive dad? Someone should explain to him that little shit came into his life, and should adjust accordingly. Watching it’s mother excuse that behavior was pathetic and sad. Even Mr. BagHead chimed in, which never happens. He said that Brenna looked like Fionna the ogre from Shrek, minus the little ears.
    Crabby, count me in. She needs double bagged. See you next Tuesday.

    • Sam says:

      hmmmmm, Jen did you call Mr. BedHead BagHead on purpose? Or should we worry about the nefarious influence we (well me anyway) pathetic, sad meanies are having on you and thus warn the hubster to hide the plastic bags?

      I thought gramps/dad with his goofy at all times grin was a little shy of grey matter. Cuuurse you Daddy!

      • BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

        No worries Sam. It was on purpose. Last week I told Nabby I was changing my name to BagHeadJen just to see if I would suffocate. I did not. All is well.

        • Sam says:

          I forgot about that and laughed at the time! Still time Mrs. BagHead … looks like we have Nabby/Jay/AJ/Robinyla permanently. With all this new account opening, that sock puppet has even more time on her hands than me.

  51. brebay says:

    Yes, Branna has some major psych ward vacations in her future but, hot damn, that was the coolest beauty dress I’ve ever seen! Loved it. I do think those are her grandparents and they “coaxed” their knocked-up teen into signing over custody, probably while she was still under heavy sedation…

    • Sam says:

      sigh. Yes, I agree that that was a gorgeous dress. Also the little bitchwhacko was awesome on stage but, again, being a sociopath who can switch gears at a twitch that’s not surprising.

      • Heavily Edited says:

        See, I thought the dress was odd looking. Half the time doing something different is frowned on, other times it’s applauded. That’s why I don’t judge these things.

  52. mrs_nabby says:

    When I checked this morning there were only 26 comments, and now there are 153. Can’t wait to dig in!

  53. ashash says:

    I feel like everyone who was a regular Lurker/poster on tvgasm was happy with the content and direction comment discussion took and now that we have moved to a new site lots of toolbags or douchecanoes if i may borrow a phrase, would like to join in on conversation but would like us to “understand” about editing and “care” about peoples shitty children and are outraged when we talk about fugly ass nasty kids being fugly asses and nasty. Similar Darwin’s law if one group sticks out longer sooner or later the other will die out (or stop visiting the site) and there will only be desierables left.

    • Sam says:

      I hope so because that sockpuppet is beyond boring. But sure led to some funny comments esp. the bag ones. And I laugh at the new phrases we have such as HEAVILY EDITED. Can’t wait for the full recap on this episode; to think that Coach Cooch could look good what with everything being relative and being on the show with that BitchBrat.

  54. merry says:

    I’m a good person, mostly. I give to cancer research and feed strays and don’t even curse (too loudly) at people who cut me off in traffic. But when it comes to Brenna, I’m with DearCrabby: bag her! Just reading about her in the minicap makes me shudder, so kudos to those of you who braved the actual show.

  55. PsychoSuzy says:

    I forgot to even comment on the other two girls. Nothing to snark about with little Sophia. Dang, she was cute as a button. I loved her “Pageant drama…..ain’t nobody got time for that.” Frickin’ adorable! I also thought her green beauty dress was really, really gorgeous. She seemed to be a very sweet child.
    I felt very sad for Madison. Having Coach Coochier constantly talking about fat, fat, fat, fat…. around her, teaching the child that being fat is the worst, most horrible, most offensive thing in the universe, and her own Mom saying that Madison has a fat ass, the poor child is going suffer from eating disorders, no doubt. And, while I happen to LOVE swearing, it’s one of my favorite hobbies, I don’t curse around my child nor any other children. I also got the feeling that Madison has zero interest in pageants, and the poor kid has to get harrassed and yelled and cursed at by her own mom and Coach Coochier. She didn’t seem like a bad kid at all, and I felt really bad for her.

  56. Heavily Edited says:

    Did anyone else find it weird that at the start, they were talking about how Nikki’s girls “always win”, and then at the end Nikki is bitching that her girls “always” only get Beauty? Which is it?

    It just confirmed my belief that she’s a worthless coach. When “her” girls do well, it’s because she happened to get a talented or hardworking one who would do just as well without her.

    Her obsession with fat is disturbing. She’s a future fatty, mark my words. And then that horse face will really be a liability.

    That Brenna child was vulgar and horrifying. I really can’t believe people would actually raise a child like that. Her behavior actually made me nauseated. I weep for our future.

  57. Moli says:

    Soooooo I cut my cable off for the summer and was no longer has Toddlers and TIaras. Does anyone know where I can watch this and actually Dance Moms as well, I’m 2 episodes behind :(.

  58. sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

    This site has both,

  59. Joye says:

    Anyone watching Big Brother? I’ll bet that when Aaryn was a child, she was every bit as charming as Brenna. I just have to put my faith in the quote: “The wheels of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.” If there is any justice, one day there will be a pile of sawdust named Brenna. (I’m speaking metaphorically, all you anti-bagheaders!)

  60. Peggie Peggie says:

    LOL! Holy shitballs !!! Typhoid, ebola, bird flu -anything to shut that spoiled, entitled, sociopath up! The parents are raising a narcissistic psychopath that will wind up in the NEWS! Headline will read “GIRL KILLS PARENTS WHEN THEY SAY NO!”

  61. Peggie Peggie says:

    LMAO!!! NotWithoutMyTV, you are soooo funny! Sad to say you speak the truth! The baby carrier/car seats had to be made bigger to accommodate our little fatties! If you notice the moms of those kids are generally morbidly obese themselves!

  62. Peggie Peggie says:

    I have an idea: IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE “TRASHTALK” DON’T COME HERE! The name of the site says it all! It is someplace to blow off some steam about the world of pageants here. What should we write? “That sweet little girl just needs some counseling.” Hell no! That little narcissistic bitch needs to learn respect and that rest of us aren’t here to serve her! If you don’t like that 99.9% of us are appalled by the behavior of the devils spawn, there are other more P.C. sites for y’all!

  63. wouldntu says:

    It is sad that her grandparents have obviously raised a daughter that made decisions that resulted in them having to care for their granddaughter ….and yet – they still, clearly, do not see the value of DISCIPLINE! Misguided priorities people. And before anyone claims how hectic filming is: 1) they knew more than anyone – they filmed before AND she was a terror on that episode so they knew what to expect from filming AND brenna and 2) I do recall some Scooby Doo themed kid who was not delusional or odd about her pageants being quite unbelievably well-behaved and level-headed. Brenna’s parents/grandparents – do the world a favor…. PARENT HER. She’s atrocious.

    • Sam says:

      Yeah, why is it that cuties like Sophia can cope (at a much younger age than BrennaBitch) with the rigours of filming? A sweetheart through and through was Sophia. Even though I laughed at the native factoid pop ups her mother was nice. The weirdest thing too is that BitchBrat’s grandparents seem intelligent (enough) so just WTF? How can they be so delusional especially having gone through this before? It’s not like they’re Kcloe’s mother who’s just plain stupid.

    • Nancy says:

      They clearly have had her since birth as she calls them mom and dad instead of Grandma and Grandpa. They are to blame for this child’s behavior.Not the child! I really wish people would get that. She’s SIX. She can’t control herself without help.

      • brebay says:

        Uh, we do get it. She’s a six-year-old monster, future pole-dancing, crack-whore, mental patient. Do you really think we don’t know it’s the adults’ fault? Of course we do, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is a nasty, abusive, teen-cooch fruit and we can’t stand the sight of her. Do you even get what this site is about? Why are you still here? Don’t you need to go get tattooed, or make a beer run, or bail a relative out of jail? You really need to ask Mickey D’s to up your hours, you have too much free time on your hands.

    • brebay says:

      That was Kinley, adorable.

  64. Peggie Peggie says:

    Nikki is the meanest most obnoxious coach I have ever scene. Why is she not banned from pageants for the name calling and for telling her pageant “child” to look at how ugly another girl was! She talks about everyone else being trash-Welcome to the club Nikki. You are trash personified. You are not so good-looking yourself! The mothers of the children you coach should fire you for your foul mouth and name calling of the other girls in the pageant. You are NOT PROFESSIONAL in any way. I say they should ban you for being nasty, mean and a sore loser. That is what you are teaching the girls you coach!

  65. What the Hell? says:

    One thing for Brenna, she is the most articulate psychopath 6 year old T&T has ever followed

    • Sam says:

      “Curse you Daddy!” One of my favourite lines from this show. I agree that it’s articulate and intelligent which is why the bitch is a scary thing. Otherwise BrennaBitch would just grow up to be the next Courtney Stodden but I believe with the nasty traits that the kid is going to go whacko dangerous nutcase at some point. Can you imagine her with road rage? Or being dumped by a boyfriend? BrennaSociopath will make Jodi Arias look like Miss Manners.

  66. OMG Frizzypop…All Star cheer mom over here as well! In Texas of all places!

  67. anna says:

    There is no room for any disrespect, rudeness or being discourteous in any facet of our lives. I hope the parents read this comment and realize this has nothing to do with jealousy. (from Canada and very few pageants here, so not envious) It is very sad for anyone to justify any behaviour that is not polite. In our society, we should strive for being considerate of others. I would not do that as an adult, nor would I expect any child or teenager to be rude to another person. We can win or succeed in anything we put our minds to without any rudeness. I am sure they were not raised that way, so why raise a child that way. We are supposed to set good examples for the generation now that will be raising their children. If this continues, what will the third generation be like. So I do hope the parents read this with calmness and understanding that succees can be achieved without yelling or being rude to an adult or any adult. To be a productive adult in the business world does not in any mean the adults are allowed to yell, demean, be rude to their employees, coworkers or family. Unfortunately, how does rudeness stop if it is allowed to continue. I mean no disrespect to the family, but hopefully they will watch the show and honestly see that their behaviour and their child’s behaviour might be ridiculed and lead to issues later in life. There is no reason to bash them, even though the child’s behaviour was quite embarassing for the child and the family. I am trying not to be rude to them, because then, we will be the same as the family, but it is really hard not to be. I have never been so appalled at what they consider acceptable. Do they really and truly believe that it was okay just so she can win a crown? So, she can’t win a crown without yelling, crying, being rude or being excused for her behaviour? That should say it all.

  68. Sam says:

    One of the most perplexing things about that spawn of Satan to me is that the grandparents/guardians are themselves seemingly intelligent (they’re articulate anyway), polite and generally appropriate except when it comes to BrennaBitch; just what do they not see? I am so puzzled; like I’ve said before it’s not as if they’re out and out stupid with no capacity for self awareness like so many D’Luzzionas we see.

    Respectfully Anna, I disagree with ” There is no reason to bash them, … “– this is a snarky, rude site; people come here to bash; the recap is loaded with sarcasm and eye rolling and judgement. This is why it’s called what it is–TRASHTalkTV. Yes, my other self says just what you are saying but I also adore snark which is why I come here and not, say, Better Parenting. But it’d be nice and do the world a good turn if those grandparents could see what’s happening; I’m sure they love the narcissistic beast.

    Also, yes, I agree that at the very least BrennaBitch is ill-equipped for adult life. Who would hire such a thing? Would BrennaSociopath be able/inclined to tolerate things in the workplace such as working with people she doesn’t like? Being told which tasks to do? Which is why it’s going to end up either in jail, with a drug problem or, being so calculated and intelligent, manipulating some old sugah daddy. I’ll bet Carla Homolka displayed a lot of these traits.

    • Sam says:

      “Curse you daddy!” hahaha; can’t wait to watch the rerun next week because, as someone else asked, did I not hear that sociopath say “shut the motherfucking door,”? Does anyone know; I thought I heard that but I was stupefied by that point at the sheer mountain of appall washing over me and may have misheard. Without. A. Doubt. The. Biggest. Brat on this show and that is sure covering the far end of beastliness.

  69. Moli says:

    India(who I think her parents named her that since she’s ‘Indian’) was simply clueless in regards to her ‘heritage’. I loved the fun fact pop-ups. I freaking adored Sophia I smiled and giggled every time she was on the screen. Everyone has said everything I have thought of in regards to Satan’s spawn.

    • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

      I agree about the pop ups – I was very sad when they stopped making Pop Up Video back in the say. They are hilarious.

      • BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

        Chicken- I loved that too! VH1 Classic still plays episodes of Pop-up video. They even did a Pop-up version of the Jersey Shore!

  70. smarlo says:

    I wonder if Brenna’s mom is/was a drug addict? I think that kind of thing can cause brain damage/changes in their children. Either way that kid was TERRIFYING!!

    Sophia was a ball of cuteness and entertainment….loved her!

  71. anna says:

    Too polite? Thanks. Canadians say “eh” and it was damm hard not to be rude, let me tell you! I wanted to strangle those parents, but maybe everyone is right, they are totally in another world, a “Freaking Rude” world!!!

  72. PsychoSuzy says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for Crabby’s full recap. I have a feeling this one is going to be epic. Like some of my favorites: the cave-girl grunting Calamari, Kayla, the Shirley Temple slut who just wanted a goddamn cracker!, SamiJo’s whackadoodle mom whose body parts had to be blurred every time she was on camera…… and many, many more. Speaking of which, does anyone know how to access those awesome previous DearCrabby recaps? I wish the archive could be moved over here…….nothing lifts my spirits more than reading DearCrabby when I’m having a shitty day.

    • the wrong Spock says:

      I know!!! I’m rewatching the first few seasons and didn’t know about the site then; I’m dying to read those old recaps!

  73. smarlo says:

    Sweet Niblets….Nancy Farkas is on FB a-whinin’ about the recap!

    • Nancy says:

      Not possible. There is nothing on FB about this show! Dipwad.Nice try.

      • sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

        Dipwad! Smarlo said recap not show. You have a serious reading comprehension problem. And the show has FB page. And before you say there’s nothing about the recaps on FB, the site has FB page too.

        • smarlo says:

          Dipwad!! now there’s a blast from the past!

        • Nancy says:

          And I should believe someone who talks like you do? My god use proper English or shut the hell up

          • BananaMuffin says:

            I love how this comment begins with the conjunction “and”, fails to capitalize “God” and lacks a punctuation mark at the end while complaining about people not using proper English.

      • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

        No ALLCAPS? Stop masquerading as Nancy, dipwad.

      • Sweetcakes says:

        I’m afraid I must report you to the cyber Police for using the word “Dipwad”….How could you, picking on helpless adults who must have been raised by parents who- Oh who gives a shit, really Nancy just slither away you’re beginning to bore me with your retarded comments. Go save a child somewhere, I’m sure you’re needed more there than here.

        Just for the record Stupenagle, Toddlers & Tiaras has a FB page. Check it out Dingbat

        • Sam says:

          What a surprise; the FB account is a sockpuppet one as well; you can tell by the pic’s size that it was swiped from who knows where but not a file downloaded via phone or camera. Makes me suspicious at the least. Yawn.

  74. BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

    I agree with the comments about Brenna’s parents being more like grandparent age.
    Brenna could be Rosemary’s baby, her “parents” actually Minnie and Roman Castevet. That explains everything.

  75. Nancy says:

    Frankly I did not find Brenna that bad. Many 6 year olds do NOT like people manhandling them and don’t like cameras in their face. there were plenty of times I saw her be polite like when she thanked the camera man for helping her out of the car. And a lot of 6 year olds feelings get easily hurt if they think someone is making fun of them. Trust me I have been around a lot worse. Plus we don’t know what this mother did to her kid. If she did drugs or alcohol while pregnant, that could cause issues. That has been well documented that doing drugs and alcohol while pregnant can cause behavior and learning issues that may not show up until school age. We just don’t know and I think it is unfair to judge her from 30 minutes of a tv show.
    Sweetcakes?I think it is YOU who needs to leave. You are rude and nasty to everyone and I am sick and tired of it. I am not going anywhere. And I have no clue who stupenagle is! Nor do I care.

    • the wrong Spock says:

      Uhhhhhh,YOU are Stupenagle. It’s a Jr. high insult to match yours of Dipwad. But,as usual, you are too stupid to fhat you read. Did your mom drink and drug it up when she was knocked up with your dumbass? It would explain all your comments.

      Sweetcakes has only been unkind to you as far as I can tell. Because you at life.

      Seriously, look for a raging car fire. Then jump in it. Or plastic bag yourself. Whatever it takes so you stop posting your nonsensical ramblings on a site you find so offensive. Since you can’t figure out to stop coming here and reading it.

      Nutshell: Fuck off, douchecanoe.

      • the wrong Spock says:

        I hate when my phone screws up insulting douchecanoes. However, I might need to blame the effects of the food poisoning I got eating out. Which, by the way, that level of sickness was about as unpleasant as reading anything the sockpuppet writes.

        To clear it up, Nabby – since we know reading comprehension is difficult for you – I’ve corrected the following:

        *you are too stupid to figure out what you read

        *because you suck at life

        you’re welcome …now go back to your delusional world.

    • brebay says:

      Not wanting a camera in her face has nothing to do with her ordering people around, screaming demands at the top of her lungs and generally hating all other children, and possessing ZERO social skills. I DO, however, believe you have been around (and most like raised) a lot worse. You are obviously classless trash with no concept of child-rearing. It wouldn’t surprise me if your children were tearing up the trailer with their hooves. That’s what happens when first cousins breed though. Good luck!

    • BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

      Nabby, Nabby, Nabby. So you think it is unfair to judge her from 30 minutes of a tv show…one that documents her journey on the road to be judged?
      It must really hurt when you unfairly judge the trashtalk of the Trashimi, even though it is documented on a website designed to judge those who willingly participate in tv shows!

      Please don’t be too hard on yourself. That will only make you a negative nancy. I think I can help.

      See,Toddlers & Tiaras is not only a documentary about contestants of a judged pageant, but it runs for 60 minutes! What could be more fair than judging those who wish to appear on a show about being judged? We here in Crabbydise are just rejudging the already judged from the comfort of our Rascals.
      IT’S HEAVILY JUDGED! WHY DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? I am sorry for screaming but my voice has been a bit muffled since I started wearing a paper bag on my head. I am also more than a little frustrated due to my inability to shove an oatmeal crème pie under my bag in one piece.
      First world problems….And have no clue who Frankly is! Nor do I care.

      • Sam says:

        HEAVILY JUDGED now joins HEAVILY EDITED as part of my Trashii vocabulary. ” I am also more than a little frustrated due to my inability to shove an oatmeal crème pie under my bag in one piece.” haha tx for the morning laugh, BagHeadJen.

      • ellemenop says:

        bedheadjen: oatmeal? oatmeal is too healthy. cake needs more fluff. I approve of the creme, though.

        • BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

          ;) Unfortunately I chose a bag that left me very little wiggle room. I’ve been unable to accommodate the width of my Zebra Cakes, and have had to settle for the Oatmeal Crème Pies and Fudge Rounds all week.

    • Sweetcakes says:

      Only rude to you my pet.

    • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

      How DARE you accuse someone of drinking and doing drugs while pregnant, Dipwad! You don’t know her and you have NO RIGHT to make such accusations of that. Who do you think you are coming onto the internet and talking about someone’s personal life like that.

      I’m going to report you. Then maybe you’ll learn your lesson to not go around being a dipwad.

      Wait a second…that’s your line. So let me get this straight, Nabs. It’s OK for you to judge people but not for the rest of the free world? Kinda hypocritical, doncha think? P.S. for Nabby: “Hypocritical” means you say one thing and do another. I realized that you might not know all the big words.

      • Frizzypop Frizzypop says:

        Oh Chicken, have you learned nothing from Nabby and all her rantings? It’s OK to talk trash about ADULTS but poor helpless CHILDREN are off limits!

        Shut up Nabby, no one here cares what you say.

        • the wrong Spock says:

          I heart you, Frizzypop!

        • Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

          Well, I thought that I would be pretty safe because at one point I thought Nabby was bagging us for the smack talk in general. But now I think you are right – just when I think Nabby is gonna ZIG she ZAGS! Always keeping us on our toes. We need to keep her around for the entertainment VALUE alone.

  76. annie says:

    I’ve been reading Crabby’s recaps for years but I’ve never joined in the discussion. I just wanted to THANK Nancy for her ridiculous comments, they fill me with joy! You so cray cray!

  77. getalife says:

    Although Brenna looked good on stage (though I didn’t like her beauty dress) and admittedly did a great job of her routines, she is not an attractive child without makeup. I agree with the earlier poster who said that in some of her talking head segments she looked like a twenty year old after a night of hard partying. I hope “mom and dad” are prepared to raise Brenna’s own child in about nine or ten years because that’s where she’s heading. If you watch the episode carefully when she is getting into the limo and yelling at her dad her mom (obviously embarrassed) leans down and says something to her. I think mom and dad know they have already lost control. I don’t buy mom’s FB statement about Brenna wanting to do T&T so bad – if so, why was she so annoyed about the cameramen? I teach high school and can tell you that Brenna is going to be bad news, and a mean girl to boot.

    I loved Sophia -what a cutie! It was one of the first times I was pleased that a child on this show won a high title.

    Madison’s mom needs to class it up a bit both physically and behaviour-wise. I was disgusted when little Madison was holding up the phone and Nikki was swearing like a trucker. Nice influence to have around your kid, mom.

  78. Dipwad says:

    the scariest part of Brenna’s behavior to me was the way she would switch it on a dime. No slow build up to crazy….just BAM it’s on or BAM, sweetness.

  79. Sweetcakes says:

    So, a quick story for my Crabby peeps before I hit the pool, on patrol last night, a car zooms by me at 100 mph, pull it over, it’s a female and as I’m cuffing her I said “Why were you going so fast” and she replies ” I thought you wouldn’t see me if I went by you fast, I had my eyes closed, too.

    I said “Is your name Nabby by any chance?” Ha ha get it, a stupenagle…..

    • the wrong Spock says:

      That is fantastic, Sweetcakes!!!! But, I bet you were rude…since you’re rude to everyone! hahahahahahaha

    • Sam says:

      I said it before and will say it again; Sweetcakes–kudos for earning a pay cheque the hard way in having to deal with these stupidos; I could not do it so hat’s off to you ma’am. I’ll bet many think they’re clever just like sockpuppet and give you wrong names too. Somehow I don’t think you fall for it and the Nabbys are carted off because you are MEAN and should be REPORTED.

  80. PsychoSuzy says:

    Speaking of breakfast (oatmeal), I could use some sage advice. I hate to brag, but I have an unopened box each of red and white wines. All of Nabby et al’s comments are so very, very, very stupid, that I’m ready to go ahead and call it a day and start drinking. Now, what would you say pairs better with my strawberry poptarts: red or white? Thanks for your suggestions. I have my boxes o’wines, strawberry poptarts, and my Snuggie all ready for the forthcoming recap!

    • ellemenop says:

      well, if you pick the white wine to pair with your strawberry pop tarts and also find some blue food (but for the love of god, NOT blueberries or some other health food shit like that — maybe some gushers?) you could be all patriotic or even French for Bastille day.

  81. PsychoSuzy says:

    Oh….and I didn’t want ya’ll to think I’m completely ignorant; I know red pairs well with meats (my vienna wieners and beef jerky), and white pairs well with creamy sauces (my ramen noodles and Chef Boyardee), but poptarts??

    • the wrong Spock says:

      PsychoSuzy, for sure pair white wine with strawberry pop tarts!! Red goes with chocolate. Cleary, you have all your other pairings down … assuming you know white also goes with Cheetos. I also like Ellemnop’s suggestion for Bastille Day.

      Sigh. Nabby used to be entertaining but now she makes me want to drink more than my worst teaching day ever … which included a busted lip courtesy of a 150 pound ten year old.

      • sagittariuskim sagittariuskim says:

        150 pound 10 year old! I must be undernourished, I’m 23 and don’t weigh nearly that much. What are they feeding kids these days?

        • ellemenop says:

          I’m 8 months pregnant and I’m 5’8″ and weigh 132! your comment did just make me realize that — how is a 10-year-old weighing 150? or is that what I can expect when I feed my baby an all-little Debbie diet? small price to pay, I guess. the rascal has a pretty good max weight threshold.

          • the wrong Spock says:

            Well, some of it was disability related but most of it was because you can’t eat as many meals as a Hobbit with an average caloric intake of 2,500 per meal. Imagine each meal being planned like you haven’t eaten all day and are at the grocery store or really drunk …whatever.

            5’8″, 132 and 8 mos. pregnant?? I’m not fat but I’m only 5’5″, rocking some Italian curves, and have a dog, so we are kind of in a fight right now!!! Though, I’m extra fond of your posts because my beloved aunt passed away from brain cancer a few months ago at 53 and she used the same variation on her name. :)

          • ellemenop says:

            to be fair, my baby is measuring pretty small (small enough that I may have an induction and bring him home a few weeks early, yikes) so I actually only look 5-6 months.

            I’m sorry about your aunt! that’s pretty shitty. :(

    • BedHeadJen BedHeadJen says:

      PsychoSuzy- Are the Pop Tarts pink frosted? If so, then I’d mix the red and white together to match.

      • PsychoSuzy says:

        Yes, of course it has pink frosting. We don’t eat any naked poptarts in my household! Love the idea of mixing the white and red to create a lovely pink wine! Or I may just stick a Capris Sun straw in each box, take a swig of each so they can mix in my mouth!

  82. PsychoSuzy says:

    Thanks for all of the help, guys. I should have known to go with the white, as it pairs well with all of my fruit intake (raspberry Zingers and Little Debbie cherry pies). I have recently been on a health kick, adding lots of fruit to my diet. The strawberry poptarts are a recent healthy addition.

  83. Clair Clair says:

    And as you know, wine is grapes….

    • ellemenop says:

      and beer is made with wheat, so does that count as whole grains if they make it with whole wheat?

      • the wrong Spock says:

        I drink raspberry or pumpkin beer…that way it’s extra healthy!

        • ellemenop says:

          ooh, what about blue moon? citrus counts as grapefruit, right? I heard that’s a diet food.

          • the wrong Spock says:

            Exactly!! When I want to detox, I get organic beer.

            Also, vodka is made from potatoes … another health food option.

          • ellemenop says:

            and if you mix your vodka with oj, you get your vitamin c … or you can treat your bladder problems with vodka-cranberry. so clearly it’s medicinal, too!

          • the wrong Spock says:

            I think we’ve just proven that alcohol = healthy lifestyle choice.

          • ellemenop says:

            AND it’s the only way to deal with bitchy brats like BrennaDemonSpawn without having to go to jail. although maybe sweetcakes would give us a break because she understands.

          • the wrong Spock says:

            Hahaha!!! And if all else fails, we could go with the our actions were HEAVILY EDITED defense!

          • ellemenop says:

            my husband’s a lawyer; I’m going to ask him to try it out on a case he’s working on for a drunk driving idiot. maybe his blood test was just HEAVILY EDITED.

  84. Kiwi_Bel says:

    I’m a little scared to voice my opinion on here now, but I’m going to anyway :-p. I kind of got the feeling that Brenna was play acting a lot of the time. She has this (warped) idea that she is a celebrity and an even more warped idea of how celebrities “should” behave and was just acting it out. I definitely thing she is spoilt and bratty, but I think most of it was part of a game she was playing in her head. I used to want to be famous when I was about her age and whenever we went on a boat I used to pretend I was being chased by the paparazzi and would go into full “diva” mode as part of the game. I got the same sense from her a few times. I’m not condoning the bad behaviour, but I think maybe she’s not as awful as she looked (and no, I’m not talking about editing!).

    • Clair Clair says:

      I can see that, Kiwi, but only at the beginning when her (grand)parents were bowing down to her. Later in the episode when she was running, screaming and throwing a shit-fit because of the “are you beautiful” question, I think her true colors were shining through.

    • melanie adams says:

      i think there may be a little truth to what you say. she did seem to be faking being demanding sometimes, like she thought she is supposed to act that way because she’s a STAR!! but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she is a total BRAT! her parents never once told her not to act a certain way or to stop SCREAMING. i was appalled at how they do whatever she says, even if she is calling them names! yeah, she’s gonna be a fun adult!

  85. DearCrabby says:

    HOLY SHITBALLS! 300 comments…recap will be up soon, waiting to be published!

    And let me assure you, it was NOT HEAVILY EDITED. Hugs!

  86. nic says:

    Watching this show is the form of birth control. Who in their right mind would think this kind of behavior is appropriate. I don’t believe that child abuse is appropriate but in these cases these kids need a good kick in the ass as well as the parents!

  87. Lo says:

    Not sure who needs to be spanked first, Brenna or her parents! What a complete brat. 1 week in my house and she would think twice about popping off that smart mouth…. And her parents: complete idiots!

  88. melanie adams says:

    thank god i found this site!! i got kicked off of one site because the things i said about the children contestants was too cruel and over the top!! LMAO! apparently, they’ve never seen the parade horrid inbred trailer trash that shows up for these pageants! what i would like to know is WHAT pageant did that coach nikki ever win?? the hog wallow pig and cow feed pageant? what a conceited bitch with absolutely nothing to back it up! and that spawn of satan, brenna! i absolutely LOVE how she starts screaming at the top of her lungs when she doesn’t get her way, fantastic parenting! i NEVER ONCE heard her parents chastise her for any of the horrible embarrasing things that she did.sometimes i get so disgusted at the way these ppl behave, i have to watch something else. to use your children to fulfill something you are lacking is horrendous! CHILDREN ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE BORN WITH A JOB!!! oh yes, i get so SICK of people claiming to be part native american! you can bet that your ignorant racist ancestors were killing native americans, not sleeping with them. and wasn’t that native american costume(???) lovely? nothing like dressing your kid like a prostitot! that’s what we call the the children who’s parents dress them like they’re going to be working a pole for tips. though her costume wasn’t as bad as the mom who actually dressed her child like julia roberts in pretty woman! thanks for this awesome site! i just hope that at least some of the parents find their way here!

  89. katie says:

    my dad works with kids like that little bitch breena. and I mean ive seen some bad shit. I remember as a child about 2 or 3rd grade I went to the same school he taught at. I remember waslking into his class with kids punching him in the face, trying to stab him in the face with pencils, breaking his glasses. It was called the focus program. maybe this spoiled piece of shit needs to be in there. there are parents are typical parents of “focus” kids.

  90. dee says:

    Brennas poor dad is headed for an early grave. Obviously Brenna has taken cues from her whiney mom. (I could tell by her road rage driving incident) Dad, I know some really good matchmaker websites that would net you a caring, compassionate woman so u can leave those trash hound women behind you.

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