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Catfish Recap: Anthony and Marq (Season 2 Episode 2) | TrashTalkTV - Part 2

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Catfish Recap: “Anthony and Marq”

Frienemy RobertFrom left: Girl-who-didn’t-sign-a-release, Marq/Joshua?, Frienemy Robert

Anthony found Joshua “HeartThrob” online and realized either JHT was Marq’s doppelganger or Marq had been lying. When questioned, Marq says it’s a fake page and gets really angry about JHT stealing his pictures. Anthony doesn’t know if he should believe Robert because it turns out Robert hates Anthony, so there’s some hope that Marq is not lying. Sure.

JoshuaHeartThrobJoshua HeartThrob, whose page has all of Marq’s pictures on it (and 13,000+ likes)

After Nev and Max leave, Anthony breaks down crying and one of the show producers call them back inside. Anthony is really upset about all the lying and says he’s tired of all of it. It’s a really honest moment, but I totally can’t understand why Anthony hasn’t cut this shit off way before now. He seems like an intelligent guy and deserves way better than this even if Marq is Marq. Also, why is his bedroom so empty?

Anthony crying in his sparsely decorated bedroomSomeone send this poor boy a Pottery Barn catalog

Nev and Max go back to their cabin-like hotel (“The (cat)Fishin’ Hole”) and start their search. First they e-mail Joshua, who calls Nev on the phone almost immediately and obliges when they ask him to video chat.  Meet Joshua.

Joshua HeartThrobHeartThrob

Josh tell the guys that he’s familiar with the show, and that people steal his pictures all the time. Me too, Josh. Me too. Josh is a party promoter in Houston and he knows a lot of people and apparently they’re ripping off his identity left and right to become catfish. Weird! Josh records a message for Anthony saying he’s sorry he’s not the guy Anthony’s in love with and he hopes Anthony finds everything he’s looking for. I thought it was actually really sweet.

Next Nev and Max reverse lookup Marq’s cell phone number, which they find belongs to someone named Framel, also in Jackson, Mississippi (Miss-Iss…). Good heavens. Even with all the whacked out names of late, I haven’t a clue what “Marq”‘s mom was thinking when she named him…Framel. His name is Framel. I might pretend my name was Marq too. They find Framel’s MyLife page and when they click on the FB link it takes them to Marq’s FB page, so they’re pretty sure this Framel guy is “Marq.” Eventually they pinpoint Framel’s real identity by searching by his MyLife customized url, framel_300 or something like that, just in case any of you wanted pointers on online stalking. I’m already fairly good at it myself.

The unfortunately named Framel

That was so not Framel’s hand in a cast earlier. They find a video Framel posted online in which he talks about how much he loves himself all Jack Handey style, even his crazy hair and the gap in his teeth. Framel. If you love yourself as much as you claim why make up another identity? Also, that’s not just a “gap”; I’m pretty sure you’re actually missing a tooth. I’m so sad for Anthony.

Armed with all their findings, the guys head to Anthony’s house to pick him up and take him to…anyone know where they are?

Where are theyVFW hall? Homeless shelter? Revelation Station?

Nev opens with the video from Josh, which is obviously disturbing for Anthony. Once he’s processed the fact that Marq has definitely been stealing Josh’s identity, Nev shows him Framel’s Jack Handey video. Anthony loses it and they take a break. He’s really upset that he’s shared so much of himself when he was only being played. I don’t blame him, but I still wish he would have found all this out before sharing so much. After a commercial, Anthony is ready to confront Framel. Nev goes outside to call and set up a meeting. When Nev asks for Framel, Framel’s all “who?” Meanwhile Max is inside with an inconsolable Anthony. And let’s face it; sensitivity has never really been Max’s thing anyway. I hope Nev hurries.

Sad AnthonyMax: Are you tired?
Anthony: No I’m just so sad.
Max: Crap.

Framel tries to hastily hang up, but Nev tells him he’s been putting this off long enough and Framel finally ‘fesses to being Framel and agrees to meet. He says he loves Anthony and he hopes they can work through this. It’s not looking probable – Anthony is devastated. He heads to the airport with Max and Nev and they hit the road for Jackson.

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