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Catfish Season 2 Episode 1: Cassie and Steve | TrashTalkTV

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Catfish Recap: ‘Cassie and Steve’

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Hola Trash Talkers! Welcome to Season 2 of MTV’s Catfish, the show that is theoretically about young people trying to find love online, but winds up being way more about managing expectations, learning to trust that nagging feeling that something is amiss, and why you should only ever “fall in love” with someone after you’ve seen them in person. In case that wasn’t already apparent.

Season 2 debuted on June 25th, which Ronald Reagan just happened to dub National Catfish Day in 1987. Cute. Nev (Knee-ve) and Max are back and ready for action. Enter Cassie, who e-mails Nev for help meeting her fiance.

CassieDear Nev: Could you help me meet my fiance? Love, Cassie

Max echoes my sentiments exactly when he finally stops fiddling with his camera a sec to opine “Wait…she needs help meeting her fiance?” Sigh. I see why that e-mail stood out from the nearly 10,000 e-mails Nev has reportedly received since wrapping Season 1. I’m also extremely concerned about the future of America.

Cassie is a student in Miami who works at a radio station. Her father was brutally murdered in 2010, sending Cassie off the rails and downward into a spiral of sex and alcohol. That all changed when she met aspiring Atlanta rapper Steven Gomez, aka S-Killa. Nice rap name, Steve. Nothing like thinking about killers every time you hear your fiance’s music when your dad was just murdered.

Fake Steve 1“Steve”

Cassie has her sights set on the ultimate goal: the legally binding commitment of marriage. Way to make that sound as terrifying as possible. She hopes Steve will move to Miami to be with her after she graduates from college. At least the girl has goals. She’s seems really down to Earth so I’m surprised she’s placed herself in this predicament. But then I have a babydaddy and I’m really, really long-term unemployed, so I try not to judge.

While Cassie and her “fiance” Steve have never done any video chatting, ever (they tried once but it didn’t work and Cassie never asked again), Cassie tells Nev and Max that the phone sex is amazing. Everyone is uncomfortable. Steve is wicked busy – he’s a rapper, yo (or as Cassie puts it “a very active recording artist and producer”) – slaving away in the studio so he hasn’t found time to come down from Atlanta to visit his betrothed.  Not suspicious at all.

Phone Sex messageHearing of others’ phone sex is just kind of ewwwwww.

As part of their pre-visit, potentially debunking Internet search, Nev and Max listen to some of Steve’s – oh sorry – “S-Killa”‘s songs.

S-Killa playlistFeaturing hits like “Never Gonna Stop…Lying to You”

nev and max listening part 1
Is this it?

Nev and Max listen to S-KILLA's songs
Wow that’s…not great.

They comment that given all the time he says he’s in the studio, the production value of the tracks is surprisingly low and they seem very amateurish. Then the ever-helpful image search reveals that the photos “Steve” has sent to Cassie are actually photos of the FB fan page of Deonee Arnez, aspiring model. Ouch.

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13 comments on “Catfish Recap: ‘Cassie and Steve’

  1. classy drunk classy drunk says:

    Some times I am sad for the girls then some times I am not. In this instance I was because it was her friend and she probably told “Steve” some thing that she didn’t need her girlfriend to know. I mean who wants their girlfriend to know what they wrote in a dirty text to their boyfriend.

    I get Cassie’s motives but as you said when Gladys wanted to involve MTV, Cassie should have come clean. But Cassie probably felt she was in too deep and the only way to get out of it was to let MTV out her.

  2. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Thank you for ‘capping this one! I love this show. On one hand I feel bad for the ones where it isn’t real, and on the other I don’t feel bad at all because they are so stupid for having a relationship without ever meeting and then airing it on MTV.

    I do agree – I felt really bad for her because it was her best friend. Ol’ Gladys should have fessed up. Her heart was in the right place, but what an idiot – she got a separate iPhone for “Steve” – save your money to get Tony some music lessons, baby!

  3. cub says:

    i read that mtv will not go ahead with your story unless the “catfish” agrees to be filmed. that makes sense to me because no one ever says no to meeting up or makes up an excuse that they can’t meet or just doesn’t answer the door (i can see myself pulling this cowardly move). so, i want to know, given that…is everyone reacting a second time for the camera? are just nev, max and the “liar” aware before filming? does anyone know?

    as for this episode, i loved when nev or max (i forgot which one) made a comment about how surprising it is that people are still being fooled after last season.

  4. queensmove says:

    I google image searched myself the other day. I’m a little upset no one has stolen my likeness yet.

  5. MissKris MissKris says:

    I still can’t believe that none of these people are doing their own research before contacting Nev. I have a friend who started an online relationship through Facebook, just like these people, and started getting suspicious, just like these people. She gave me his name and within 10 minutes I had him pegged as a fake complete with proof and the names of the people involved.

  6. Chaosbutterfly says:

    So normally, this is when I get mad at the Catfish or at the victim, but in this one, it’s hard to really fault anyone. Obviously Cassie was really messed up after losing her father and Steve kind of saved her. It makes sense that she would not want to look him up or otherwise disturb the illusion….if you’re in the ocean during a storm and a life preserver floats down from the sky, you don’t pop a hole in it. So she gets a pass.
    And then what Gladys did was fucked up and crazy and kind of Single White Female but when she explained it, I understood, so she gets a pass too.

    And honestly, I think it really says alot about their relationship that she loves her friend enough to do something so utterly ridiculous.
    The only thing that makes me wonder about what is really going on with Gladys is the fact that she kept the relationship going for so long and let it get that far. When she saw Cassie safely back onto the correct path, that would have been the time to end it with Steve. Or convert it to a friendship…have Steve say that he’s gay. Have him die. Have him kidnap Vivi-Anne from Ohio and run away to the wilds of Guatemala that she may run free at last. Something!!
    Why maintain the relationship for two whole years and then go so far as to recruit your cousin to have phone sex with her?
    Was Gladys listening to the phone sex? Why didn’t she just say no to the phone sex? Who’s idea was the phone sex?
    When the marriage proposal came, why didn’t she come clean or end the Steve thing there? She ain’t see she was in too deep then?
    And why didn’t Tony be like no this is wrong? How did Gladys get him to do this?!
    Why didn’t Tony admit to Cassie that he was Steve and he liked her earlier? Maybe she would have been more open to dating him.
    Poor Tony. I agree he is the only legitimate victim in all this. Especially because on top of the embarrassment of being on this show, his shitty music was exposed all over MTV for the world to hear.

    I think what I’m going to like most about this season is the way that Max is clearly over it. At this point, I think he still does Catfish just to entertain himself. He was calling Steve a liar the second he read the first line of the email. Not even trying to pretend like it’s possible in some alternate reality for the dude to be who he says he is. Meanwhile Nev is over here doing mental acrobatics trying to convince himself that the situation was at all plausible.

  7. amberatkins says:

    Can you imagine if she has to be in the same room with ol’ Cousin Tony again? AWKWARD.

  8. NouveauPoor NouveauPoor says:

    I’ve always thought you were awesome, but for you to have actually typed out all of your overthinking here was the best. What you just wrote is sort of what goes on in my brain ALL THE TIME. Thanks for sharing so I know I’m not alone!

  9. NouveauPoor NouveauPoor says:

    Also that was my first TT reply, so thanks for helping me navigate that handy feature! I almost don’t love it; how will we ever know who has the 100th comment?!?

  10. labowner says:

    Talking your friend into using Norplant never crossed this chicks mind?

  11. Roomom says:


  12. amberatkins says:

    Obviously fabricating a romance with a fake man is much easier!

  13. nolongerbre says:

    Wow, that was awesome. That is alll… oh wait, Free Vivi!

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