Minicap: Sister Wives

imagesWhat Kody thinks his wives experience when he gets frisky with them.

Howdy, Trashmii!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  And what a way to cap it off, with a new ep of Sister Wives!  A one-hour ep, by the way, that had about 10 minutes of actual action.  Par for the course on TLC!

In this episode, the Browns made a 4-day trip to Missouri to see a “Christian polygamist” family.  For some idiotic reason they have 2 RVs and a van.  Why not 3 RVs?  Or 4?

It’s the usual Brown cockup.  They get started late every day, then get into RV parks in the middle of the night.  They see what they consider roadside attractions on the way (Route 66) – which consist of 2 restaurants and a street corner that was in an Eagles song.  Abbey Road, it ain’t.  There’s an idiotic steak-eating contest that results in the Browns having to fork over – fork over, get it?  – $360 just for 5 dinners.   Paging Suze Orman!

Also as usual, Kody demonstrates his mad handyman skillz, and boy, does the sh-t hit the fan – literally.

Oh, and none of the Einsteins in this family know how to Google a weather forecast, and then someone (*cough QM*) bitches about wearing sandals in the snow.  Too bad her vocal cords couldn’t have frozen up . . .permanently.

Finally, Robyn adds to her ever-increasing list of things she doesn’t like:  Guys eating a lot of steak, and snow.  Let’s all hope nobody ever slips a pea under her mattress, or that will be the meltdown to end all meltdowns!

Much more in the full recap!  Join me back here for that, won’t you?

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