Minicap: RHOC

I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but Vicki is by far the most reasonable housewife this season.  And Brooks didn’t bother me this week.  Did one of you mail me some Oxys in the shape of Swedish Fish?  Knowing I have virtually no control over myself when it comes to Swedish Fish?  Probably not.  I’m catching up on “Nurse Jackie,” so my mind might just be in that space…  Anywho!  Onto the mini!

The big news this week is that one night of fun did not the Beador’s marriage fix.  Surprise, surprise.  Vicki forces them to go to lunch by themselves, and it actually seems to work.  They have an arduous heart-to-heart, but it seems like they’re on their way to fixing their marriage.  I hope.  Because I love them.  Vicki, for her part, spends most of the episode giving herself props for being so good at advising other people about marriage.  Again, I’d roll my eyes, but everything she said made sense tonight.  It’s so fucked up.

In other news, Tamra and Eddie decide they don’t want a  baby, the gym needs new floors and Ryan and Eddie aren’t really working together very well, Heather gets some dogs and Lizzie tries to get a store to sell her swimwear.  Guess which one of those I cared about?  If you guessed none, you’re a star!!!

See you tomorrow for the full recap – love!!