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Princesses Long Island Recap: Worst Intervention Evah | TrashTalkTV

Princesses Long Island Recap: Worst Intervention Evah

Hey y’all! Thanks so much for reading and commenting every week. I love all of the things you pick up on that I either didn’t know, missed or forgot to mention i.e. Babs and Amanda’s Flowers in the Attic-esque painting. Can’t you imagine Babs commissioning an artist for that? It was probably a 64 minute phone call; that’s not including the 37 minutes it took her to say “Hiiiiiiii…..”.

Last week, Erica wandered into a restroom with a strange guy to show him how her p**** works, thank you Brian McKnight, and Amanda was horrified that Erica would go anywhere with a man who didn’t hit on Babs first. Chanel has ominously stated at the beginning of the episode that there’s an old Jewish proverb that says if you know someone needs help and you don’t help them you’ll go to hell or get a Kia for your birthday or some other horrible punishment. Amanda arrives at Chanel’s house and wants to take her out so she can forget about her douchey ex. Chanel decides that she can’t waste time on him because her clock is ticking and her vagina is clicking.

Princesses Long Island 06.30.2013 Chanel making a wish
“You see that picture of Madonna’s African baby up there on my wall. Yep, my vag is clicking just like him.”

Princesses Long Island 06.30.2013 Amanda and the stuffed animal
“Maybe you need to change its batteries. It’s daylight savings.”

Speaking of spring forward, fall back, Chanel needs to spring into adulthood and get rid of those stuffed animals. Are you kidding me? No wonder she can’t get a man! If any of you are reading this whilst curled up with your Teddy Ruxpin…you’re welcome. Chanel asks about Erica because she’s supposed to go out with them. Amanda doesn’t say too much but implies that *wink wink* Erica is a drunken slut who’s probably tossing her cookies like she did her virginity at her 8th grade graduation party. They call and get her very professional voicemail that states she will get back at her “nearest convenience”. In her defense, she makes all of her return calls at the nearest convenience store. It’s got everything; beer, prophylactics, women seeking men seeking green cards.

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22 comments on “Princesses Long Island Recap: Worst Intervention Evah

  1. labowner says:

    Was this a filler episode? So loving Joey. Back tomorrow with more thoughts.

  2. amandalee27 says:

    Ugh Joey. Living rent free means your dad is paying your bills aka your rent, electricity, water, cable, Internet, phone, and most likely groceries. Yes, it may take a few years to get a company going, but who says you can’t work at least part time while doing it? And who exactly is paying those other bills that her dad doesn’t pay? Her dad is being realistic. She is living in his home and he has every right to ask what’s the endpoint.

    I like Ashlee. I think she has lupus. $5,000 on shoes is just wrong.

    How come we never saw Amanda with a drink hanky at the club or over the bottle of wine she brought to Chanel’s?? O, because they are retarded! Don’t try to tell us that cheap ass polyester is saving the earth. It probably is more damaging to the environment to produce that fabric than it is to throw away five napkins

    • SuzieZee says:

      Yea, people don’t say retarded anymore. It’s offensive. There are plenty of ways to snark on these fools without being offensive.

      • amandalee27 says:

        Certainly don’t mean to offend. A lot of people in my area still say retarded so maybe it’s a regional thing. And 99% of snarking on this site could be offense to some group…All in good fun.

        • MissKris MissKris says:

          I hope we’re not going to turn into a super-sensitive group. It’s just a word, only offensive if you let it offend you. Sticks and stones.

  3. TN Gal says:

    The best things about this show are your recaps and the shoe porn!
    That was the funniest, most useless intervention ever. These girls don’t have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the end.
    Thanks for a great recap!

  4. Annie says:

    Best line of the night:
    Gaga when talking about Erica’s “problem”: “plop-o’s”???
    Erica’s adderall twitches were in full effect during her oh-so intimate ass smelly discussion with Rob. Girl is a total mess.
    Ashlee needs to just marry her Dad and get it over with, already.
    I cant’t quite place my finger on why, but Casey sets off this weird “80,s Jazzersize Instructor” vibe for me.

  5. stinkyhousewives says:

    Terry Dubrow could make a fortune with these yentas!

  6. qupert says:

    Didn’t Amanda call herself Gaga…..when they were doing the photos….when she was talking about being inspired or something? I LOL’d and immediately thought of the recaps, haha

  7. Gypsy Gypsy says:

    This show is the worst show in the history of EVERDOM.!

    (No offense to you whatsoever L Boogie!)

  8. MissKris says:

    I haven’t finished reading the recap yet but yes, Annie, Erica was a twitchy mess when talking to Rob and the cameras have really zeroed in on that.

    I’m trying really hard to not be too judgmental about these girls looks. At first impression I thought the whole group was in general pretty unattractive, with the exception of Casey and Amanda. But as we get to know them better Casey has such a dud of a personality that she just seems plain to me. And Amanda has that oh so annoying lazy drawl way of speaking that just drives me nuts. It’s like the modern day version of Valley Girl speak. At least she hasn’t reached Kardashian level yet, where every single sentence ends as a question. When Ashlee is not TRYING to be cute and endearing she actually IS cute and endearing. If she’d stop with the “I want to be the Snooki of the show” antics she’d be much more bearable. Erica Erica Erica…get over it. You were pretty once, in high school, when it matters the least in the big scheme of things. You are no longer that person, your substances have already ruined your looks. Quite an achievement in your 20′s, usually it takes a lot longer than that. And Chanel is seeming OK to me now. Not sure about Joey, she seems soooooo familiar to me that I just watch her to see where I can place her, I feel like I’ve seen her in something else or she just really reminds me of someone that I can’t yet think of.

    So, yes, a show I hated from the start but grows on me a little more each week. Back to reading…..

  9. labowner says:

    Where to start with the mess this week.

    Chanel, you stopped being a friend to Erica when you thought bringing Casey along to an intervention was a good idea. What exactly has Erica done wrong that these Yenti’s need to all get up in her business?

    Ashlee you silly rollie pollie. You had a stroke and you have not lost weight, don’t seem to do any exercising and continue to wear high heels. I bet you don’t make it to see 40. What is your problem?

    Joey, don’t know if it was just the editing, but your marketing friend is creepy x10. I actually think Kissamint is a good idea. Although my heart dropped when I heard you say “indepedmint” woman. I cringed, then realized it was a play on the product name. I think when Joey said name one bill you pay to her dad, I think she was referring to Ashlee’s shoe shopping or any of the other shopping these chicks do on daddies/mommies dime. MO

    Casey – ugh what a miserable person you are. When Erica said you were just a waitress, I think she meant it as, you have no credentials to be discussing her drinking issues. Sorry after what you did, you deserve every low blow coming your way. Grow up and get the fuck over the hill.

    Ericaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd we’re wearing the same coloaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Cup hanky? What? I use napkins to catch the sweat off the drink. I also use them to wipe my mouth. How do I do that with your cup skanky? Where does the sweat from the drink go? Do I have to carry more than one? Is it like a chamois where it sucks water up like no ones business? Do you keep your bestie and Jeff away from each other in case there is a spark?

  10. Pyper Pyper says:

    @Miss Kriss.. I was thinking the same thing about Joey.. I finally had the light bulb go off and she reminds me of Jenna Morasca from Survivor…
    Casey has no personality AT ALL..dud..
    Erica is a hot mess.
    I can’t understand why Amanda is with that dweeb Jeff
    Ashlee I am on the fence about, her admiration for her father is a tad creepy
    and Chanel.. looks like we get a good freak out next week

  11. holyterror44 says:

    Ashlee’s head looks Cromagnon — one step removed from a chimp.

    • MissKris MissKris says:

      Like I said before I’m trying to not just focus on how these girls look but yeah, Ashlee has that Theresa Guidice forehead. She also has an old Jewish housewife face.

      Thanks for the help on who Joey reminds me of but that’s not quite it, I feel like I’ve seen her on some other show but can’t find out what. Which Mob Wife is Carla? Maybe that’s who she reminds me of. I’ve only seen that show a few times.

    • pls7180 says:

      Ashlee looks like one of the Moai statues of Easter Island. Same head:body ratio, and a face that looks like it was chiseled from slate with a sledgehammer. Charming.

  12. Wills says:

    That was the dumbest intervention EVER! You can’t intervene on someone when you are talking in circles. And someone like Erica needs it SPELLED out. That being said I kind of want to be friends with Chanel, she seems pretty cool! I would only be friends with Casey so she could hook me up at 1OAK.

  13. ohionancy says:

    I know this is late but she reminds me of a dark haired Tori Spelling

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