Princesses Long Island Recap: Worst Intervention Evah

Hey y’all! Thanks so much for reading and commenting every week. I love all of the things you pick up on that I either didn’t know, missed or forgot to mention i.e. Babs and Amanda’s Flowers in the Attic-esque painting. Can’t you imagine Babs commissioning an artist for that? It was probably a 64 minute phone call; that’s not including the 37 minutes it took her to say “Hiiiiiiii…..”.

Last week, Erica wandered into a restroom with a strange guy to show him how her p**** works, thank you Brian McKnight, and Amanda was horrified that Erica would go anywhere with a man who didn’t hit on Babs first. Chanel has ominously stated at the beginning of the episode that there’s an old Jewish proverb that says if you know someone needs help and you don’t help them you’ll go to hell or get a Kia for your birthday or some other horrible punishment. Amanda arrives at Chanel’s house and wants to take her out so she can forget about her douchey ex. Chanel decides that she can’t waste time on him because her clock is ticking and her vagina is clicking.

Princesses Long Island 06.30.2013 Chanel making a wish
“You see that picture of Madonna’s African baby up there on my wall. Yep, my vag is clicking just like him.”

Princesses Long Island 06.30.2013 Amanda and the stuffed animal
“Maybe you need to change its batteries. It’s daylight savings.”

Speaking of spring forward, fall back, Chanel needs to spring into adulthood and get rid of those stuffed animals. Are you kidding me? No wonder she can’t get a man! If any of you are reading this whilst curled up with your Teddy Ruxpin…you’re welcome. Chanel asks about Erica because she’s supposed to go out with them. Amanda doesn’t say too much but implies that *wink wink* Erica is a drunken slut who’s probably tossing her cookies like she did her virginity at her 8th grade graduation party. They call and get her very professional voicemail that states she will get back at her “nearest convenience”. In her defense, she makes all of her return calls at the nearest convenience store. It’s got everything; beer, prophylactics, women seeking men seeking green cards.

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