Possible Cast Members For Bravo’s London Real Housewives Show

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Hey Trashers, it’s been a pretty slow news and gossip day here, which is why I wrote 200 words on Justin Bieber dropping towels in a Vegas mensroom. Well I’m not taking it lightly. No, if there isn’t any news, then I’ll just make some up. Sorry. I mean I’ll speculate on possible news. Anyway I was just reading a story about possible cast members for Bravo’s new Ladies of London show, and thought you guys might like an early peek at some women you may be saying horrible things about sometime later this year. Does that make any sense? Could I have buried the lead any deeper in this paragraph. Don’t answer, we’re moving on.

The website for Irish Independent is running a story that says that lists the names of several women whose names are attached to the show right now, so why don’t we get to know them? And don’t talk to the screen, that was another rhetorical question. And it makes your cubemate jumpy. Anyway, here are the ladies.


Caprice Bourret possible Lady of London



Caprice Bourret, or as she is known in England, Caprice. That’s right, she’s so big she only has one name. Just like Cher, Madonna, Katrina, and Cholera. What? Those last two were a hurricane, and a disease? You know who I was talking about right? I rest my case.

Caprice has been a very successful model in the UK (hence the one name), and runs a very successful lingerie and swimwear company. She did a few movies for HBO, some UK soap operas, a mess of reality shows, and appeared in Rent and The Vagina Monologues in London. Oh and in my favorite part of her wikipedia page she appeared as the lead in the off-Broadway production of Debbie Does Dallas in Johannesburg. Off-Broadway? The only way it could have been more off-Broadway is if it run in Antarctica   Whatever, she still has stronger acting chops than Heather from OC.

Oh, and one last point of interest. Caprice wasn’t born in the UK. She’s from Hacienda Heights California, and is a former Miss Teen California. However, she moved to the UK in 1996, so look for her to have one of those weird clipped accents like Madonna (One name!), and Gwyneth Paltrow (Two names, but even more annoying!) picked up.

Caroline Stansbury possible UK housewife

Caroline Stanbury

Caroline Stanbury is almost a lock to be on the show seeing as Bravo is hyping it as being about women who have dated members of the Royal family, and she went out with Prince Andrew, way, way, back when. She also went out with Sylvester Stallone, an English footballer, and a hedge fund guy named Cem Habib, who she ended up marrying. She also runs what seems to be a very successful online gift company. And that’s all I’ve got. Moving on.

Noelle Reno Possible UK HousewifeNoelle Reno

(And the cast of the Muppets were never seen again )

(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Noelle Reno. Another model. Also from America. She’s from Seattle.  She’s regularly on The Fashion Channel a network that I am told reaches 350 million viewers, which I’m pretty sure means it comes with the basic cable package.

Her work and personal lives seemed to be gloriously intertwined.  In 2007 she went into business with her 45-year old fiance, American banking heir, Matthew Mellon, starting a fashion company Degree of Freedom. Less then a year later Noelle and her fiance broke up, and she was out of the company.

In 2010, Noelle went on to start another fashion line with iconic designer Zandra Rhodes, and this time Nicole’s new fiance wasn’t involved in the company. And that brings us to a whole other mess.

It turns out Ms Reno’s new fiance, a man named Scott Young is usually described as a former property magnate, and what is that other word that kept popping up in the articles? [checks notes, so wishes I had better handwriting] Ah yes, “fixer.”

Also it seems Mr. Young is involved in a rather messy divorce at this time. How messy? Well back in January he got a 6 month trip to jail for contempt of court. It seems that he is saying he’s broke, so old wife will just have to take a lump settlement of squat-o, and the court doesn’t really feel simply calling it “missing” adequately explains what happened to the 400 million pounds he had. Mr Young and Ms Reno are talking about getting married this Christmas, so Mazel! (By the way, yes, this is very Gretchen and Slade, only with way less Bistro crap from TJ Maxx in their apartment. At least I’m really hoping there’s a lot less bistro crap.) Anyway, moving on.

Annibelle Nielson possible UK Housewife

Annabelle Neilson

Annibelle Neilson is a 40-something British socialite. She was married to Nat Rothschild (Yep, one of those Rothschilds), but they divorced in 1998. She is a friend and is sometimes described as a muse of fashion designer Alexander McQueen. She’s done some modeling, written a children’s book, swam with sharks, and it sounds like goes to a lot of parties.Sounds a hellva of a lot more fun than Aviva. I say welcome to the show!

So that’s what the interwebs are saying about this. I think you could do a lot worse than these ladies. Show of hands, how many of you Housewives fans are ready to visit London?
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