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Minicap: Sister Wives | TrashTalkTV

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Minicap: Sister Wives

10415623_866269103400800_4680725437957609736_nWould you buy jewelry from these gals?  Me neither.

Howdy, Trashmii!  This week we had 2 half-hour episodes.  Of course, with two sets of opening credits, “previously on” and “coming up” bumpers, and replays of footage from years ago, that means we had about 10 minutes of actual new action.  If you’ve got to pad footage this much, TLC, it’s time to cancel this show.

In the first ep, the Browns got a decision from Stan’s VC company, proving Stan isn’t as sharp as I thought he was.  First, though, there was discussion about Christine’s boneheaded “complacency” remark from the presentation last week.  She didn’t realize it would be such a big deal!  Kudos to the Browns for rehearsing answers to questions they could have easily anticipated.  Oh wait, they didn’t, did they?

Meanwhile, the Queen Mum makes a trip to Utah, including a royal visit to her childhood home.  No one currently living in the home, or the 2 oldsters next door that the QM accosts, want to have anything to do with her.  I can’t imagine why . . .

QM is accompanied by a childhood “friend”, who she hasn’t seen in over 40 years, and whose father got QM’s father excommunicated.  Yep, sounds like a bosom buddy to me.

Back in Vegas, Janelle climbs a rock wall (something I’d be way too scared to do!) and does a good job at it.  Again, something I could never do.

The second ep was all about planning a Vegas-themed party for Kody, despite the fact that, as you might recall, he actually lives in Vegas.  It’s not so much Vegas-themed as a bizarre combo of playing cards and togas.  Plus QM dressed up as what I assume is the devil.  Typecasting!  Then everyone individually gets to “reminisce” about the bad old days and how hard it was to move and thanks to Kody for putting up with them blah blah blah shut up.

We also learned that Madison has a full scholarship to a college in Utah.  Funny how she manages to pay her own way with no fuss, no drama, no demands about going to a certain college.  But then Madison is Janelle’s daughter.  Apples don’t fall far from trees, do they?

Much more in the full recap, coming soon.  Join me back here, won’t you?

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4 comments on “Minicap: Sister Wives

  1. nettaboo says:

    Janelle has just raised amazing children. Maddie was class president of her high school. She got the scholarship to help pay for college in Utah and as soon as she got settled in at college according to her twitter account, she went out and got a job to help pay for her expenses. I’m beginning to wonder if these are Kody Brown’s children, they are so well adjusted and dilligent.

  2. Heather Keet says:

    Janelle has managed to raise some pretty great kids in spite of the useless genetic material that she is married too. Anyone else think she is just biding her time until they are all of age and then she is going to be all “peace, bitches, I’m out”? I know I sure as hell wouldn’t work every day just to support 4 other adults who all act like children.

  3. notwithoutmyTV says:

    Janelle’s continued participation in this family is her self-imposed penance after she sat down in a Utah Piggly Wiggly and binge-ate the Devil Dog display. She then paid the store manager with Mariah’s tuition. It’s gonna take a while to work THAT off. Janelle will be free and My Sister Wives’ Closet of Junk Jewelry and Novelty T-Shirts will turn a profit in just about the same timeframe.

  4. Heather Keet says:

    I bet she regrets those Devil Dogs…

    And Kody….

    Poor lady has suffered enough! Maybe we should set up a gofundme for her.

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