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L.A. Hair Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Beauty Bitch meets Beauty Bitchier | TrashTalkTV

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LA Hair Recap: Beauty Bitch meets Beauty Bitchier



Even Jesus cannot save Kim when it comes to pleasing Jonathan

Hello Trash Talkers! Time to chat about the latest visit to the salon. SO glad we finally have someone shoot Miss Kim down this episode besides Leah, although in her mind she will always be the grand diva of hair. Hang on to that thought, Kim. Just don’t leave your own salon where someone might beam you down to planet Earth and tell you you are wrong.

She is so much more likeable when she’s not busy being in love with herself.

Last week Dontay, Terry, Leah and Kim got back from Atlanta. Atlanta was good to all of them except for Leah. They styled the usual pretend celebrities while they were there and one real one. They also opened a test salon for one day only, to see how business would be in Atlanta. Business boomed, as did Kim’s voice every time some poor wannabe, or might have been, walked in the door. Meanwhile, Kim tried to hide the fact that she was glad she didn’t have to mess with any white hair in the meantime.

LA HAIR EP 5 Kim doesnt like Jonathan ha

Kim pretends to like white folks

Kim did her usual. She flounced around and pretended like she preferred wearing masses of fake hair to the real thing. Wigs flew off the shelves. People were desperate for miles of long hair and didn’t have their entire lives to grow it.

Leah announced a wig sales contest for the two stylists’ teams. Dontay and Terry both got to bring in an Atlanta stylist to work with them that day as a team. Not as their assistant, mind you. Terry hired a professional, obviously educated woman, while Dontay boasted about his fellow stylist, LaToya, a woman with painted on jeans who clearly had finished doing the walk of shame two hours before.

They behaved pretty much like they usually do in the salon in L.A. Dontay threw shade all day and acted like an imbecile. LaToya was so shady that she yanked one of Terry’s stylist’s clients right out of her chair. It was pretty clear as to WHY Dontay found her so appealing. She was as stank as him. Terry and his co-worker remained professional through it all. However, ghetto glamour was obviously what people were looking for that day, because LaToya and Dontay won the wig contest. Now women in certain parts of Atlanta will be wearing carpets on their heads, looking like something out of a twenty-five cent porn flick.

Leah had thrown a fit at the end of the day, after Kim did her big dramatic thanks for everyone who worked in the salon that day but Leah who set the whole deal up. Leah hit the road in a ball of fury.

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2 comments on “LA Hair Recap: Beauty Bitch meets Beauty Bitchier

  1. OhPuleeeze says:

    That Jonathan guy is obnoxious I remember him from other shows..but I loved the way he knocked Kim off her throne she has self-appointed herself to. The way she treats her sister is disgusting and I’m surprised her sister hasn’t walked out and stayed out. China is a horrible person and if she gets away with hitting Anthony or anything else because he said things she didn’t like when all she does is make horrible comments and throw shade all day long. I can’t stand the ugly skank.

  2. Floshizzle says:

    OhPuleeeze I agree I was elated that someone finally gave Kim a reality check. He may be up his own bum but so is she. Too funny about the wigs…I love Leah! The only reason why she sticks with Kim is because she’s extremely loyal to family is my take on it. No doubt she could have a successful career someplace else. China is ghetto through and through enough said! yellow stank. Fix the fried FRO already

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