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Mincap: Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- Doggy Blu's | TrashTalkTV

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Minicap: Keeping Up with the Kardashians — Doggy Blu’s


Something stinks

Hello again all you K-fans! Welcome to another episode depicting this hard-to-believe family. Oh, and thanks for all the comments from last week’s outing – I appreciate the feedback. And like I have said before, I cannot do this alone! We are in this together, come hell or high water.

So, this episode is chock-ful of sh*t, literally. And if you say, how is that different than the other episodes, I have to say it’s because we can actually see it on the screen. That’s right, Kendall’s dog Blu has been leaving little presents inside the house for the household members to step in and to clean up after. It is so bad that the smell has actually permeated onto the clothes that everyone keeps in the laundry room. When Kim goes out to lunch with her girlfriends, the odor coming off of Kim is so odious that they accuse her of either farting or carrying around North’s dirty diaper bag. Seriously. (Side note, don’t these people have people to clean up this kind of thing?)

The other story lines for this episode have to do with Scott’s mobile office (a rented Mercedes van) that he tools around in pretending to be working. And then we have Khloe and Kendall telling Kim that she is turning into Kris, and then Kim telling Kendall that she is a mini-Khloe. This leads Khloe to realize that she hasn’t been very nice to Kris, so she takes her clubbing. Check back in a day or two for the full recap. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here is last week’s recap:

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One comment on “Minicap: Keeping Up with the Kardashians — Doggy Blu’s

  1. scooby says:

    LOL can’t wait for you full story!. I do not pretend to keep up with the episodes although I once did. I now just watch parts to keep up with the gossip of that inbred clan. But I do believe in supporting the recappers because I just love this site and want to do all I can to keep it going. I don’t see any reason it would not go on without me (lol) but I still like to support the hard work and talent of you recappers!!! I can only lend that support to the shows that I keep up with regularly or the shows I at least try to follow enough to keep up with those I used to watch. Sorry but I do read all the others just don’t know enough about the show to give any snark that would not sound nuttier than snark is supposed to be. Trash Talk TV has been a site I have enjoyed for some time even if only reading. I have gotten into it more in the last few months.
    I can’t get over the Kardashians. I have been trying to figure out why we are so interested in these ppl since the first day they came on. ?? Still haven’t figured that one out. They do the same things we do only with a lot more money, their dogs shit on the floor like ours do only the floor cost more, they get their hair done like we do only it cost more and they hairdresser comes to their home, they even have that wish of having a million bucks and not have to do anything for it and it usually falls through just like our lives!!! Ha but they do it all with class! LOL

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