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Untying the Knot Episode 3 Recap: You sir are NO gentleman | TrashTalkTV

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Untying the Knot Recap: You sir, are NO gentleman

Untying the Knot ep3 Tim cries over shoes

The real Tim, but I prefer my Channing Tatum military fantasies

Hello Trash Talkers! Hope you are all feeling the love today, because that just isn’t happening with our newest couple. Their names are Tim and Kelly, and be warned this breakup may make you tear up. No, No, NOOOO! I do not want real feelings on reality television. Well, I will make an exception just this once.

Last week we got a chance to see one of the ugliest, most pompous men in Moneyville.

His name was Golan. Once upon a time, Golan, who was borderline cute, married a so-so woman named Jennifer. They got married and became rich. Unfortunately he got greedier, they both got richer but they continued to be poor in communication skills. She gave her boss a $250,000 loan and let him give her a shady passport of Anwar Sadat as collateral. Jennifer made the expensive mistake of not getting it appraised before accepting it. He made the mistake of cheating on her when the financial mistakes started occurring on both sides, so it pretty much led to the the collapse of the union which we refer to “til death do us part.”

Untying the Knot Ep3 full recap Gremlin

Golan at present

This is what they fought over and who won what:
Diamond necklace, a gift from Golan:

Jennifer got it. The resale value was $8,000 but she still had to give Golan $4,000 credit. What a jerk. It was a gift Golan!

Bill Mack painting:

The lovely Millea brothers appraised it at $600 and Jennifer got it.

Florida rental properties:

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17 comments on “Untying the Knot Recap: You sir, are NO gentleman

  1. scooby says:

    I’m sorry but did I forget a class in common sense sometime in my life??? Shoes? Shoes are clothing aren’t they? Does anyone have to put their clothing in the list of who gets me during a divorce? I have to ask why wasn’t his shoes on the list in Wegotta-splitzville? What about the dresser, the suits the UNDERWEAR??? I saw cut that bra in half and give one cup to him! Really now he was trying to take the shoes right off her feet. And this mediator acted like it was fair. I’m not mediator but if man wants to take his soon to be ex-wifes shoes, I’m gona say “sure bud, now drop your drawers.” I don’t care how expensive any piece of clothing is, you don’t get to take the shirt off someone’s back. That was personal items, clothing, and gifts by his own admission. What is hard about that? Gifts are no longer the property of the gifter. That was cheap and a big mistake on that mediator’s part. She failed in even allowing him to put shoes on the list. She was wrong? Now I can’t even think of getting a divorce. My hubby will get my flip flops and I am not risking parting with my favorite flips! And worse, how would he even know how to take care of my fuzzy bear slipper? They are mine I tell you MINE! Lord the things a man will think of when he is looking at how to re-coop his money. I say you did the booze, live her the shoes. Really now, I still can’t get over shoes being allowed on a splitz list in a divorce! That “I was a bad boy, it’s my fault” farce paled when he came back and “but I want her shoes.” I’d have just given him the shoes, each right on the top of his head! And as soon as the papers where signed, I’d kill him off and MY PENSION.

  2. scooby says:

    Uh that is supposed to be “what about the DRESSES (not the dresser), the suits…..”

  3. scooby says:

    My dream is to have an “edit button”.

  4. Floshizzle says:

    Hey scooby! I’m with you on the shoes. I’m surprised he didn’t go after her lingerie, even if it were Fruit of the Loom. What a pansy. She stuck by him through everything. I was very sad to hear how he went to Iraq and came back an asshole. However, he has been an asshole for years now and is damn proud of it. Quit making Marines look like p&@$:sies Tim! Only the biggest of pansies would go after a woman’s shoes and on top of that actually BITCH about the resale value as well. Are you kidding me??!!! The bitch in this episode was definitely Tim. Poor Kelly

  5. Floshizzle says:

    If the legalities of the matter is everything bought during the marriage(even gifts!) are up for grabs then marriage and the view of it(even when it doesn’t work out) has gone completely to hell.

  6. Floshizzle says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t want her prom dress.

  7. Stevie W. says:

    Yes this last episode hit pretty close to home for me. I have been watching someone very close to me go through a divorce in the last few years, three to be exact, yes three mostly due to the estate. But the look she constantly wore was the same one on this woman’s face, exhausted and just dying to be free. Most of what she was put through was due to him thinking just like the douches on this show, everything was his and she didn’t deserve any of it…. I am watching this show with a whole new view on divorce.

  8. scooby says:

    The appraiser bros remind me of that movie with Ben Stiller, about the male models, OH yes Zoolander wasn’t it? They walked up to the door and I was just waiting for the pouty face look into the camera. Ha I am waiting to decide whether I like them or not. But for now they make me laugh just watching them walking around and give each other that “I’m listening to every word you are saying” look. One bro did that a lot. He really was attentive to what his brother was saying!

    I think I actually like this show! So am I a reality show ho?

  9. churble says:

    I really felt for Kelly on this one. My ex (not ex husband, but we do have a kid together so the breakup was harder than my divorce) also spent a good amount of his military career deployed and came back a totally different person. Even with the PTSD counseling they offer at the VA, and some private counseling we also did, he wasn’t the same guy, and this new guy was angry and paranoid and really difficult to live with. It’s really hard not to feel guilty when you decide you can’t do it anymore in that situation. Because technically it’s not his fault, and you know what kind of things he’s gone through that got him to that place, So even though you know that you’re making the right decision for everyone because no one is happy, it still feels like you’re punishing him for having gone through something really difficult. This one was hard to watch,

  10. Floshizzle says:

    Stevie W. I’m sorry this episode hit so close to home! Definitely not the funnest the watch because of the look on her face alone. Did he have to go after her shoe collection? That was pure asshole behavior. I’m sure things have been rough enough. Very sad situation

  11. Floshizzle says:

    churble so sorry you had to go through all that! Big hugs. I’m sure that was heartbreaking. I definitely understand how someone might feel guilty about the divorce because of what their spouse has gone through during deployment, but if you give it years and there is No change whatsoever what can you do? How long was he in deployment before this happened? Did it happen gradually with each deployment? I hope you have found your happily ever after and kudos for doing everything to make it work.

  12. Floshizzle says:

    Yes scooby you are indeed a reality show ho! Hahahaha I have to say I cannot believe it took this long for a divorce show to go on the air! Dumbest wedding show: Say yes to the Dress or wait….My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! Ugh. Zzzzzzzz

  13. Floshizzle says:

    Just wanted to thank you guys for your comments! Post away. This show is such a refreshing change although the last episode was sad. It’s still great to see NEW material!

  14. scooby says:

    Yes Flosh…, I do think I have the RH factor (Reality Ho factor) in my blood. LOL You know I watched the Kardashian’s faithfully for years (don’t ask me why or how I stomached that) until Kim married the last husband, Lurch. I suspected it was a fake wedding just for ratings but when I found out it was for real….I said that was enough! It’s one thing to leak your own sex tape to marry someone for ratings is pretty low. Anyway the sad thing is, I still keep up with those inbreeds. Ha that is sad indeed. I can’t watch that one regularly but I still try to view enough to keep up with the haircuts and exciting happenings like that! When Bruce began to start looking more like a little old lady instead of a man, I find I can hardly even get through a whole episode now.

    Think I am going to really like this divorce show though. It appears to have more variety since there will be different personalities on every show. So far, it is pretty interesting and you have done it justice with the recaps. There will be times like this episode that it is sadder but got a feeling it will be a lot of dumb superficial people to come thru the show. It’s always fun to see ppl like that suffer. Bad thing: they don’t suffer like we do…emotionally… they don’t get that kind of pain. But seeing them depart with material items will be fun, that is where they hurt. I’m bad I know but when ppl take emotional pain out of times they should have emotional pain, and replace it with greed, selfishness, and conceit then I will relish in seeing them lose what is close to their heart!

    How terrible to be a person that finds joy in someone else’s pain, but I just can’t help it with superficial butts.

  15. cleoiam says:

    After watching the episode w/ Tim & Kelly, I now understand why municipalities are in such shaky financial footing. Tim is a firefighter in his 30′s and he lives like a mogul. They have two homes that I’m guessing are valued at $500-700K and his wife has a collection of Christian Louboutin shoes. I don’t know people in the private sector who live like this. You can’t pay police officers & firefighters $100k-200k a year and then give them pensions that pay 90% of their salary for the rest of their lives. It’s not sustainable.

  16. Floshizzle says:

    cleoiam the spending habits between Tim and Kelly were out there, I agree. I wonder if he has always been a spender like this or what? Regardless, the entire situation with him leaving and coming back treating so horribly was very sad. Sniff!

  17. Marcia Jaffe says:

    Golan and Jennifer needed a marriage counselor, not a mediator. They still love each other. It couldn’t be more obvious.

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