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Catfish Recap: Solana and Elijah

Hello Trashtalkers! Max was correct this week when he said that hair would be a very important part of this episode. Overall I thought it was great; we had a VERY suspenseful meet up, a lot of Hot Topic inspired outfits and eye-shadows, big cat tattoos and a courthouse wedding! Let’s get right into it.

This week Max and Nev are helping Solana, an 18 year old girl from Ocean View, Delaware. Solana is really cute and sweet with a large wardrobe of funny print pants.  You can tell she has been planning her Catfish outfits for weeks. She tells the guys that she has been talking to Elijah, a 20 year old emo kid in Minnesota off and on since she was 14 years old. They became boyfriend and girlfriend before his MySpace account was deleted and he completely disappeared for two years. Then, he messaged her on Facebook and they rekindled their romance. Obviously they don’t video chat or talk on the phone. If they did then we wouldn’t be here. To complicate things, Solana has a great boyfriend in Delaware named Danny. She wants to know if she should move on with her life or move forward with Elijah.

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The guys video chat with Solana and recap what they know already. She says that Elijah doesn’t have a phone and Max immediately questions if she really believes that. Everybody has a phone Solana, even Antwane had his Obama phone. Solana’s boyfriend Danny says that he supports Solana and understands that she needs answers before committing fully… sad face. Max sees this as trouble  and says this cyber courtship needs to end, and Solana pipes in, “Or start!”. Ohhh no. The guys are off to Delaware.

Solana works at a salon and I get the feeling she would get along really well with Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2. Max and Nev are off to investigate Elijah while Solana is “scared excited”. Investigation time! Who’s the guy in the pictures? The phone number that she once had for Elijah is registered to a woman named Denise. They immediately grasp on to the idea that Solana has been talking to a girl pretending to be the Elijah. When they look up Elijah’s Facebook profile, there are like 100 Facebook profiles with “(Elijah Prok)” after their name. Nev thinks that name and mop combo may just be the embodiment of all emo dudes on the Internet.  Yes and no. They find his YouTube videos as well.  He makes lots of scary screaming noises and then says to hit him up on Skype, yo! That’s pretty Gizmodo for someone who told Solana he doesn’t have a cell phone and can’t video chat. Red flags.

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Nev and Max meet up with Solana to tell her that she has probably been talking to a girl this whole time. Oh, and Elijah Prok has a bunch of YouTube videos so that whole no video chatting thing he told you is a lie. Right at that moment Elijah sends her a text and Solana gets him to agree to meet up with her and the Catfish crew. Then he texts her “What if I am not what you imagined?”…Eek.

Solana puts on her galaxy pants and the crew is off the Minneapolis to meet up with Elijah! The next day in Savage, MN Solana can’t tell if she is having a heart attack or dying on the inside. Could be both. But now she is wearing Beetlejuice pants. They knock on Elijah’s door and a really creepy guy answers the door. He says that he’s Joshua, Elijah’s brother. This is his mothers house and invites the group in to meet Elijah. There is no apparent reason why Elijah would have not answered the door himself and everyone is put off.

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11 comments on “Catfish Recap: Solana and Elijah

  1. Sue says:

    When Elijah came up the stairs I actually yelled to my husband “That’s that Josh guy in a wig!” partly because they did look a little alike and partly because I so wanted it to be true.

  2. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    I watched this recorded and I rewound and rewatched a few times because I thought it was Josh. I also thought everyone was going to have to rub the lotion on their skin.

  3. Big Pink Box says:

    I don’t think she’s keeping Elijah as some kind of fall-back, he’s just someone who has helped her through some difficult times, and is her best friend. It’s not like getting married means no more [gender you're attracted to] friends. That tattoo though? Jebus, I wouldn’t even do that with my fucking wife, let alone my former MySpace crush.

    I totally thought that the guy coming up the stairs was his brother with a bad wig on. When he talked about going to get him I actually thought given Elijah’s worry that Solana would be disappointed, that he might be a wheelchair user. I totally expected him to roll out from one of the doors in the living room, because a lot of us gimps use lifts. Basements in the US seem to be pretty roomy, so it made sense to me that he might live down there. Alas, he just had developmentally disabled, all flailing everywhere, and helplessly stuck in 2002.

  4. Big Pink Box says:

    Arse. That’s what I get for posting before caffeine.

    Alas, he just had developmentally disabled hair, all flailing everywhere, and helplessly stuck in 2002.

  5. Chaosbutterfly says:

    LOL yesss I definitely thought Elijah was just Joshua in a wig and a change of clothes. I was actually hoping it was him because that would be the best ending to catfish ever. Slightly disappointed to discover that Elijah and Joshua were in fact brothers and everything checked out.

    But even Elijah came off a little creepy to me. It could just be that he’s shy and doesn’t get to meet alot of girls, but he just seemed strange. Like how long has he been plotting out that tattoo idea? He just sprung it on her mad smooth, with the imagery and symbolism planned out and everything, so I know it wasn’t spur of the moment for him. And didn’t he also ask if she had to go back to the hotel at the end of the night?

    Nev and Max are starting to jump at shadows. When they tried to glom onto the idea that Elijah was Denise, all I could do is roll my eyes. Denise is like 33. She has like 10 something years on Solana.
    I’m sure that if Solana was talking to a woman 10+ years older than her, even at the age of 13 or whenever she met Elijah on myspace, she’d freaking notice
    Max is still cute but Nev’s stupidity is starting to infect his brain. :(

  6. churble says:

    I am so so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Josh just threw a wig on. I was ready for some serious Norman Bates level crazy and then I realized it’s not a wig, just ridiculous hair that everyone seems really impressed with for some reason. It’s not that great, guys. My dad has hair that is the color and texture of steel wool and he wears it in a crazy poofy ponytail, nobody’s stealing his pictures.

  7. Charlotte says:

    I agree with all of the above. I was thinking the brother would walk in with an emo wig. I guess there are people on the net that are honest.

    This was one of the creepy episodes. Elijah seemed kind of weird or slow. I couldn’t put my finger on it. The tattoo thing was to much for me personally and her husband is very understanding. I’m not so sure I would have done the same thing.

    I don’t think I would marry a man who traveled to meet a possible crush and got matching tattoos.

  8. notwithoutmyTV says:

    Elijah is the definition of “fallback”.

  9. Limey T says:

    Aw man I was GUTTED it wasn’t the brother in a wig, I had to rewind and look pretty closely. I’m guessing the producers told Elijah not to answer the door for more suspense. I’m quite glad it wasn’t the brother the long run though as he looks quite a bit older and if they started talking when Solana was 14 that would be creepy as.

    Also, I’m probably not the best person to ask as it’s taken me 9 years of a relationship to get married (still not done yet – 2 months to go!) but how do you go from ‘I don’t know what I want to do with my life’ to getting a permanent mark for one guy drawn on your body and then making a life long commitment to another… In 2 months?! Just hella impulsive or dependancy issues? I wish her the best she seems very sweet but married at 18 to a bloke you weren’t sure of 2 months earlier seems a little silly…

  10. Chaosbutterfly says:

    P.S. I was chatting with my sister about this ep of Catfish and she also thought Elijah was Joshua in a wig lmao..

    I love that so many people thought the same foolish thing independent of one another.

  11. Justin Bienvenue says:

    It was Joshua in a wig. They never proved it wasn’t. When they whole family was introduced Joshua wasnt there because he was being Elijah, Catfish Catfished Everyone

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