Bad Girls Club Recap: The One where Britt Bores Us All


The actual title of this episode is Reddemption.

That was such a misleading title. I was expecting to see Redd be redeemed, or at least get the same treatment she has been dealing out. That would have at least been entertaining. Instead, it was the most boring episode to date because it centered so much on the most boring person in the house, Britt.

Seriously, Britt is even worse than Stephanie was last season with her total irrelevance. She doesn’t do anything but follow everyone else’s drama. She doesn’t think that there is anything about her that needs to be improved, so she has no need for the life coach. Basically, I don’t understand why she is there.

It starts out kind of light hearted. Aysia, Loren, and Britt are exercising while Redd eats and watches them. Aysia is happy to be given a chance to interact with everyone again and it does look like she is starting over with a clean slate as far as the ridiculously petty bullshit goes.


Jada is trying to work on herself by getting back into her music.


Look guys, I just don’t believe that everyone is meant to be a talent. And, Jada is definitely not a talent. Her lyrics and “rapping” are awful. Not as bad as some of the stuff I’ve seen and heard over the years by others, but definitely on the awful scale. But, I will say this, she is trying to take something that gives her comfort and work with it. It doesn’t appear that she is trying to become a rapper. She just seems to take solace and building her confidence by coming up with raps.

She talks to Aysia about it and Aysia is game to listen. She is just so happy that people are talking to her without standing on furniture, or threatening her with violence, or calling her names,  that she is willing to give anyone a chance.

aysia-jada-lyricsSo, you rap? That’s cool. Can I read some of it out loud? I know we got in a fight my first night here, but at least you are being nice to me without wanting to have sex with me. So, let’s be friends.

For some reason, Britt is really annoyed with Jada. It’s never really made clear why she is so annoyed with Jada since, like the rest of us, Jada barely even notices that Britt is there. But what is clear is that Britt spends an inordinate amount of her time thinking and talking about Jada.

britt-being-boringI wonder what Jada is doing right now. I hate her. Is she wearing shorts with her ass hanging out too? If she is I am going to call her a broke down ho. I wonder what she is doing…


Jada calls up Britney – the lesbian that she met at the strip club. Jada admits that she has no interest in Britney sexually, but she loves her positive energy.


I do hope that Jada is being clear about that with her, because mixed signals are a bitch – she should have learned that just from her dealings with Redd. I also think that Jada needs a body pillow or a stuffed animal because her need to cuddle is really showing how starved for affection she is.

The girls all go out and Britney meets up with them. Britt is annoyed that Jada isn’t calling herself gay, or something. Then, she is annoyed that Jada’s outfit is skimpy and, she doesn’t like the way Jada is dancing at the club. When Britney comes back and sleeps in Jada’s bed, Britt is again annoyed about – I don’t know, maybe the gay/not gay thing, maybe the short shorts, maybe because she is totally hating for no reason other than she needs to step it up as far as a story line?

The life coach comes to the house. Redd meets up with her first.


Redd: I have already decided that I am not a bully anymore. So you can’t call me a bully just because I was bullying somebody a few hours ago.

She talks about the fight she had with Jada. She says that she USED to be a bully, and Laura wins a point by saying, “you mean you were a bully five hours ago?” Redd does not like being called on her controlling and manipulative behavior and pretty much bombs the session.

Alex is up next and there is some serious fourth wall breaking happening. We discover that Alex actually cares too much about what her family thinks to do anything to rock the boat in the house.


Laura: So, you have a family that would actually care about your behavior in the house?

Alex: I’m not sure if they would care, but I don’t want to embarrass them.

The rest of the world: Why are you on this show?

This, in the normal world, would be a good thing. I mean to actually care about your family’s reactions to your behavior on national television has to be a reality show first. But, it also begs the question of why sign on to do a reality show in the first place.

My girl Blu is up next. Laura makes a deal with her. She can see that Blu is a true leader.

blu-life-coachYou’re my GIRL BLU! Will you do my job for me? 

She asks Blu to help her with the other girls as a means of Laura helping Blu with her own issues. It sounds more convoluted than it actually is. See, Blu is reasonable and can translate what the life coach is saying to these bitches in a language that they will actually understand. In doing so, Blu is helping herself because she is learning from the process of helping the other girls and opening up about her own vulnerabilities in the process.

In the long run, I DO think this is a good idea because the girls will be much more willing to listen to Blu than they will a life coach. Plus, I don’t buy the whole life coach thing. These girls need actual therapy from a licensed therapist or a board certified mental health professional. Laura is just there to give them a push but she can’t really help them because they don’t trust her and she is a life coach and not someone who can actually help them.

But, it works because Blu, doesn’t need to trust her. She will just decide whether or not what Laura tells her makes sense and move on from there. Maybe Blu is the producer plant, and that is why she is so awesome? This boring ass episode has me confused. I have spent so much time trying to find something interesting about it that I have given motives to a fucking life coach. And let’s face it, the only motive a life coach has is making money.

Blu meets up with Redd to talk about the session. Redd talks about how she used to be a bully, and Blu informs her that she still is. At first Redd balks, but Blu asks her what she would do if her little cousin (or someone else she cares about) was being treated the way Redd treats people in the house. This conversation happens in two parts.

blu-talks-to-reddBlu: You are a bully bro. Seriously, non-bullies don’t act like you do.

Redd: I never thought of it that way.

Blu: do you think the producers set this up because our names are Blu and Redd? Wait, you probably don’t know anything about politics. Stop being a bully.

Redd: ?


Redd: So, you are saying that I should imagine myself or someone I care about being treated the way I treat people?

Blue: Yes!

Redd: Why were you talking about our names being colors and politics?

Blu: It’s not important bro. Just stop being a bully.

Redd: OK. I really never thought of it that way.

Suddenly, it clicks for Redd that she is a manipulative bully, and she does need to work on how she interacts with people – especially people that she considers to be weaker than she is. She even says that she never thought of it that way. I scream at the TV – “Because you are a bully!”

Laura wants Jada to be more willing to speak up for what she deserves and encourages her to keep using her music to learn more about herself – or something. I had a hard time following that part because I was drinking heavily. I *think* there was a discussion about her deserving respect?


Loren’s exercise is the most helpful as far as I can see. Loren seems to be unaware of how angry she gets over really petty bullshit. It bugs me, because they are basically saying that she is such a simple country girl, but I digress.

Laura has her list all the things that annoy her as she writes them down. When Loren looks at all of the stuff that has been written down (like the X on her face, or someone eating her noodles, or when people look at her too long), she realizes that she does need to learn to let go of the little shit and vows to work on it. I’m simultaneously embarrassed that she comes from my home town and proud that she finally had a realization about how ridiculous she has been acting. I’m still not quite sure if she is acting out for the cameras, though.

loren-starts-to-get-itMaybe it will prevent the heart attack that she is destined to have at age 35.

Aysia’s session was kind of  interesting to me.

When Aysia first came in to the house, I would not have tagged her for having issues with her confidence (even if it wasn’t sincere). She seemed to hit it off with everyone at first. She didn’t have any problem going head to head with Jada. It was only after the relentless bullying that she seemed to shut down. So, Laura points out that the way she walks and carries herself makes her a target because it is obvious that she has no confidence. Again, though, that wasn’t an issue when she first arrived.

chin-up-aysiaBuck up little camper. Otherwise, everyone will know you are an easy target.

Finally, we get to boring ass Britt. I had to take a big sigh before recapping this shit.

Britt has already said that she doesn’t need to fix anything about herself. I disagree.

britt-being-boring-with-life-coachPlathAddict: Hey Britt, You need to develop a personality; you need to choose a better foundation for your makeup, and, you really need to stop obsessing about Jada.

See, I can be a life coach too!

Laura asks Britt the question we have all been asking, why is she in the Bad Girls Club? Britt says that she wanted to show the world what a real bad girl is.

I guess sitting around, involving herself in other people’s drama, and basically being about as interesting as lawn furniture is what real bad girls do, according to Britt.

Laura tries to give Britt some things that she could work on to improve herself, but Britt doesn’t care and is not interested.

Look, if you are on a show that is basically about drunk hos fighting, there is definitely something wrong with you.  So… She may need to look at that and re-think her answer. I just think that Britt may need to do an evaluation of her life and try to figure out whether or not she is doing things the right way.

Britt says some other nonsense about no one in the house being willing to challenge her.  That confuses me because why would anyone challenge her? They barely notice she is there unless she is cosigning their petty drama.

Laura – she is a producer plant after all – puts the idea in Britt’s head that she actually wants someone to challenge her. Suddenly, Britt sees a story line for herself.

britt-sees-a-storylineSo, what you are saying is that I am boring and need a story line? I befriended everyone in the house. But..There is one bitch that everyone has had issues with…

She will get someone to challenge her so that she can have a fight and therefore be relevant. Since she has already said that she won’t bully Aysia anymore, and she knows that Alex won’t challenge anyone, she has decided it has to be Jada. It’s not like there is anyone else left.

Jada is singing in the shower. Redd and Britt lead the rest of the girls in to hear it and make fun of her for it. Who expects people to hear them sing in the shower? It makes no sense.

Redd and Britt go out to run errands. Britt, who is super focused on Jada as a possible story line, tells Redd that Jada speaks differently depending upon who she is talking to.

I haven’t actually seen this because Jada seems to use the faux gangsta accent whether she is talking Britt, Alex, or anyone else in the house. But, it shows just how much Britt is thinking about Jada – who, so far, still has yet to even notice Britt as anything other than set dressing.

The producers try to lighten the mood by using a REALLY old joke about the difference between the way you talk normally and the way you would talk in an interview, with Redd as the narrator. Not to get all Steve Martin on you guys, but I really was born a poor black child, in the South no less.

So, I know – just like every other black person in the US – that there are ways to talk to the people you chill with versus the people you don’t. It’s called a survival instinct – you adapt to your surroundings.

With the exception of Alex, Blu, and Jada, every single one of these bitches talk to LifeCoachLaura in a completely different way than the way they talk to each other. I go from disliking Britt to hating her because it is obvious to me that she is trying to create some kind of race-related hatred against Jada with this remark. But, I also laugh because it shows just HOW much she has been thinking about Jada.

They go to a photo shoot for BGC publicity and it looks like they have a lot of fun. Alex is definitely in her element. It really looks fun and I think how cool it is that they are just enjoying themselves and interacting with other people.

alex-photo-shoot aysia-photo-shoot blu-photo-shoot loren-photo-shoot redd-photo-shoot jada-photo-shoot

But, then the editors do some really weird voice overs when it comes time for Jada’s solo photos. Like, they splice in some guy saying turn off the fans when Jada’s hair and dress start flying all over the place. There was another segment that I can’t remember that also seemed obviously spliced in after the fact.

One of the things I like about this show is that the girls are so secluded that they don’t know how the audience is going to react to their on-film antics. The ones who were loved the most in the house realize how trifling they actually are, or the ones who, like Redd thought they would be great comically, realize that the audience isn’t looking for another Tanisha – seriously, one is enough. But, I don’t like when the editors/producers feel the need to choose sides in the house pile up to try to influence us.

Do they not realize how long we have been watching reality television? Do they think we can’t tell when they splice in an obvious voice over? It’s kind of infuriating.

Jada admits to Blu that she can feel that people don’t like her and it’s hard for her to be herself around everyone because of it. I actually think this is the same thing that was happening with Aysia. The more people piled on, the more she started shutting down and stopped showing her true personality. Why put yourself out there if all you are going to get back is hate? I hope that  Blu actually picks up on this and doesn’t just go along with the hate.

I want to keep liking her.

On the way back home in the limo, the girls talk about how drained they are. Alex asks if anyone minds if she gets on the computer. Everyone is joking about it and asks why she is even asking. If she wants to get on the computer just get on the computer. Someone – it might have been Jada – says that she can only get on if she gets to it first. The reason I take the time to recap that scene is because, while what happens next is very petty, Alex never actually called dibs on the computer.

So, they go into the house and Jada races Alex to the computer and sits down.

computer-race jada-computer

I got the initial impression that she was just joking and was about to get back up and tell Alex as much, but everyone started calling her out for being petty. And, since Jada has not backed down from any confrontation in the house, she gets her hackles up and begins arguing back with everyone.

Alex doesn’t even care about any of this. For her, this is just petty bullshit and she is perfectly willing to wait five minutes to get on the computer.

Seriously you guys, I honestly thought that Alex knew that Jada was just fooling around until it became a thing. The fact that Jada and Alex hang and seem to be friends (for now) also sways me in that direction. But, now it has become a thing and Jada feels the need to defend herself while Alex stands there looking bored.

Did anyone else notice that Alex didn’t even try to say anything until Britt brought her name into the conversation? Britt was all, “Alex sit down and use the computer,” and Alex looked like she was trying to say something firmly but it was drowned out by Britt and Jada’s yelling. I think the producers simply turned down Alex’s mic because they think we like Britt, or they did at the time of filming/editing.

I should admit to you guys that I was totally prepared to love Britt. But, she has pulled a Stephanie/Jazmone on me. Started out reasonable, but ended up just being a fly on the wall/bully for the camera time.

Britt sees this as her chance to shine. So, she dons her “captain save- a-ho” cape and launches into a verbal attack on Jada. Jada, quite reasonably, points out that Alex is a grown woman and if she has a problem she is perfectly capable of saying something to her. Both Jada and Alex know that this is not about Alex or the computer. Alex just goes outside to smoke – smart girl, and I’m liking her more and more.

This is about Britt trying to make a moment happen. She keeps talking about how she is going to explode or something. So, Jada says, “maybe you should.” And that shit was honestly so funny because Jada seems to be absolutely confused about what Britt’s problem is, but she knows that Britt is trying to have a moment and she seems to be willing to let her have that moment if it will make the ho shut up. Meanwhile, Britt is yelling and screaming as though her spot on the show depends on it.

Loren realizes that this is what she must look like going into a rage over some nonsense, and decides she is going to stay out of it.

Redd tries to get Britt to see that this isn’t worth it (by making it about Jada not being worth it) and makes her walk away.


Alex, who was completely over it, is still outside smoking when Britt comes out and starts talking about how she can’t tolerate Jada anymore. Alex tries to get her to see how ridiculous the whole thing is, but you can see Britt plotting.


And, that’s pretty much where it ends.

So, my take on all of this is that Britt came in and thought that she would be a fan favorite because all of the girls seemed to think she was cool. But, she noticed that Jada was getting more attention than anyone else in the house.  Almost every physical altercation and every dramatic conversation in some way related back to Jada. So, she is trying to up her relevance by attacking Jada.

Next week looks interesting because it appears that Jada is now public enemy number 1 in the house, but I can’t figure out why.  Looks like lots of fights and Loren relapses into attack mode. They also make it look like Jada may be leaving the house. I truly hope that is not the case. I want her to stay just so we can get some bad rapping out of her. Plus, I love that Britt hates her so much for no reason. It at least gives Britt something to do, even if she is still too boring to do anything entertaining with it. Plus, Diamond shows up and tells Blu that she hates Aysia.

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you find Britt the least bit entertaining? Do you think that she is making a play for relevance by going after the girl that has gotten the most attention so far? What about Jada? Do you think she deserves the animosity she is receiving? Do you think Redd has been redeemed enough to have an episode titled this way? What are your thoughts on Blu and her willingness to help the Life Coach reform these bitches? How do you think she will handle the problems between Diamond and Aysia?

Tell me all about it in the comments!