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I Wanna Marry “Harry” Recap: It’s over

body language

Ok, finale time.  Kids, we are rounding the final turn.  Hang in there with MisRed.

It’s down to Katrina the star-f*cker, Kelley the Glen Close Fatal Attraction Impersonator and Kimberley who, frankly, seems almost normal.

kelley i'll fix karina
Just two more girls to kill and eat and I WIN

Kelley tells us, or at this point she could be talking to herself, “Going home is not an option for me; I want to move to England tomorrow, these other girls don’t know what they are dealing with.”  I hope this chick is on MI5’s radar.  Both Kimberley and Karina think Kelley is nuts. And Karina thinks she could get VERY used to this lifestyle.

The show announcer lets us in on a secret, there is a twist, if Not Harry chooses a girl, tells her the truth and she stays with him for him, they get $250,000 to split.

Not Harry knows he will have to reveal his secret but he’s emotionally invested in this now.  This has been a big risk and he really hopes they like him for him.

The girls go down to the dining room for breakfast.  Kingsley comes in and says that this evening one of them will be leaving.  And to help Sir decide he has arranged dates for all of them in London. Wooo Hooo, they finally get out of this hell hole!

Kelley is jealous because the other girls have a physical connection with Not Harry and she doesn’t.  She’s going to do whatever it takes to get him.  Why do I feel someone is going to be skinned alive?

They all take off in a helicopter and land in London.  In the car Kelley wonders aloud “I wonder what Kate Middleton is doing today?”  

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14 comments on “I Wanna Marry “Harry” Recap: It’s over

  1. itchy itchy says:

    Since I wasn’t able to watch these last few episodes, I’m really thankful for your recaps! Whew!

    Wonder how these two wacky kids are going to handle the long-distance dating thing?

  2. KegLovesNorway says:

    Once I realized all episodes were up, I debated whether to binge watch and get it over with, going so far as to go to the site….but then I realized you did it for me and all I had to do was enjoy your hilarious recaps. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Pegalicious says:

    MisRed, I second KegLovesNorway’s sentiments. I really appreciate your sacrifice in sitting through EVERY SINGLE EPISODE — and not just sitting through them paying half-attention (or, perhaps, tenth-attention), but having to actually WATCH the “action” and take notes.

    I know you volunteer your services for TrashTalkTV, but I hope they make counseling available for recappers who have to watch dreck like this!

  4. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Boy, talk about going to with a whimper.

    Does this mean that we’ll never find out if they are still together?? I suppose I could Google it, but eh. Not worth the effort.

    Big hugs and props for you putting up with this. I just hope Kelley doesn’t see these – she may want to boil your bunny too just for the hell of it.

  5. PattiPrincess says:

    That’s it?!! That’s the ending? Watched, sort of, 1and 1/2 episodes. I just caught up on this via your fall-on-your-sword recaps. You deserve a medal. You know what really turned me off on this show (I’m sure y’all can’t wait to hear this…) the whole “is he/isn’t he/WHO is he?” plot line. Done! From previews this show already sounded ridiculous but I thought they, the Further Worsening of American Dum-Dum Skanks Stereotype Club, already were told before the show began that it was Prince Harry and then they were supposed to go after him American Style! For some reason THAT wrinkle made it too stupid for me? Of all things, right?

    But! After binging on these recaps, Orange is…New Black, eat your heart out, I’m outraged that “someone” got away with selling us this show. I’m wondering about the new power in low rent TV? Peeps like R.S. And Harvey L.. They seem like greedy fellas, more so Harvey, but I’ve enjoyed their offerings until now-ish. (Famous in whatever isn’t even shown on my tv deal in Chicago but I see the shameless plugs on TMZ, which I watch, so no boycott, enjoy Devil Harvey).While I am overwhelmed and impressed by both of their separate successes, it seems right now they are both so seemingly in the ponds happily procuring scum. They are under no obligation to be upper class or even regular middle class and I’m all for them making as MUCH money as possible, all for that! but do they have to produce such dreck? Not even up to minimal entertainment? Or even mediocrity? Well the K’s are solid mediocre and I will occasionally watch in my lovely kitchen as I bake for my sweetie just like Kim probs. does all the time) The reality game is obviously mediocrity at best (sorry:Tamra,Aviva,NeNe…) I’m just politely disgusted by these two “Producers-of-junk” at the moment. But I love their moxy.

    This show was unwatchable. I wish Mr. S. went in a different direction. And I would know! I ‘m a completely talentless woman that wants to remain a totally gorgeous housewife who knows nothing about how to make even one successful TV show. So I KNOW, right?

  6. Thalia says:

    I LOVED IT. Oh lord. By episode five Kelley was Queen Cringe. First, it was the Boat Bonking Backflip that made you think how adorably pathetic she was for going at such a spontaneous length to impress “The Prince!!!” Second, it was her Most Valuable Pooper Scooper Award that just had you shaking your head not twice but thrice at her being just a cute little country bumpkin who’s just trying to prove she can EARN a prince charmings attention with some good old hard work. In a way endearing, but a little too excited to be cleaning up poop… Then came the mini cringe, her very friendsy-not-sexy first date with Matt not Harry at the Diner… Then her walking away saying it was the most romantic date she’s ever had… when they never even pecked cheeks let alone established a flirty banter… Childhood leukemia talk aside (what a buzzkill though)… Then after meghan starts moving in on her claim to the crown suite, no sooner does Kelley begin her every-five-second-interval trash talk of the girl, than she counters meghans ‘eye sex’ behavior with her own ‘eating sex’ act at the dinnertable for Matt not Harry to bask in… LMAO cringe! it was literally one of the funniest things ive ever seen and meghan couldn’t even wrap her head around it. “Why are you eating like a pig?” – “Because the sauce on me is hotter than the t*ts on you, skank!” That was the end of the funnies however, and then it became scary. Once meghan was thrown under the bus and ousted, and she started picking at the rest of the girls you could tell she was trying so hard to get inside his head and make him lean on her for the scoop on everyone’s “intentions”. Psychopathy 101 people… Then the first nasty, snakey, weirdy kiss that she could only execute during a BLINDFOLDED game… and cringes echoed all over the world. But finally after one last dirty attempt to infiltrate his angelic frame of mind, matt finally has his eureka moment and sends her back to toontown… Holy. crepe. what took him so long. seriously. Still, a main nutcase is usually necessary for these shows. do another Royal Ruse show pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  7. Scoobygurl says:

    Well, good for Kimberly and Matt. I hope it works out for them (it probably won’t). I kind of wish he had chosen Kelley just to see her reaction when she found out she wasn’t going to be a princess. She already had herself and Kate Middleton BFF’s in her head. Thank you MisRed for sticking with it until the end for us!

  8. labowner says:

    Where to next Misred after this odd but very entertainingly scenic detour of a reality show?

  9. notwithoutmyTV says:

    Your post just gave me a concussion.

  10. MisRed says:

    Thanks Guys! This one was a killer- but in a good way. (Recapping Revolution was a killer in a bad way!) But I love all of your comments and the fact that you take the time to read this. I’ll be covering RHONY next week for Hepburn… beyond that, i need to check with FLIP.

  11. Robin says:

    I couldn’t bear to watch more than the first episode of these crazies but loved your recaps MisRed.

  12. Lilo says:

    Thanks for recapping. For a summer lite reality show, I liked it. However, the chintzy dresses were bad. I wonder if the couple is still together.

  13. Scoobygurl says:

    As of June 20, they’re apparently still somewhat together.

  14. Pegalicious says:

    I was curious, too, Lilo, so I Googled it. According to, they weren’t allowed to be seen together when the show was airing, but they’ve stayed in contact and plan to see each other. So maybe a happy ending?

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