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Big Brother Live Feed Recapper Auditions | TrashTalkTV

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Big Brother Live Feed Recap Auditions at TrashTalkTV

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TheMiki, JalleytoCali and I (RonnieK) are hard at work mocking the HouseGuests, who were announced earlier today, in a long ass article to welcome the new knuckleheads to a summer of ridicule.

In the meantime, I thought it high time to announce what the hell we’re doing here at TrashTalkTV this Summer for our beloved BB. The three recappers will be handing in same night recaps, and I’ll be doing my weekly Big Brother in 2 Minutes Video Re-Enactments once a week.

So what about Live Feed coverage? Well, for the first time evah, we have NO ONE assigned. Any of you interested? Shoot me an email at to get the ball rolling!

And of course, if you are signing up for the feeds, do it through us by clicking the here or the ad in the sidebar!

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9 comments on “Big Brother Live Feed Recap Auditions at TrashTalkTV

  1. itchy itchy says:

    I hope they bring back the entire cast of season 9 (the winter season). They were delightful kids! So polite and cultured.

  2. blazergirl says:

    Is that the season with the winner (Adam?) who is currently in jail for using his winnings for a drug smuggling ring?

  3. itchy itchy says:

    Yes! And the porn-star kid with the mohawk! And his insane girlfriend! Best BB ever!

  4. Classy Drunk says:

    Don’t do this Itchy!

  5. TheMiki says:

    This season’s contestants are all very… Clean. They look well-washed, the lot of em. Even the redneck and the skeezy stoner.

  6. itchy itchy says:

    Something tells me CBS was ex-x-x-t-r-a careful with casting this year.

  7. itchy itchy says:

    They’re going to try Elissa out again. They’re completely rewritten her programming and given her fresh UI upgrade. Elissa 2.0 will be a HIT guaranteed.

  8. I already hate Frankie. His interview made me hate him.

  9. Whatwhat says:

    Let’s hope that this year has people that are less … everything that last season was.

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