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Minicap: RHOC


Okay, this episode was just SWELL.  And I’m not being sarcastic.  And I don’t say that very often, so if you haven’t tuned in, do so now and come back later.

Vicki and Tamra have made up pretty spectacularly, and they celebrate their first bottles of Wines by Wives arriving by… drinking wine.  Hey, they’re fun, not imaginative.  Nobody’s perfect.

Lydia decides to throw a salsa party to pay back the other women for inviting her to shitty, awkward shindigs all year long.  This precipitates a meeting between Heather and Alexis to forgo any bloodshed at the soiree.  About halfway through, Heather realizes that all she’s ever needed to do was smile, nod and allow Alexis to dumb herself into submission.  This is one of those times when the path of least resistance is the best choice.

Bryana and Ryan are about to see their fairy tale come to a crashing end as they spend one last night together before he goes off to combat training in 29 Palms for four months followed by immediate deployment to Afghanistan.  He’ll be home on weekends, but that means Bryana is stuck with Vicki all week long, listening to repeated choruses of, “But I thought we were pulling OUT of Afghanistan.”  Keep it together, Girl.

Gretchen and Slade don’t have a very good week, either, but it’s more to do with the fact that Lydia has made her final decision about who to hate on this show to ensure a second season.  P.S. It’s them, and she let’s them know it but good at the salsa party.  Then, Gretchen finds out that Tamra and Alexis have made up and Alexis is coming wedding dress shopping with them.  Gretchen looks like she’s about to cry, but I can’t tell if it’s from the news or the glitter eyeshadow that is slowly making her go blind…

Tune in tomorrow for the full recap and more deets!


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37 comments on “Minicap: RHOC

  1. seepansy says:

    Just checking in – I feel as if we all just ran across a hallway and locked ourselves in a new room, hiding from someone we don’t like. Remember that feeling of half laughter and half anxiety? Now it’s off to watch the epi.

  2. amandalee27 says:

    Made it over!! And PS Lydia–people DO make fun of overweight women and it’s usually socially acceptable.

  3. dqh257 says:

    Did anyone else see the irony of Lydia trying to bring together old “friends” at the salsa party whilst throwing down the gauntlet of dislike at Slade/Gretchen?

    Did anyone else notice Alexis using RHONJ’s Teresa’s “hard blink” technique when Heather peppered her with facts about the events that caused them to have a falling out, rather than dealing in emotion and half-truths?

  4. kiki34 says:

    Hi all! How do I change my profile pic?

  5. Annie says:

    Alright!!!! Just signed up for my Avatar, hopefully it works (I don’t see it yet…..grrrr)
    This ep was kinda blah, but I thought it was pretty disgusting that Slade exlaimed Laurie was a 10 (without hesitation!!!) when Terry asked him. And, Terry…wtf?
    And Eddie??!?! I like how when it comes to Salsa dancing, he slicks his hair back with a gallon of pomade, dons a tank top, and gets DOWN!

  6. MissKris MissKris says:

    @kiki Just click on your blank profile pic, that’s how I did it.

  7. Kat says:

    Really not liking Lydia AT ALL. Kinda like her for a daughter tho; a built in excuse for all the weed I smoke. Why hasn’t Judy given her all the stats of alcohol vs. pot?

  8. classy drunk classy drunk says:

    Lydia did kind of go overboard with the cheeseburger comment. But I don’t know that Slade did a good job of cleaning up the situation also.

    HAHAHAHA! @ Vicki are we getting married.

  9. LAC says:

    @ Classy drunk – I don’t really know if what Lydia did was worth all the bother. She seemed to pick a fight over nothing and while I am no fan of Slade, it seemed silly. I am getting a “vickified” vibe from her. And if Lauri is going to pop up like the crypt keeper, can we at least get some “witchy” music as a warning?

    I still think a recast needs to be made with this group.

  10. labowner says:

    Agree a recast is definitely necessary or leave the OC behind and slide on down the coast towards San Diego.

    Heather – What is this “you don’t know the history” crap. You have been around one season longer than Lydia and all you did was form an opinion based on what Tamra told you. You are just as trashy, bitchy, back stabby, and gabby as Tamra. Only difference is the size of the bank account of the men you screw.

    I was speaking to a transient man when I lived in Chicago and we were discussing the differences between living around Chicago and living in the south. He preferred the south to the north because in the south you knew who the racists were. At least I know what I am getting from Tamra. Heather is a rat.

    Gretchen, sorry I am not rooting for you to have children unless you find another man. Slade has proven time and again what a horrible excuse for a father he is. Oh and Vicki and Slade dancing is what most people called being mature adults. You should try it instead of keeping tabs without a pen and pad. Your brain won’t hurt so much. Oh and the straining of your neck to listen in on Tamra and Alexis (or editing) oh goodness how sad.

    Tamra, yikes. Was that Eddie’s outfit you squeezed into? I hope you are not an advertisement for your gym. Hard to be around someone that wants to make it all about them. You and Gretchen are good to keep at arms length.

    Lydia good for you. Although I wish there was more “meat” behind the issue. Amandalee27 I think Lydia was trying to point out Slade wouldn’t have said something to an overweight person.

    Alexis you seemed to have fun without Jim. See, it is possible.

    Have to ask – did we lose Chickbomb? No Jersey nothing?

  11. dizzygirl says:

    Lydia was awesome for calling out Slade…he is in no position to be calling anyone ANY names…looks like Gretchen is out Vickie back in…recast is beyond needed…let’s all write letters to Miss Andy.

  12. dizzygirl says:

    my avatar is me and coffee…lol

  13. L Chienne says:

    Hoping to sign in…

  14. Now hey – what’s wrong with being a cutesy little pixie? lol

    I actually like Lydia and like that she confronted Slade straight on instead of running around the party talking to everyone else about it, the way they ALL do.

  15. Must agree with you about lydia going too far. To top it off she did exactly what she was accusing slade of when she referred to gretchen as malibu barbie.
    Oh, and first time visiting, first time posting. Miss SH directed me here. I think I’m gonna likey.

  16. 2muchbravo says:

    ALL the time and they’re mocked in pop culture (and RL) more so than stick thin people. Not only is it implied overweight people have no self-control they’re often portrayed as stupid or dense. I worked with a rail thin woman and I can’t relate to her being scarred by being called “Channel 11 legs.” (Channel 11 is the local TV station) vs being called fat ass to my face, having my hair pulled in school, my art work destroyed purposely (by thin kids), and the proverbial being picked last all the time. OK. I get it. I was overweight. I didn’t have leprosy. Rant over.
    Regardless whether Lydia was fat or thin Slade was a jackass for commenting on her weight AND doing it within earshot. He’s no f*cking adonis to be commenting about anyone’s looks!
    He needs to just STFU in general.

  17. flcatlover says:

    In the limo to the dress shopping, the ladies mention that Slade makes comments about the housewives’ physical appearance. They, in turn, comment on his behavior and actions. Not nice.

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