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Ladies of London Recap: Knickergate

Cheers (my British stepfather’s father actually did say “cheerio” for a greeting, but that was in the mid 70s, so probably things have changed) fans of Ladies of London! I apologize in advance if this isn’t up to my usual snark; DaddyKitty (my father) passed away, and I’m trying to get this up before the memorial this weekend. MissKitty is sad, but much of her humor and sense of fun came from her Dad, so hopefully it’ll show!

How awesom-ible was this episode? Talk about silly, silly, silliness.

First, I have to throw some sunlight onto my favorite commenter, who almost made me inhale my coffee and death-gurgle like the Elephant Man when he lay flat: holyterror44, your comment that Scottt’s whole head looks like a spanked ass will live down in infamy as far as MissKitty is concerned. The thing is, his head DOES look like that. It really, really does. Also, holyterror44 is well-versed in my endless aversion to graphic baby-having maladies (MissKitty points at own eyes with forefinger and middle finger then at holyterror44′s eyes). Quite honestly, I enjoy all your comments almost as much as I enjoy these moronic birds. Let’s, shall we?

We open at the Fox Pub, where Marissa is scintillatingly talking to Juliet about co-hosting a July 4th party.



Marissa even puts herself to sleep. Nite Nite!

Aside–I didn’t know people still drank white wine spritzers. Confession: those give me a headache. Just like Juliet does.

 Juliet is very proud of herself that HER white wine spritzer has–are you ready for this CRAZINESS–?? White wine. Soda. AND A SPLASH OF LEMON. Wah wah wee wah! As Borat would say. That is some CREATIVE SHIT. Marissa is impressed. Marissa is going for her British citizenship, as we’ll hear about 981,677 times this episode. She talks about the British test of common knowledge, aaaaand she makes the inevitable “Spotted Dick” joke, which is impressive, considering I thought for sure one of these American numbskulls would have already made that lame hackneyed joke in the first 25 seconds of Episode One.

For those who find the name absolutely side-splitting, it’s actually a dish made of mutton or suet fat spotted with raisins or currants. If you’re thinking “wow, that sounds absolutely revolting!” You’d be right! Except not as revolting as this Spotted Dick. Hardy HAR HAR HO.



ALMOST as unappetizing as suet and raisins. Almost.


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16 comments on “Ladies of London Recap: Knickergate

  1. distressed says:

    I liked this episode a lot and I love this recap. Thanks for posting at such a difficult time.

    I don’t necessarily like Juliet, but Annabelle is the biggest hypocrite in this episode and she’s boring. I think the whole thing kicked off before Bo Knickers even go to the party. Annabelle was trying to have a conversation with that woman at the table and Juliet kept interrupting, but if Annabelle had been raised with any deference to decorum or the social graces whatsoever she would know how to include someone in the conversation without including them. And Annabelle clutching her proverbial pearls in outrage over the red, white and blue knickers was the absolute last straw.

    I like Annabelle just fine as a snotty, lutty, itchy, depressed and affected rich Brit and not as the soul of appropriateness.

    I’m beginning to dislike the open displays of genuine animosity towards the American girls. Why do the American girls feel the need to apologize for their nationality? And why do the Brits constantly sneer at anything and everything American? Why don’t they understand, even in a cynical way, that this show is for American audiences? Trying to point out someone else’s inferiority is no way to show superiority.

    Get a grip Annabelle, you’re on the same show as Juliet and that was your choice.

  2. holyterror44 says:

    So sorry for your loss, Miss Kitty. Sending you scratches behind your ears and under your chin. Feel free to walk on my face if you need to. My father, Mr. Terror, left me his sense of humor, too — and you’re right to honor him with it. Good job. Take care. Stay sweet.

  3. Rose says:

    SO sorry for your loss doll. I miss my Dad terribly. He had a very dry sense of humor and I think of him whenever I hear someone says, Jesus, Mary & Joseph. Take care and be kind to yourself right now.

  4. holyterror44 says:

    Rose, Mr. Terror used to say that, too! That was really his only “swear.”

  5. Clare s says:

    MissKitty, I am so sorry about your father.

  6. holyterror44 says:

    Distressed, That bothers me, too — though I think Juliet would drive even Americans up a tree, and her form of obnoxiousness is something that you do see more in Americans than in other nationalities. Notice, however, that Caroline was all giddy that Brad and Angelina were next door. Where does she think they’re from?

  7. Clare s says:

    I hate when “really private” people get pissed when they join a reality tv show. Annabelle is such a major hypocrite.

  8. Stevie W. says:

    MissKitty so sorry to hear about your father, my thoughts are with you during this time. Thank you for taking the time to give to your loyal readers, your recaps and wit are the perfect accompaniment to this sh(b)itch show.

    I do agree Crabelle giving her time to elevate a new Designer and show us a side of her that is really cool and not at all self Serving is awesome, but seriously every time some one mentions how private and reserved she is the lace cat suit photots needs to be used.

    Also yeah what is up with Marissa’s talking out of the side of her mouth?!?! Every time they show her talking head I feel like she is telling a secret to the imaginary person on her left!

  9. distressed says:

    Right, she’s supposedly a well connected fashion uber elite, but she’s till on a show like all the other famehos.

    And she wrote a children’s book for some bizarre reason. What was it about: A is for Anorexia?

  10. distressed says:

    I’m not sure that I like Juliet because she is a bit loud and silly, but she was asked to sing that very difficult song and the lingerie was from another guest, not her. Caroline at least had some taste, she didn’t ice Juliet on contact instead she made a funny joke about the hedge clippers.

  11. distressed says:

    I agree, very strange. So far though I think Caroline and Marissa are the least loathsome.

  12. TN Gal says:

    Annabelle is nothing but an aging party girl, IMO. She was once married to a Rothchild (not the future baron), but it didn’t end well. It was a Vegas quickie (the aristocratic horror!), and the divorce stipulated she could not trade on his family name or discuss anything about it.

  13. Clare s says:

    I am pretty sure Nat Rothchild is the future Baron Rothchild. His father is the current Baron and he is the only male child. There are 3 sisters and Nat.

  14. distressed says:

    What Clare said. He is not the current Baron, but he is the heir.

    A quickie Vegas wedding. One can’t get more upper crust than that, darling. She’s such a complete phoney.

  15. Redmeph Redmeph says:

    Sorry to hear about your Dad, MissKitty, you have my condolences. And thank you for recapping another slice of Bravo madness.

    Suet sounds awful, but its damn tasty for making batter mix. I promise! It makes kick ass yorkshire puddings.

    Annabelle is starting to come across as a total faux posh bitch. ‘its art when I got my kit off, but i reserve the right to be an arse to anyone else I deem unworthy.’ Unfortunately I missed her coronation as the Queen.

    A 4th of July party might sound odd in Britain, but not to us. After all, the whole war of independence was forced on a split Parliament by a German King, who had to use thousands of Hannoverian/Hessian (where his family still ruled) mercenaries against the English colonists, violating the first English principle of ‘the rights of Englishmen’. (They didn’t mention women a lot back then unfortunately). So even in an 18th century Parliament a lot of English support went for the colonists who were having their rights oppressed.

    And in the end, there is the everlasting, uber rule of the English:

    Put on free booze at a party and we’ll turn up and happily cheer for whoever you like. For as long as the booze lasts.

  16. Heather Keet says:

    I was watching this episode with my sister in law and I think I summed it up nicely.

    Marissa’s face is dead on one side.

    I mean, WHY WON’T IT MOVE?!?!?!?

    Every time she talks I have to look away from the screen or I get so distracted watching her face move/not move that I miss everything she says.

    And then I rewind and the same thing happens.

    It’s a vicious cycle of me cruelly staring at the freak.

    And I can’t handle the karma that would come my way, so I just look away.

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