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L.A. Hair Recap: Naja isn’t skinny in Atlanta and Everyone at Kim Kimble is rachet



Last episode, I finally made my decision about Kim Kimble. I no longer like her. She prides herself in being a diva. Well if being a diva means delusional and immature, then Kim, you are IT. Kim decided to she wanted to open a salon in Atlanta like she had talked about forever and ever. Black and thick is a little more popular in Atlanta then say, L.A. She might even meet a man who will wine and dine her and feed her buttery grits.

She has conveniently had the producers hook her up with some celebrity hair in Episode 3 (not A-list but pretend celebrity) to make her look important when she gets there and on television. She announced to the salon that they were going to Atlanta!!!! This does not  put her sister Leah in a good place. First off, she did not agree to open another shop this soon. Secondly, Kim had strange ideas about having a “pop up” salon. Whatever the hell that is. I wonder if she can find a “pop up” staff while she is at it. Surely she could do better than this bunch of ridiculous “professionals.” Even a cardboard cutout moves a little more than say, China. Plus it is definitely more attractive.

Leah was mad because Kim made the announcement without filling her in first. Actually, Leah, like most people who are in charge of opening a new store in a short period of time, likes to plan. That one doesn’t compute in Kim’s fluffy head because, hey, Leah works for HER. She will do whatever her head of fake hair says do. Even if her dumb plans do not exactly make too much sense. Please refer to the previous “pop up” idea for examples.

Leah put her anger aside and did what she needed to do. What her boss told her to. Off they went to Atlanta and brought Terry and Dontay along with them. Each of those hair stylists got to hire their own stylist for the day. It was a one day event to see how Kim Kimble would do there. Leah was grumpy as usual, because Kim is a bubble head. She made Leah find a salon at the last minute, have all of these wigs sent to the salon, and set it all up by herself. The stylists, nor Kim, had any intention on helping with it and aren’t shy about saying it. Why they didn’t hire a crew to help them set up the store, I’ll never know. Obviously they are not pulling enough cash in from the salon or the show.

The salon opened from the barber shop they decided to call a salon. Pretend black celebrities everywhere. Not a white face to be had! Terry’s stylist was professional and educated. Dontay burst with pride when his came in. Her name was LaToya and she was wrapped in carpets of fake hair and had some seriously tight jeans glued on her body. She was obviously not one dedicated to fitness or healthy eating, but she was loving life so it’s all good. He loves ghetto glam and he was all over her outfit like white on rice.

Leah announced they were going to have a contest on who sold the most rat pieces they were calling wigs. It was between Dontay and Terry’s teams. The day rolled on, with Kim squealing all over the place at every pretend celebrity. She thought the louder she screamed their names, the more likely it would be for people to figure out who the hell they were. Sorry, Kim. Didn’t work.

LA HAIR S3 EP4 KIM talking stupid

 This is Kim Kimble’s thinking face, which you won’t see often.

Meanwhile, back at the other mess of a shop, we had China, Naja, Lisa, Jas and Anthony. Naja was recovering from her fight with Angela at her party. Jas came in and told Naja she was too old to fight like that. Actually, Jas, ANY age is too old to fight like she and Angela did.
Lisa bored us as she continued to run around and bitch about her clippers that were broken by Anthony during their fight. Shut UP already Lisa. You are three times bigger than him and acted like a ratchet ho. That man/woman ran around and whined to her clients too. Seriously honey. Shut up all ready and quit begging your customers to talk to Anthony for you. Admit your part in it if you MUST keep bringing it up and MOVE the hell on. So high school.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Dontay and his stylist acted so stank, they stole clients out of other stylist’s chairs. Looks like they had lots of customers in that day who wanted to look like five cent hookers. Who better to accomplish this than Dontay and his bitch twin? Surprise, surprise. Ghetto fabulous is even MORE popular in that area of Atlanta than in L.A.! LaToya and Dontay sold a zillion more wigs than Terry’s team.
The day went well and at the end Kim made an announcement. They were going to open a salon in Atlanta! Hooray! The staff threw drumsticks in the air and Leah, beyond pissed about having yet another job thrown at her, yelled at Kim and slammed the door in a huff.

So here we are in episode 4. We must leave Atlanta and return to L.A. Bye bye yummy Southern fried food!  The group who went to Atlanta is very excited about how it went, with the exception of Leah. She now has the weight of having to open an actual salon in Atlanta. Her beef is that they are not ready because they cannot even get their staff together in L.A. Very true Leah. So of course Kim isn’t going to listen to you.

Leah is at the salon and she is pissed. She has gone into full-grown sibling mode with Kim. She is pretty quiet but throws all kinds of evil glances Kim’s way. The stylists who stayed behind want to dish about what went down in L.A. They all huddle together like a bunch of old hens with nothing to do.  Most of them actually ARE old hens with nothing to do. Kim has decided to follow Leah’s lead and walk around in a huff with her nose in the air. I feel like am trapped in elementary school again.


Kim’s thinking is limited to making decisions about the menu

Jas knows this can’t go on since this is a family business. They all get together and eat some dinner that is actually loaded in fat! They have that in L.A.? They have a sit down and eventually Leah and Kim make up. Not at that dinner though. Kim gets all high and mighty about being Leah’s boss but Leah points out that cannot succeed without working with her to do it.

Kim is really starting to get on my nerves with that fake personality of hers.

People are talking about Atlanta and how they want to work at the salon. Naja said she wants to go there because she is skinny in Atlanta. Are you kidding me? I am very familiar with Atlanta and believe me, there are models and pageant queens there along with plain old normal sized people. While there ARE certain circles that embrace fluffiness, it’s usually about it landing on the ass. Not everywhere else. Don’t kid yourself Naja.

Lisa is STILL walking around with a stick up her gigantic man ass. Finally a REAL celebrity has entered the salon! Yes siree it is none other than Kim Kardashian’s bitch, Ray J! In case you have not heard of the name, Ray J is the one who sent the Kardashians into our lives by making a sex tape with her. This was back before Kim was celeb. Thankfully for Kim, the tape leaked out, people found her gigantic ass hot, and next thing you know she a line at Sears.

LA HAIR S3 EP4 Lisa and Ray J

Lisa using Ray J to protect her while she starts moaning about her clippers once again

Ray J is also a celebrity by talent. He had his own reality show with her sister, he is a singer and he also wrote a hush hush song  allegedly about Kim and Kanye West which caused all kinds of madness.  An uproar of hysterical laughter, that is. The name is “I Hit it First” and was a totally joke because everyone knew that there was no WAY he was the first one to tap that, unless they got together in 8th grade.

Back to Lisa’s chair. She start bitching again this time because she was called “rachet” and Naja comes over and starts talking to Ray J. It was incredibly stupid. Naja was trying to flirt with Ray J and diss  Lisa at the same time. Lisa had been talking about being called rachet and Naja decided to suck up to Raj J to get him to agree to her side instead of ignore it. I keep waiting for the camera to go somewhere else.

If you wondered about China, she just jumped around with her stank self being as vile as possible. She is as appealing as an unflushed toilet.

I was much happier when they were Atlanta when they had barely anytime to give her.

We did get to see ANOTHER actual celebrity, Candice Glover, American Idol winner. Of course she uses Kim and of course she is in love with her. Her hair does look pretty good though.

This was pretty much a snoozefest. Too much Naja and Lisa. I like the scenes with the Kimbles themselves MUCH better, although Kim has made the bad list. I also like Anthony who runs around dressed like Where’s Waldo? and Terry who is proof that yes, there are actually some hair stylists out there who are talented, mature and professional.


Even on a rant, Terry keeps it together. 

Next week we move up in the celebrity world…. with Gretchen Rossi handing all of her white, fake hair to Kim. Should be interesting!

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