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Kristin M.

MisRed is a trained chef, a project manager for a major skincare company, a freelance snarkologist who likes long walks on the beach and punching people in the face. MisRed is married to a Brit, referred to as MrRed, and is the mother of a homosexual Pitbull and a bi-curious Weimaraner. In her spare time (?) MisRed is writing her first book.
  • itchy

    I hope he chooses Kimberly. That way he can fulfill his dream of moving to Staten Island and working as a hotdog vendor.

  • Chicken Lips

    These gals remind me of that How I Met Your Mother episode where future Ted was talking about a girlfriend – he couldn’t remember her name, but they all called her, “Oh honey” because she was so completely dense that whenever she said something the only appropriate response was, “Oh, honey.”

    Just…oh, honey.