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Untying the Knot Episode 2 Recap: Shades of Insanity | TrashTalkTV

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3 comments on “Untying the Knot Recap: Shades of Insanity

  1. scooby says:

    Ha Ha came to lend some support for your recaps but boy was it an entertaining trip! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t watch the show but OMG I will now! Where do they get these ppl? Please, tell me so I can make sure I am never anywhere near any of them! I am left with wondering how each of them even thought of getting married to the other! What in the world could they see in each other? Please tell me this there are not ppl like this in the real world. I sure hope this is on TV in my area. Haven’t seen it even advertise yet but I will be on a google search of where I can watch this in this area. I has no clue this would premise for a show could be as funny as it sounds. I say funny knowing it is not meant to be funny but for real now….If these superficial ppl go and meet other superficial ppl and even think this will make a good match then they deserve what they get…rather..WHAT THEY DON’T GET! By the time they wake up and say ” Hey I thought I could but I can’t do this….” they need to get the shaft to teach them to make better choices for their lives. Stop being an a..hole and don’t marry one! Everyone knows that 2 A..hole can’t live in the same space!

  2. scooby says:

    BTW: I found the rerun of the show so I can now watch the show since I did find out it is on in my area! YAY. Great now I can follow another recap of yours, so far all are entertaining reads.

  3. churble says:

    I noticed in the intro she went from a “top” mediator to just a mediator. Kind of wondering what made that have to change.

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