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Minicap: The Bachelorette

Greetings, Trashies! Miss me? It’s been two weeks since we last saw our Bachelorette and her man-harem. This week, they’re in Marseille, France, because something, something, something, something, romance, something.

At least there is a big chunk of time where no one talks.

The drama is so unbelievably manufactured that it’s basically plastic. Seriously, the big thing was that JJ may have heard Andrew say something racist weeks ago. Why wouldn’t he bring that up right away if it’s such a big deal? I guess he was hoping for some extra camera time as the season goes along. On the upside, we don’t have a cocktail party this week because ABC wants to promote American Idol The Voice The X Factor Rising Star. Other than that, it was just your typical hanging out dates, private concerts, and a group date that has literally nothing to do with relationships.

The full recap will be up soon. Make sure you check out last week’s recap (it’s a double!) if you haven’t already.

Until then, Trashies!

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One comment on “Minicap: The Bachelorette

  1. itchy itchy says:

    Au contraire, mon amie! Miming has EVERYTHING to do with love.

    More importantly, this week we finally have conclusive proof that yes, men do indeed get their periods and, yes, they do indeed cycle together. Marquel was PMSing so hard, I thought he’d explode.

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