Minicap – 24: Live Another Day


This week on 24, we learned what actually was said at the end of Mr P’s call with Lady Cat. He agreed to turn himself over if they destroy the drones. That’s gonna require one of them to to really trust the other…not a good fallback if one of them gets cold feet.

Mr P fills Jack in on his decision, as well as his condition. Jack doesn’t like it, but in the end, Mr P convinces him to assist in the exchange. He tells Mr P he needs someone on the inside they can trust, and unfortunately Jack finds himself stuck working with Chief of Staves.

Lady Cat & Co evacuate their current premises because of their fear of Sansa being compromised. Emobro can’t believe she’d actually consider destroying the drones if Mr P turned himself over. There’s a little tension, which I’d call pretty obvious foreshadowing.

Orlando Bloom crawled out of the river. About that time, Navarro called his shitty hitman to ask for kill confirmation. SH tells him he can’t confirm yet, but is still looking around. Conveniently, OB calls his boss and begs for him to send someone to extract him, because shit’s gone south and in a hurry. He tells Navarro exactly where he is, which seems like a bad idea. Navarro immediately calls his shitty hitman and tells him where OB is hiding. He enters the building, and OB thwacks him with a pipe. There’s some stabbing, and OB shoots shitty hitman.

Lady Cat gets New Winterfell all set up, and EmoBro gets the drone in position over Wimbley.

Jack does his part, and gets Mr P to midfield.

Lady Cat sees Mr P at midfield, and fires the missile. BOOM.