Devious Maids MiniCap – The Visit

LaLucci’s on the hunt for a kidney donor and Remi is not a match so, although LaLucci outright forbids it, Zoila calls her own former honey, LaLucci’s brother Henri, who, without consulting either lady, sends MamaLucci to visit.  MamaLucci is abrasive and crass, and informs us all that LaLucci’s real name is not Genevieve – it’s Eunice.  Eunice Mudge.  O.M.F.G.  While Zoila tells MudgeLucci she should at least try to bond with her mother, MudgeLucci chooses instead to move out to the Four Seasons (as you do), sticking Zoila with MamaLucci.  Heh.

Over at the Miller’s, Didi’s former paramour, the incompetent Dr. Sanders, is upset that Didi has ended their affair and shows up at the house drunk.  Reggie just so happens to be there, as he’s worming his way into living there now, and while Rosie and Reggie get rid of the drunken doctor, she’s forced to tell Reggie about Didi’s affair.  He promises to keep quiet, but covertly sends Papa Ken an anonymous note clueing him in to Didi’s infidelity, thus ending PK and Didi’s marriage.  Rosie finds out that it was Reggie who authored the note…

Marisol hires a new, chatty nurse named Molly to help care for a soon-to-be-returning Creeper Nick.  While she at first enjoys Molly’s gossiping ways, she’s less enthralled when she finds out Molly’s gossiping about her life, too.  However, Molly points out that Marisol’s impending book (about the devious doings of Season 1) is just a more sophisticated form of sh*t-talking, so she gets to keep her job so long as she signs a confidentiality agreement.  Hmmm…methinks this may come up again later, what say you?

Pa Powell confronts Ma about her affair with Hot Body(guard) Tony, but she refuses to end it, and Pa sinks into a depression that involves the ingestion of pork rinds.  Never a good sign.  Until, that is, his visit to Marisol leads to a confab with Molly, who knows some dirt about HBTony’s past.  Meanwhile we discover that HBTony’s affair with Ma Powell is part of a devious plan, and he has no genuine feelings for her.  But we don’t know what the devious plan is.  Yet.

Ty is stalking Carmen and, rather than calling the police as she should, Miss Carmen tells him he’s too young for her and to leave her alone.  This inspires Ty to prove his manhood by blackmailing his fellow Earnest Robbers into hitting Uncle SoBigSpence’s soap anniversary party so Ty can “save” Carmen.  Instead, he’s tripped, and Carmen stabs Noseythan, saving herself.  She’s grateful to Ty for the effort, though.  Ugh.  And Noseythan’s badly hurt, and runs to Valentina for help.

And that’s it – we end there, with Noseythan bleeding all over the Powell’s driveway (Ma will be livid, she hates bloodstains), Ty taking credit for heroics he had no real part in (except for the part where he manipulated the situation), and HBTony being a sleazeball but our not yet knowing what category sleazeball he falls into.  Recap to come soon!  In the meanwhile, if you want to catch up on last week’s episode, check out the recap here:

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