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Happy Monday Trash Talkers and I hope your weekend was a good one whether you got lots of exercise doing fun stuff or simply vegged with a good (or trashy, who am I to judge?) book. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr whether you spent the entire weekend catching up on all the good trashy stuff you had recorded during the week.

Any outrageous thing happen to or because of a celeb this week? Dish darlin’ Trashmii, dish.

And let’s get the new week started, shall we?

The coveted New Ronnie goes out this weekend to the coveted

Monchichi on RHONY Guilt: i can’t even allow myself to go there when it comes to pondering her capacity to tolerate george’s old man fluids, smells, orifices and surfaces, dangles included.
honestly, is the reality tv world so small that characters like cody can trot from show to website to show like this? it seems lazy.

The lovely Lucci goes to the luscious

notwithoutmytv on RHONY Guilt: George’s scenes score an average of 11 on Andy’s magic Viewer Hurl-o-Meter, so yeah, Andy likes George juuuuust fine.

and the Bonaduce will sit proudly upon whatever surface is appropriate in the domicile (or outbuilding of choice) of

hotcawfee on RHONY Guilt: I am so repulsed by him and all things about him—mayhap this is why Aviva’s mother was an aloholic. I had to drink ALOT this episode and no way did I un-hear anything George said.

And that is it for this week Trashmii. Let’s hear what’s on your minds, and have fun watching and/or reading the delicious (and non-caloric) recaps on TTTV.