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Orange is the New Black Recap : Just Ignore the Groaning, we got 75% off | TrashTalkTV

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Orange is the New Black Recap : Just Ignore the Groaning, we got 75% off

Hi Trashies!

Last week we left our hero betrayed, bereft and bedraggled. Ultimately though I still think it ended up sort’ve ok for her, as Piper is free from worrying about getting offed for squealing on a drug lord. She’s on her way back to the relatively cozy min-sec world of Litchfield too, so things are looking up. As up as they get in prison that is. But don’t expect to see her this week – ep 2 is all about catching up with everyone in Litchfield and Piper doesn’t appear in this ep at all, apart from a few mentions.

We start in flashback mode, and it’s Taystee’s backstory. She, as a child, tries too hard and can’t get adopted.

2014-06-14 18_13_05-Netflix

The bench of broken dreams

She’s befriended by a woman, who rapidly transpires to be a dealer. The young Taystee rejects having anything to do with her, and the woman ‘Vee’ isn’t being friendly at all, she’s recruiting.

2014-06-15 13_51_55-Netflix

I’m just like Fagin, ‘cept I’ll cut you.

In the present, the girls are getting dressed for a job interview competition. One of the Latino girls objects that they just need to try out MacDonalds and maind’s uniforms. Which is likely true, once they’ve got time on their resume. Sophia, who is smarter than the average inmate, has decided to damn the torpedoes and go for looking fabulous instead – once she’s been poured into the dress she’s chosen. It takes three of them but they get there in the end. She’s not taking it too seriously, but then again most of them are probably just doing it as it’s more interesting than the alternative of doing nothing.

In the kitchens Luscheck is showing off his talents.

Form a queue ladies

Form an orderly queue ladies

Gloria is still Queen of the kitchen and Daya is still pregnant. On top of that she’s constipated. All that and having Aleida as a mother, her luck is the worst. In fact Aleida is getting jealous of how Gloria is being motherly towards Daya. Quite how she’s going to combat that, as she hasn’t got the first clue about being a mother I don’t know. The idea of her singing Daya to sleep or knitting booties for the baby seems a bit far-fetched.

At the mock-job fair the ladies are showing off their get-ups. Sofia’s hot cocktail dress gets kicked off first, and Morello’s sailor girl costume too. Her face when the woman says she looks childish is a picture.


Childish? I was going for slutty!

Taystee is going for broke and has picked out the dress that won last year. The Judge thinks she should have dressed to suit her body type more – its nice to see stereotyping alive and well in the 21st century. Flaca wins it though, despite still being in her Goth make up.

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3 comments on “Orange is the New Black Recap : Just Ignore the Groaning, we got 75% off

  1. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    I’m surprised at the Taystee flashbacks – if she was that smart and that business oriented, how did she end up back in prison when she got paroled? How did she not take her smarts and work it into something that would keep her out? Sad.

  2. Moli says:

    Remember her episode(first season) when she got out and had no place to go. She came back to prison because that was the one place that provided a roof and 3 meals a day.

  3. Chicken Lips Chicken Lips says:

    Yeah, I remember that one. My comment was more about how it was a shame that she wasn’t able to work it into something that would keep her out. I remember that she seemed like she was very dependent on others, but I don’t remember seeing how business savvy she was then. Seeing it now it makes me sad that she was still mired in that dependence and couldn’t make it on her own.

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