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  • Chicken Lips

    Yeah, I remember that one. My comment was more about how it was a shame that she wasn’t able to work it into something that would keep her out. I remember that she seemed like she was very dependent on others, but I don’t remember seeing how business savvy she was then. Seeing it now it makes me sad that she was still mired in that dependence and couldn’t make it on her own.

  • Moli

    Remember her episode(first season) when she got out and had no place to go. She came back to prison because that was the one place that provided a roof and 3 meals a day.

  • Chicken Lips

    I’m surprised at the Taystee flashbacks – if she was that smart and that business oriented, how did she end up back in prison when she got paroled? How did she not take her smarts and work it into something that would keep her out? Sad.