Minicap: Sister Wives

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Happy Father’s Day to the manliest father around.

Howdy, Trashmii!  In this ep, the Queen Mother took Robyn out to lunch, and QM gave Robyn the equivalent of “I’ll call you soon” re: MSWC.  Personal note:  I’m still waiting for a call from a guy who told me he would, back in 1985.  You have no idea how hard it’s been to keep the same number all this time!

The adults went to see their therapist, so Kody could bitch about never being allowed to make decisions, and the QM could solemnly tell us that no wife should be lording it over the others: “except me” was strongly implied, of course.

The rest of the ep was taken up with the pitch to Stan’s investment company.  I say “pitch”, but really if I just scribbled a few notes on a Post-it, swigged a tumbler of scotch and winged it, I’d still do a better job than the Browns.  This is a group of people who say they had 15 million hits on MSWC in one month (When? 2 years ago? And just once?) and that translated to a paltry 500 units sold.  They think the problem is they need money for marketing.  Not, say, products people actually want to buy.

Prior to the presentation, the QM had a right royal meltdown over having to speak in public.  Here I thought a narcissist like her would welcome the opportunity!  QM may say public speaking makes her nervous, I think it’s a raging case of “don’t give a f-ck”.

By the way, what brainiac made Her Royal Bitchface head of customer service?  What, Leona Helmsley was busy?

To their credit, Stan’s partners refrain from laughing in the Browns’ faces.  Just barely, though.  Oh, and how much do the Browns want?  $2.5 million.  I heard those spit takes, Trashmii!

Much more in the full recap, up soon.  See you then!

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